Sampatan Huajai Review

It’s review time!

Hopefully by now, you all have a chance to finish up this lakorn. First off, I want to say, if I haven’t already, this lakorn was not in my list to sub and I did not even follow up in this lakorn until CH7 released the teaser. I think initially Neko was supposed to sub this lakorn but I just selfishly took it from her LOL (Sorry Neko!) Before I begin my review, did you guys know that Poo Praya was initially the nangek for this but at that time, Poo was preparing to “go inter” so she had to drop out which lead to Weir picking Thisa to be his nangek. Yes, that’s right he chose Thisa haha! Anyways if Poo was still in this lakorn, I wouldn’t have subbed or even watched for that matter because I do not like Poo as an actress (sorry to her fans) 

Okay let’s begin, this lakorn actually made me pay more attention to Thisa now. I’ve watched some of her past work but they were like so-so. I think that’s what fans got from her too in the past because the roles she’s been portraying weren’t all that great but SH made her a bit more popular I guess-thanks to the script and of course Weir haha. I think she did a good job playing the role of Madam Rattawan. Thisa has this aura where when dolled up, she really does look hi-so. Now her character Rattawan, I think a lot of people were annoyed by her actions in the beginning of the story because she was stubborn and did not listen to Naboon’s order and did not trust him. I admit that I did get annoyed by her stubborness too but if you really think about it, I think she was being logical. I don’t care how handsome and nice my savior is to me. In the back of your head, I wouldn’t trust Naboon either. I mean hello, he’s basically a stranger and parents always say never trust a stranger LOL. But I’m glad that her walls came down pretty early on and thank god for her being smart about her husband!

Oh can I say this is one of my favorite characters of Weir? Here we have this strict and tough Naboon, owner of a concessionary bird island but he’s actually really gentle and kind. But damn the boy pouts and sulk more than the nangek LOL. Like that scene where he was anxious to find out whether Wan would be able to divorce Paramet and when she told him she couldn’t, he pouted and walked away hahaha. Like boy you just told her on the ship you’ll wait so what is this?! I was caught by surprise how he went in for the kiss already in episode 3+4, like wow this guy has fallen for a girl he doesn’t fully trust yet haha. What I liked about this lakorn is that the leads relationship is more mature I guess than your typical Thai lakorn. A love that can’t be expressed much because it’s immoral because hello the girl is legally married still. Plus nangek did not portray a character where she’s supposed to be a virgin still like most Thai lakorns do hehe. I think that’s a major reason why fans jumped on the SS (Sin Ship) because we all know it’s morally wrong to have them be together as in express their love but can’t. They both admitted to having feelings for each other in episode 4 and admit that it’s wrong. (the angst in that scene LOL) So any scenes of them gazing at each other, talking, a bit of skinship here and there gets fans crazy haha. Oh another scene I liked was the shirt tugging like OMG! Why did Wan let go of his shirt????! Oh another scene was the window scene in episode 8 where their hands were touching each other. Damn driver, why did he had to interrupt, we knew they would be a kiss there because Wan wasn’t going to back away that time lol.

I think this lakorn would have been perfect if not for the ending. Yes, the ending, it was good and bad at the same time. I’ll explain in a bit. But let’s talk about some side characters. Taksina. Was anyone else annoyed by the actress playing the role? LOL. Her whole makeup ordeal was bad. I felt that the makeup artist gave her the wrong foundation or something because she looked ghost white hahahaha. And her sun tan in some scenes along with her bikini tan line was distracting. I mean, they couldn’t cover it up with makeup? Paramet, I admit I was a little sad in the ending episode when he was talking to Manpu in the end. Even though he was bad person, like how can you sell the mother of your child to human trafficking? That was just messed up! But I honestly do believed that he do love his son. His character showed it to the viewers in early episodes when Manpu was missing with Wan and he was talking/asking Taksina about Manpu. That’s the only good thing in him and I’m glad he realized that in the end. Oh, does anyone else think Nong Aom (Manpu) looks like Thisa? I remember coming across a photo on Instagram where they posted pictures of him and baby Thisa and they looked alike. What a way to cast for mother-son hahaha.

Okay let’s talk about the last episode! First off, those kisses! Like wow! It literally caught me by surprise because I read the spoilers a week ahead before the episode aired and it did not have those kissing scenes! And here’s something else, the lakorn was supposed to end at that scene where Manpu asked Naboon to go play with him after he was talking to Wan about being a Swallow bird. So scenes after that were actually added scenes-  Thank you P’Aod for that! When a lakorn does that, by adding extra scenes, it either could have been a hit or miss. In this case, I think it was both. Although they did give us a lot of skinship content and those kissing scenes, that little story of Patai bringing a witness to stay on the island was totally unnecessary. That took away another bed scene that was cut out! Yep, you heard me, there was another bed scene that was supposed to happen. (It was a night scene where Naboon asked Wan if he upsetted Manpu about wanting another child- that scene got cut short) Which brings me to another problem I had. So you know in that breakfast scene when Manpu was upset/sad that Naboon and Wan could potentially have a baby together making him a rotten egg, The story never gave us a closure because the next day he was on his way back to Bangkok with Chalam for school. Oh how I so wished it showed Wan and Naboon’s baby. I would love for them to have a girl cuz we know Naboon would be so possessive of her haha! I felt towards the last 10 minutes or so it was kidn of rushed bc they were running out of time-like literally. They didn’t even have time for the ending credits LOL. But despite everything, it’s still one of my favorites lakorns to watch and sub.

