Porshe Saran & Now Tisanart for Ayutthaya Tourism Commercial

Porshe & Now filmed a movie commercial to promote Ayutthaya (since they filmed Sai Lohit as well and it takes place in Ayutthaya) and the commercial will come out October 1st. It would be nice if they did a modern lakorn together hehe.




  1. Pa Vang says:

    Omg this is so cute, would have been better if we saw his side of the story. I just finished sai lohit, thank you for subbing that drama. Would you happen to know where I can find the 1995 version with eng subs?

    1. thippy007 says:

      No sorry

  2. Zuriati Hashim says:

    thank so much Thippy for subbing so many great Thai lakorn. I’m so afraid if i’m follow a fake subbers because i still newbie for Thai lakorn. Your subbing help me to understand more about your custom and your country because I’m from Malaysia. Once again thank you so much…

  3. hohliu says:

    OMG, this small m0vie is so sweet!!! Thank you Thippy for subbing Sai Lohit. I watched it out of curiously. Did not expect to enjoy it so much. This pair has great CP. I normally wait till the lakorn is completely subbed to watch it if I like the story after eps 1. But with this lakorn, I will just watch as you upload. Once again Thippy for choosing such a beautiful lakorn to sub. I am very grateful.

  4. I love them, hopping someone would sub Sai Lohit.. love that lakorn since Kob and Num.

  5. drora329 says:

    thanks to you

  6. They do really have chemistry together, don’t they even if it is a commercial. Thank you kindly for the upload and sub. 😉

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