My Hero Series Review

Since it’s all a series and I subbed the whole thing, I’lll do a brief review of each of them here. Hopefully you have the chance to watch all 5 parts by now.

Matupoom Haeng Huajai

Okay I did not plan to sub any of this series, let alone sub the whole thing but here I am. MHH, I have to admit is probably one of the best lakorns I’ve watched Boy in. His acting in here is actually pretty good especially scenes with his onscreen dad. Chippy, I told the girls on Discord already that I am not a fan of hers. Her acting is pretty decent, nothing wow or nothing bad lol. But her and Boy actually have chemistry. I wouldn’t mind watching them in another lakorn but this time I want drama and angst. Oh how I wished Mok would gave Ben the cold shoulders when he fake broke up with her and I wish she ignored him and made him come chasing after her lol. But I kind of question their relationship development in here. I guess because it’s a series, that’s part to blame. When did these two actually fall in love? I mean did it just suddenly happened while they were lost in the woods overnight around episode 3 or 4? I mean their feelings just took a 180 turn lol. Props to Donut, Shakrit and especially Aon’s character as Dean. OMG, his acting was just amazing and very psychotic. I would have enjoyed General Tun-ou and Nunu’s relationship more if they weren’t such evil people. I know their reason was to save their state/country and I hated Donut playing Nunu. Like Donut has this “munsai” kind of face when she does her snarky smile. I think her brother had more mercy than she did and I was not satisfied by her death. I wish Madam didn’t die though and Ben’s dad. OMG that scene was too sad. The whole plot revolving around this part was kind of complicated for me because there were a lot of military terms and politic terms involved. So I apologize for any misinterpretation but homegirl tried okay. LOL. I also had problems with the audio in this lakorn. It was like the cast did not speak through their mics or something so I had to increase my volume haha. CG was bad though in here, like in episode one pretending they were on the beach in Santa Monica had me laughing. Like forreal? The ending was rushed though and they even cut a scene or possibly more-argh! Overall this part was okay. Luckily I had no expectation so I wasn’t fully disappointed haha.

Montra Lai Hong

OMG, this part was the most frustrating to me on so many levels. If you watched this part, you know why it was so frustrating! Kwan……god this character was just plain CRAZY! Her level of craziness just kept on building up to the very end. But Ja did an awesome job though with this character! Great’s character as Pasakorn, I sort of questioned his hero arc because it’s not obvious like Boy’s character. So if you ask me what’s heroic about Pasakorn? I’m not quite sure LOL. But if I were to guess, maybe it’s him being a dance teacher and teaching the unfortunate kids that dream of becoming a dancer? You be the judge for that HA! This is my first time watching Saimai and she’s a pretty girl but I actually did not like her character Waenploy. I just dont like when nangeks in lakorns play a character of being  a “fan” of our praek. It was too childish for me, I guess that’s the correct term to use. I also didn’t think Great and Saimai had chemistry either. Maybe if they were in a different genre,setting, etc maybe they would have shown more chemistry. The mystery behind who bombed the school and who was trying to kill Pasakorn was obvious from the beginning to me lol. Was it for you? So storyline to this part wasn’t that interesting compared to Part 1. I don’t think I had audio problem with this part like I did with Part 1 but I did have a complaint about their subtitles. Waenploy and her family/friends speak E-sarn dialect in here and sometimes the subtitles would show up and sometimes it didn’t. When it didn’t show, that’s when I was mad because though E-sarn dialect is very close to my native language, homegirl needed the Thai subs for clarification on what I was hearing was what I heard you know? It’s like, why couldn’t they be persistent with their subtitles! And if you thought Part 1 ending was a rush, Part 2 was even worse! Those that watched, you know what I’m talking about.

Lom Phrai Pook Rak

Part 2 definitely drained my energy with psycho Kwan but Part 3 definitely cured it because of It and Pond’s skinship and romance! I always love when our leads are exes and then meet again years later. That love is always there. Because this was a series, their feelings of animosity took a complete turn as well the night they got married lol. Like how can they go from being hostile and being sarcastic to one another to being caring and loving the night of their wedding? hahahahaha. Series logic I know I know. If you’re not an environmentalist, then you probably didn’t like this part. But hopefully the leads scenes made up for it. Out of all the series, this part had the most soundtracks (4 total) and probably my favorite among the others. I thought the storyline to this was okay. Leader Panas shouldn’t have died though! But I guess they needed to kill someone from the good side team to make it more dramatic though. I don’t have that much to complain about to be honest. The side characters weren’t that annoying either. Everything was good.