Thank you to all the fans that tuned in. Thank you to my timing team CCCS, MLAT, and Tika for volunteering to time. I know I don’t say this a lot and not many fans realized that it is also time consuming for timers to time every single line too. That’s why I get pissed off at those shameless people that reupload our work because a lot of time have been put into this. And all they do is reupload within an hour per episode while it takes us days just to get one episode done.

Anyways, thanks to those fans who have been watching from its original source. Alternate links are now posted and ready to stream on the SH thread so you can go there to watch.



  1. Sorry for my cluelessness. What does “go inter” mean? Thanks in advance!

    1. thippy says:

      Work overseas, go international

  2. Angely says:

    I’m Angely and I’m admin of the italian fansub.
    I want ask you something on Sampatan. Could you contact me by email, please?
    Thanks ^__^

    1. ANGELY says:

      Hi Tippy! Sorry to disturb you, but I wanted to know if you have news for me about the softsub of Sampatan Hua Jai
      A hug,

  3. piggy242 says:

    Thank you Thippy, this one was very memorable ,I enjoyed every minute and I think the chemistry of the main leads was on fire.

  4. synapham says:

    I really enjoyed this lakorn. Thank you for all your time and effort!

  5. Lilo Moua says:

    Hey Thippy!

    First of all, thank you very much for your team and your time in subbing this lakorn!!
    I love Weir’s lakorns, even though most of them are similar to each other, but in all I love the chemistry in this one.

    And really?! they added more scenes?? That’s interesting. LOL
    And I agree the ending was a hit and a miss at the same time.

    And true, they shouldn’t have add the scenes of the witness coming into the island….but i especially laugh my butt off at the end of that scene and where Patai is helping Weir to stay with Wan at the hideout place so they can have so more private time together. LOL

    I watched this a few times already and I still laugh my butt off at that scene as they both are so sneaky in helping each other. LMAO!!

    But in all, this one is a great one and thanks for the subs!!

  6. Elisa Salim says:

    Dear Thippy, tank you for subbing this lakorn.
    Thaksina is the “common unbearable/ngingao protagonist” found in nearly every Thai lakorn. I really hate this kind of character and how every man in the lakorn just cannot do something right to this snake.
    And… Is it only me thinking or what???? Weir’s kisses looks real to me. 😁
    I love his singing though. He has a unique boice

  7. maibryn says:

    Thanks for subbing, Thippy. Phew, super glad it wasn’t Poo Praya – am also not a fan (just a personal preference; apologies to her fans!).

  8. I agreed everything and personally not to sound rude or mean, but Taksina’s character was just annoying. I kept staring at her teeth and her slick back hair. But overall I love the lakorn and Weir’s character in here, I’ve watched many of his lakorn and this by far is my favorite character of him. Thank you Thippy for subs and giving us all your time! Thank you again!

  9. Julia Durant says:

    Thippy thank you for your subs. You kept a nice pace which worked for me. Thank you for leading me to discord I would have missed out on watching all my fav subbers. Looking forward to your next subbing project.

  10. Kris says:

    First of all, im very thankful to you for subbing this lakorn. Im a huge fan of Weir, watching him act in any lakorn (regardless of his co-stars), makes me really happy. Weirs’s charm is very unique that no one can replace him as my number 1 thai actor. My favorite genre in lakorn is action and romantic comedy, and this drama capture it all. For me, this drama is his another masterpiece, i really love it. The story gradually make the leads character love ech other despite many misunderstanding. A forbidden love (since Wan is still married), but somehow I feel sympathy to her and wishing her happiness with a man that can really respect and love her. Weir is like a prince that save and protect his princess (a damsel in distress but later became a stong woman who can fight along with him). This drama is amazing. Many thanks…

  11. omniaelsaidi says:

    thank you for the beautiful review and the whole effort

  12. Betty_Me says:

    I cant thank you enough for subbing such a great story, I can somewhat relate to Wan’s character since I went through such hard time. Thanks for putting smiles in our faces Thippy

  13. Weirheidi says:

    thank you so much

  14. drora329 says:

    thanks thippy for your sub weir’s lakorn

  15. Charlotte Leslie says:

    Thippy, can’t thank you enough for subs on Weir’s latest lakorn. It really was good. I agree with all of your comments. Weir is too good, for less than perfect drama’s. Lets hope some excellent writers will be hired especially for him, and we get to see him in better stories in the future.
    I did really like the more mature theme, not silly like some.

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