Sai Lohit Review

Where do I begin with this lakorn?! OMG! First off before I get into my thoughts about the lakorn, let me talk about the process. This lakorn touched my heart in so many ways, different from other lakorns I’ve subbed in the past. I was hesitant to sub Sai Lohit because it’s a historical genre which is based on real life history that happened during the Siamese/Burmese War in the 1700s, plus the language was going to be different. I struggle with modern Thai language already so nevermind boran language. I never subbed or hardly watch these type of genres anyways. I knew it was going to be a challenge if I did decide to sub it. But luckily I had encouragement and the girls told me that I can manage and that I can do it. So I challenged myself. Subbing this lakorn was like doing a research paper. I LITERALLY had to look up the locations, monuments, foods, desserts, monarchs, poems, prophecy, numbers, the timeline of how the war went down. I had so many tabs up on my screen. I probably butchered some of these things and I apologize if I did. And whatever I couldn’t understand, I had Bitter Kisses & Subber Paradise helped me. I think without them, I would have left so many blank lines and I hate leaving blank lines. I think I may have annoyed Bitter Kisses because I think I asked for almost all episodes to have her check for spot translation haha (Sorry!) Let’s just say it felt like I was doing a research paper than actual subbing. But I’m so glad I finished and accomplished something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do.

Okay, about the lakorn itself, although this was a war lakorn but it had enough romance from beginning to end! Don’t you agree?! Kuddos to DaraVdo for doing a great job on that! This lakorn had some “bad” feedbacks because of the casts and what not because this lakorn was very famous in the past. People refuse to watch the remake. I’ve never seen the old versions so I couldn’t compare anything but to defend Porshe and Now, I think they did great in their respective roles and so did the other casts. I think they did this version justice and made it their own. Porshe and Now had great chemistry. Gosh if both weren’t taken, I would have ship them so hard hahaha. I find it cute how they’ve met 10 years ago before both signed with Channel 7 and had did a music video together and I can’t believe they never worked together since then until now! This was also my first time not spoiling myself, usually I would just go ahead and read the spoilers as it was being released. A part of me was scared that it was going to be a sad ending and I sort of knew in my heart that it was going to be that way because afterall, this is a war lakorn. But I had that 1% hope (hope is good LOL). And when I knew it was definitely a sad ending, I cried when I saw the preview, I cried when I watched it raw and live, I cried again when I had to sub and cried one last time when I had to go back and check for spelling errors. (No kidding!) But despite the sad ending, I thought it was still good and worth it! I was touched by it. I don’t wonder why the Thai fans loved the previous versions so much because of these emotions and feelings you get while watching it. I love Luang Krai, I love Porshe playing Luang Krai hahaha. Some say he brings the flirtatiousness to Luang Krai’s character but I think that’s just him being Porshe for every role he plays hahahahha. I love the love he has for Daorueng and his country. Luang Krai is one of those praeks where I know he will go to the end of earth for her. (Bless his soul) I love Now playing Daorueng. I can’t see anyone else playing that role at CH7 besides her. I think both did so well. Their little cute family at the end, ah so adorable! I think we are supposed to assume that Luang Thep and Lamduan died in Ava because they didn’t really explained much besides them and King Uthumphon getting captured there. What frustrated me about Sai Lohit was the events that had actually happened. The Thai Generals and soldiers being cowards. Aof playing Khun Thip/Duang was just annoying. Thank god he died. And also that traitor Lord Polthep too! I wonder if he died. If Siam had better tactics and more soldiers willing to serve and sacrifice for their country, I think they had a chance at winning the war or maybe Ayutthaya wouldn’t have been so damage. Sighs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this lakorn as much as I did. And for those that don’t like sad ending, I still encourage you to watch to the very end. It shows how strong and independent Daorueng has become. Thank you to you all that have been supporting me and that watched this on MY platform. Those that watched from other platforms, shame on you but at least I know you care about my work hahahaha. Thank you to the timing team: Chuon Chuon Canh Sen for another collab! Thank you all once again! See you in my next project!

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  1. I skipped this bc not a fan of Porch and already saw the original. Maybe I’ll go watch it just for Now, I know she’s great in here. Thanks for the review, Thippy!

  2. Barbara Downing says:

    Thippy, I just wanted to know if Nsjshshah gsbgvkshsbhbJn on Youtube has permission to upload this video: ( ). I have included the link for your convenience, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, just wanting to make sure that you can continue to make great translations.

    – a fan

    1. thippy007 says:

      no she does not. I’ll be reporting them soon anyways. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. hohliu says:

        I tried reporting too. But it cannot accept third party…

  3. bienaty32 says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn Thip! I loved the fin moments between Dao and Krai. He’s quite a touchy and lovey dicey character…hehee. I also loved Dao too! After going to Thailand I definitely enjoy learning about Thai history. I surprisingly watch every minute of the lakorn (besides the battle scenes) and learned a lot more about the fall of Ayutthaya. That ending though…broke my heart. 😢😢😢 Thanks again to Thip and your team for subbing!! 💕

  4. I liked this lakorn and thanks for subbing this. I’ll give you my gum lang jai for the next project.

  5. As much as I look forward to your sub episodes, I also enjoy so much your ending thoughts on each of your completed projects. You give such great insights! Kudos to you for challenging yourself in subbing this. And again I thank you sincerely for your efforts and hard work in subbing.


  6. drora329 says:

    thanks to your sub

  7. Chanthon says:

    The ending was sad. I tear up, I was hoping that they end up together until old. Both the actor and actress are good in their characters.

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