Sakaoduen Review

Hello all, it’s review time. Hope you all got time to catch up on this lakorn by now. I did not follow up on this lakorn until the teaser came out and it was about to go on air. This is one of my favorite lakorn of Bow. I did not watch the previous version so I came into this lakorn with an open mind and it didn’t disappoint me. I thought Bow was perfect playing Kratai/Sakaoduen. She was so spunky and mischievous as Kratai but in an adorable way with her pouting hahaha. But once she got back from the convent and became the grown up Sakaoduen, I thought she played the graceful character well too. The writer made sure she did a 360 turn from mischieovous to graceful lol. What I liked about this lakorn was there were only few main bad characters in here like Plertpat, Aunt Gan and her gigolo bf lol. I thought her other aunts were going to be the jealous ones too but thank god they weren’t. Speaking of the rais real quick, we all saw what happened to Aunt Gan and Sakaring, but it never had closure for Plertpat, like what happened to her? Another character that just disappeared was Chuanpit, Klot’s mom secretary and also Lady Neth, supposedly she left overseas.

I really like the relationship development of Klot and Tai. There were many times where I wanted to grab Klot’s head and throw it against the wall though because of his naiveness of not realizing he has been loving Tai all along and we all know what happened when he did. I wouldn’t say New and Bow had chemistry but their characters made them cute on screen. LOL, not sure if that makes sense, their characters helped their scenes moved along. I thought New fit the character of Songklot. A lot of people don’t like New but he’s okay haha. I didn’t mind him. But I couldn’t believe he and Bow shared a kiss like lip to lip hahaha. I also liked the chemistry Bow had with Arnas who played as Prince Sadayu though. Not like a romantic chemistry but I felt their father/daughter relationship lol. And I still wish they had a story for him to find his own Princess hahaha. His character has been the medium for all 3 pranangs relationship from Lak and Mussaya, Korakod and Laongdao, Songklot and Kratai.
What I didn’t get was Pleng’s character as Lek. I don’t know if it was Pleng’s acting or the script but supposedly she was in love with Klot but I did not see that from her. She always had on this neutral expression towards all the guys that was pursuing her so I was surprised when she was heart broken when she found out Klot didn’t love her. Itsarayt, omgoodness, true gentlemen there. Pai looked very handsome in this lakorn. I still remember when he first debuted in Benja Keta Kwarm Ruk with that long hair looking like Korean star hahahaha. Itsarayt is what you call a true praek. Accepted to be only friends with Lek regardless whether she choose him or not. Lek did not deserve him hahahahahha. Kidding, they were cute towards the end. But the couple I was most shocked to see was Patama and Jessada. You know how he’s always bickering with Sini, I thought they were going to end up together but I was wrong. I thought Tayvina, Tai’s mother was sort selfish in the end, when she had told Tai that she’s willing to adopt Tai to be her adopted daughter because she’s scared her husband was going to break up with her. I was like wtf lady and this was what, after Klot talked some senses into her? It was sad to have the grandfather and father die but I guess they needed some dramatic scene for a climax and put Tai at her lowest.
It was a good lakorn overall with few villains in here, which I liked. I initially thought it was going to be somewhat like Nohra. Pranangs were cute, lakorn didn’t drag (to me it didn’t). This lakorn had a mix of drama, comedy, and romance. Hope you enjoyed this lakorn as much as I enjoyed subbing. I think the most challenging thing for me with this lakorn was translating the poetry when Grandpa was telling Tai. Boy, that was a rough one bc it make sense in Thai but when you translate in English, it do not make sense. Hopefully it wasn’t that bad.
Thank you Kites for volunteering to time this lakorn. Very much appreciate it <3.




  1. Jan Alexander says:

    I really enjoyed this one! Thank you heaps for subbing!!!!!

  2. charlotte lo says:

    I think the pra’ek and n’ek were really cute. I like how KLot supposedly older than Tai but he act like a boy who 1st discovered love with her. Anyway regarding Plernpat, Klot’s mom did made a comment at the end of how after Sak’s death it was discovered that she was in with him to commit all the evil deed. Klot’s mom did said that after she is punish by the law she will have to walk around with a bowl or something over her head. Thank you for the sub. I did enjoyed this drama.

  3. Agiths44 says:

    Just finished it… I like the beginning when tai still tomboy but as she changed into a lady she becomes more weak and the story become more boring? And I wish the grandfather did not die but I’m happy it’s a happy ending 😊… Thank you

  4. Kris says:

    I love this drama. A drama that tackle about the importance of family and having a good relationship to your mentors. From the beginning to end it never failed to exite me, the cliffhangers in every episodes, makes me what for more. The only thing that annoyed me is Klot, it took him so long to realized about his true feelings and because of it, disaster happens. However, i admire how he redeem himself in the last few episodes, only to misunderstand and left??? Who does that??? I also wish that Kratai’s grandfather and father did not die, maybe hospitalize (?) is much better. Overall, those death maybe needed to make her character a lot stronger, and with that thought in mind, i kinda agree. Im happy that the story ends well… Thank you Thippy for sharing with us this amazing drama.

  5. Brunch says:

    Thank you for your blog.

  6. Jill says:

    I liked Sakao Duen especially Kratai. she was spunky and yet graceful. i just didn’t like how the lead actor played his part. i find it a bit lacking and not enough emotion. But overall, i liked how a family can still overcome trials and misunderstandings. i love the idea that there is still forgiveness and love despite the cruel things done. A family is still a family. 🙂 Thank you, Thippy for subbing this lakorn for us.

  7. Malou Banjao says:

    i hope i did it correctly 🙂🙂

  8. deadiana002 says:

    I really liked this lakorn, I love the main actors, thank you very much for the subtitles.

  9. MiXI says:

    More chemistry between the two main actor would have been better but I still enjoy it greatly

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