Wrapping Up 2018!

Hello guys, December has finally arrived which means 2018 is coming to an end! Wow this year has been crazy in terms of the subbing world but I managed to get through it. Reflecting on the lakorns I have subbed this year, there are 10 totals, not including my current projects. I think this year has been my most challenging one yet because I subbed a whole series (My Hero Series) and subbed a historical genre (Sai Lohit). If I were to rank my least to favorite ones, it would be like this:

10. My Hero Series: Montra Lai Hong

Gosh, I’ve said it in my review but I’ll say it here again, mostly it was because of Kwan HAHAHHAHAHAHA.

9. My Hero Series: Sen Sol Kol Rak

Though this wasn’t a bad lakorn but by the time I got to this part, I was worn out.

8. My Hero Series: Tai Peek Paksa

Yam actually impressed me in here haha. She improved from the last time I watched her. I was not a fan of hers before but I’ll take her future projects into consideration now.

7. My Hero Series: Lom Phrai Pook Rak

Gonna be honest, it was It & Pond’s marriage life that kept me going and probably had one of the most cute scenes out of the whole series!

6. My Hero Series: Matupoom Haeng Huajai

I loved Boy & Chippy’s chemistry and this is a first lakorn of Chippy for Thippy lol. I’m actually impressed by her. Sadly her future lakorns I am not interested in the praek hahaha.

5. Jao Sao Chang Yon

My first evening lakorn of CH7 and I only subbed this lakorn because of ChingChing. It was good towards the beginning but went downhill after their marriage.

4. Sakao Duen

I actually had a hard time deciding between this one and Chuamong Tong Mon, but this one ranks in 4th place because I think Masu & Preem’s chemistry was much cuter than New and Bow hahaha.

3. Chuamong Tong Mon

Ah Masu, what a cutie! Bomb impressed me too and is probably the first lakorn where he isn’t so stiff!

2. Sai Lohit

I love Sai Lohit and will remain one of my favorite lakorns that I ever subbed. Because of it’s ending, it ranks in two lol. But I really do hope Now and Porshe reunite next year.

1. Sampatan Huajai

Loved this one the most! Those eye staring, kissing on lips got me finning hahahahha. By the way, CH7 has confirmed Weir & Thisa’s new project together for 2019 and fitting is on Dec.11. The name is unknown for now but the hint goes “Will he love music more than life or love the country more than his breath but in his heart, there is only her” and the hashtag goes #duringwarwefightduringpeacewelove. I so look forward to this reunion next year!

As for my current 3 projects: Ngao, Yutthakarn Prab Nang Marn, and Nai Keun Nao Saeng Dao Yung Oun (airing Dec.5), these 3 will be my last projects for 2018 and will surely overlap into 2019. Hopefully you guys are enjoying it so far. As for next year, of course there are projects I’m interested in but it all comes down to timing and when the lakorn airs. Thank you to everyone that has been part of this “journey” including watchers, timers, and fellow subbers. Hopefully you enjoyed my selection for this years list and hopefully there will be good ones next year. Please check back on my “future project” list occasionally since I do change it up once in awhile.



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  1. Thank you for all your hard work. You pick the best ones Love Wier. Merry Christmas and Susu for the New Year!

  2. thank you for another year of a lot of hardwork in subbing Thai Lakorns.. wish you a great year ahead and cannot wait for another of subbing dramas from you.

    Millions thanks..

  3. Heidi says:

    Happy New Year

  4. Only u says:

    Hey Thippy , any update about Nang rai

    1. thippy007 says:

      Likely to air next year

      1. Thank you

  5. Julia Durant says:

    Thippy you pick excellent Lakorns to sub and your subbing has been on point. You didn’t make us wait too long to view each episode and I appreciate all the work you do. I’m looking forward to more or your projects now and in the coming year.

    1. heidi says:

      Really Thippy is doing brave work without giving any importance to stupid trolls,she is subbing as usual which gives a big slap to trolls. No Delays at all.Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Thanks you once again

  7. Msk Nimsay says:

    Thank you for hard and sweet work

  8. Thank you so much for the effort. Without your works I won’t be able enjoying the lakorns. YES…. love Sampatan Huajai. Weir is awesome… 😊

  9. sleepninja says:

    Thank you so much tlfor all your hard work subbing these! ❤

    1. sleepninja says:

      Ahh, I should have known better than to comment on my phone. Ignore the typos. hehe >.<;

  10. drora329 says:

    you are grea

  11. i totally agreed to your #1 ranking… love Weir’s lakorn. thank you so much for subbing lakorns & looking forward to also see your other upcoming projects.

  12. Thank you Thippy for your hard work. I am taking my time to enjoy the lakorns subbed by you. I am not done with the 2018 list yet and right now I am rewatching Jao Sao Chang Yon. Merry Christmas !

  13. Desiree says:

    Thanks for subbing

  14. RatuDrama says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work. Enjoyed all your translation

  15. Thank you for your hard work!!!!

  16. Onlyu says:

    Honestly Thippy without you,I would not understand or watch lakorn ! It was such a busy year. I did not watch all the list but I enjoyed weir’s &Thisa lakorn and the heroes series feat Boy &Chippy ! Looking forward for your current and future projects!! Cant wait.

  17. Alwayslakorn says:

    Thank you for all your subbing!

  18. izzaty75 says:

    Thankyou thippy for your hardwork! I love your subbing 😍 goodluck for your next project ✌✌

  19. Thanks for this! s I haven’t completed not one of these yet, I think I know which order I’ll be watching them in!!

  20. Yes! Weir triumph over Porsche! 😻 Totally agree that it’s been a super challenging year. Susu for another year of subbing! Now that you reminded me I need to start with my list too. 😊

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