Sen Sol Kol Rak

For part 4, I think this part was the most normal typical storyline but had more content I supposed. It dealt with human trafficking and family drama. Not really a big fan of Toey or Eye but they did their parts as Khong and Meaw pretty good I guess. Their chemistry was okay, it wasn’t sizzling lol. I wish the ending was better though. It wasn’t rushed, well maybe a little, but it wasn’t your typical ending scene. So I was like, that’s it? lol. Pear Pitchapa who played as Ticha in here probably stole the show towards the end. I honestly didn’t think she would kill herself but that scene with her mother crying for her got me in tears, ain’t gonna lie. I was kind of annoyed by Khong’s character though. I don’t know if anyone noticed but from the beginning up until that one particular scene where he almost kissed Ticha, we sort of knew he might have feelings for Ticha but then on the next episode, his feelings just suddenly became clear when he chose Meaw. I was like wait what? You were about to kiss Ticha previously and now you’re all about Meaw. GTFO ahhahahah! I seriously blame the script writer for these loopholes man. Oh, not sure if you guys knew this but this series was filmed last year so I was surprised to see Nong In in here in teh credits. She played as Noina. She passed away earlier this year in a car accident so it felt kind of weird subbing her scenes. May her soul rest in peace.

Tai Peek Paksa

No doubt by the time I got to Part 5, my energy level was low. But I pushed through it. This part I was a bit concern I would get annoyed by Yam bc I’ve watched her lakorns before and the girl has pronunciation problems when speaking Thai lol. She would pronounce words beginning with the letter “R” as the letter “L” and vice versa and that would bug me. But here, I thought she actually improved from the last time I watched her. The only thing I think she needs to work on is her crying. This part had enough comedy with the drama added to it. It was a different take than the other parts because this one involved a ghost. I actually enjoyed the dynamic of this plot, you know with the mixture of grandparents generation during Vietnam War. Louis and Yam had great chemistry and I thought it was cute how it was love at first sight for them. Usually I find it cliche’ but the scene shot was pretty cute hahaha. I got sort of sentimental at the end with Grandpa Asanee finally reuniting with his wife and son. The scenes between Grandpa Asanee and Akin was entertaining too. It was good to see Ben and Mok together in this part. I wished past couples would have showed up in the other parts as well. But honestly if you didn’t watch one of the parts, you wouldn’t be lost because this whole series isn’t a continuation in terms of storyline. I mean you could have watched out of order and still wouldn’t be lost. Anyways I hope you guys did enjoy some of these parts if not all of it. Who is your favorite hero? Which part did you like best? Now that I finished it, I would say 1+3 are tied, then 5, 4, and 2.

Thank you to the viewers for watching and supporting us. Thank you to my timing team that stuck with me from beginning to the end. Thank you to my girls at Discord for helping me with audio and word problems haha. Alternate links are also provided now!



  1. I think story wise and acting wise out of all , part 3 with Boy. . I don’t reccomend the others.

  2. KiLLeR AEON says:

    Loved Matupoom Haeng Huajai :)))

  3. iamhere2018 says:


  4. drora329 says:

    thanks you are great

  5. I really love 1 and 5.

  6. Hi, i watch all ,the part 1and 3 are the best. Thank you thippy

  7. Crystal says:

    I love all couples❤❤❤❤

  8. The series that I really enjoy are Matupoom Haeng Huajai and Lom Phrai Pook Rak. ^^

    Your works are like my stress reliever. Thank you so much.

  9. To be honest I didn’t watched 2 or 4. The story line didn’t intrigue me and the first episode didn’t draw me in. For my favorite, I have to say 1,3, and 5 is tied for me!

    N I wished that this was a continuous series like the cupid series.

    Thank you for all the hard work!

  10. Thank you very much for the subs and the time too!

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