Jao Sao Chang Yon Review

Hello guys! I am back with another review on a project I have completed! Hopefully you guys have finished this lakorn already! I enjoyed subbing this for the most part because it was short HAHAHAHA. This lakorn was entertaining at first and then it got weird and frustrated lol. The frustration came from Chingching’s character as Meena. She annoyed me towards the end, actually she started annoying me when Phu’s ex came back into the picture, how she got upset over his supposedly daughter. I’m like helllo, he even told you he didn’t know about it and she got upset over nothing and called him a deceiver. She acted like they were together for soooo long and that he cheated on her. I was questioning her relationship with Vee too. She was adamant about him being just a brother in the beginning but everytime she gets into a fight with Phu, she somehow comes running to Vee. And don’t get me started with Vee, I was okay with him throughout the whole lakorn until the VERY LAST EPISODE! Argh, he may be nice but he was a bitch in the last episode and I wasn’t even sad he died lol, tbh. How the hell you’re just going to save Meena from the fire and leave Phu there, saying there’s no more time and “we can come back and get him later.” Like bitch, he probably gonna be dead by the time you come back. And I was annoyed how Meena was crying over him, wish she cried more like that with Phu lol. And I wished Meena would have soften up to Phu more or be sweet to him at least.

Also, did anyone else think that Palin leaving the show and Pavita coming into the picture was weird? I think initially Palin and Tee were supposed to get together but I don’t know what happened behind closed door and the actress playing Palin left. Tee and Vita’s relationship was just weird and rushed. Hadn’t Pavita came into the picture since the beginning, it wouldn’t be so weird. The ending was rushed too and I think they cut some scenes out. Not sure what scenes but I felt sometimes the transitions wasn’t smooth. But overall this lakorn was entertaining. The side characters were a bit annoying but I guess that’s the ingredient of an evening lakorn. I like how Phu know what he wanted and he went after her. He was consistent with his feelings for Meena <3. I should sub more of evening lakorns but majority of them are silly or I don’t like the cast LOL. Hope you enjoyed this lakorn! See you in my next review #sailohit



  1. hohliu says:

    Sounds like a fun lakorn to watch. Will definitely put on my list.

  2. drora329 says:

    you are great thank for your sub this series

  3. Bounlay says:

    Thank you Thippy for subbing this drama. Never seen the actor before. Now I am looking forward to other drama that he will be playing. Differently worth to watch. Thanks again Thippy. Looking forward to your next project. Susu SuSu

  4. callie says:

    I have not started this lakorn yet but I plan to in the coming days so I can’t comment on the story or the character yet. I can say I am looking forward to it.
    But what I wanted to do was acknowledge your hard work and efforts on all these projects of yours. You do a fantastic job and you are so revered by so many of us. So thank you kindly.

  5. Thank you for subbing this lakorn too. All I can say is smart people can be dumb by listening and not investigating the matter. Vee is self-centered towards the end when he only saw Meena out of everyone. Su su na Thippy for subbing the current project!

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