Vote for the lakorn! (Poll Closed) Winner Chosen!

Hi guys!

I decided to let you guys vote which lakorn you want to see subbed BUT WAIT I’m not that nice so the nominations are my choice muahahahahaha. I think most if not all will be subbed eventually. Now you might ask, what’s the point of voting when this will mostly if not all be subbed? Well, it’s actually for me because if I don’t do anything about them, I will never get to it (because I’m a procrastinator) or I’ll just put it off. With you guys voting, at least you’ll expect something and that way I’ll know not to slack off LOL. With that being said, whatever lakorn that gets chosen, it will be a side project. What does that mean? It means it won’t be my first priority like my current projects so it might not be updated weekly. The 10 lakorns listed, I’ve seen all but 3 which is Khun Chai Gai Tong, Por Krua Hua Pah, and Nhee Gor Lah. So if one of those get the most votes, that’s going to be a risk that I’ll have to take hahaha. You can only vote once and the voting will end one week from today. You’ll see these nominations again the next time I do a polling until the list gets smaller. In the future, some other lakorns might be added or deleted. A brief synospsis to each lakorns are at the bottom. Also, these are lakorns that have ended already 🙂

Phak Bung Gup Kung Nang (Twist the Twin) | Kat Sonya, BigM Krittarit, Pai Partith

Twins Phakbung and Kungnang have been separated from when they were infants. Fate leads the twins to eventually rediscover each other. They switched places in order to get away from their normal lifestyle.

Nhee Gor Lah Zah Gor Rak (Love on the Run) | Vee Weraparb & Thisa Varitthisa

It looks like bad luck comes in two’s when Win, a young man working as a Creative, lost his job and got himself mixed up in a despicable plot to capture A. A was a privileged rich girl who had witnessed the murder of a businessman’s son. A fabricated a story for her father about Win being a kidnapper and asking for a ransom, as she wanted to aggravate her father for believing her stepmother’s lies when she told him A was a murderer.

Khun Chai Kai Tong (The Chicken Prince) | Donut Phattharapon & Bow Maylada

Tony, a playboy, just graduated overseas and is ordered by his father to work on a fried chicken shop of the family business. He has to improve the sales in 3 months, otherwise he will be forced to get married. It’s not easy for him to work at the shop, especially since he has to hide his true identity. Things get more complicated when he creates trouble and becomes enemies with the beloved daughter of a very strict military general. They bicker but eventually develop feelings for each other.

Kularb Len Fai (Friends on Fire) | Vee Weraparb, Now Tisanart, Stephany Auernig, Bo Thunyasupan

A story about three best friends Parita, Ranchita and Pattamas who had broken up because they were all in love with the same man, Thipatai.

Peek Mongkut (Passion and Pride) | Pancake Khemanit, New Wongsakorn, Grace Kanklao

When Triapsorn discovered that Ornsinee is the daugther of her own mother’s enemy, her hatred manifested. Triapsorn enters the beauty pageant hoping to defeat and take everything away from Ornsineee, including her boyfriend Chayanon.

Prom Daen Huajai (Where the Heart Is) | S Kantapong & Pancake Khemanit

Jeerana has a strong belief in justice. He tried to help the villagers from the vicious loan shark, Maeliang Amara. Jeeranaa had to involve himself with Sophit , Amara’s daughter and Piraphong’s fiancée, which at first was hatred then turned into love.

Prao (Proud) | Weir Sukollawat, Aum Patchrapa, S Kantapong

A Thailand superstar named Proud, who’s quite conceited and untouchable hence her name, finds herself caught in a murder mystery as she has witnessed a murder and is being chased after by the culprits. The superstar who has fear of getting shot dead ran away and got herself a bodyguard, an ex-cop named Somchai to protect her. Meanwhile, her manager, Frank has to face the media and find a solution to this problem. With his superstar missing Frank found a Proud lookalike by the name Min. The poor Min is hired by Frank to pretend to be the superstar in the meantime. This escalate the problem even more when there’s a reporter like Sutkhet questioning the fake Proud and seek to get to the bottom of the truth.

Prik Gup Kluea (Salt N’ Pepper) | Vee Weraparb & Pancake Khemanit

Khun Nu Jeed was a rather spoiled young woman who became frustrated when she ended up in an argument on meeting Ding, a confident young man who had graduated overseas. Like the title, these two did not get along but eventually fell in love despite their different personalities.

Reuan Galong (Her Haunting House) | New Wongsakorn & Pooklook Fonthip

This is a story about Galong and Mai’s love which faces many obstacles. The two were seperated because Mai had to find work to make enough money to marry Galong as requested by her mother, Mae Gloy. While Mai was away, Galong was kidnapped by Chote, the village chief’s son, who planned to rape her. But she fought back and in anger Chote drowned her. Full of worries for her family and Mai, Galong’s spirit refuses leave this world.

Por Krua Hua Pah (Gourmet Chef) | Louis Scott & Preem Ranida

Kamolchanok is the only son of a wealthy hotel owner. He’s handsome, carefree and cheerful, and cares very little about his appearance. When he meets his best friend’s sister, Thongtra, he falls in love. Through twists and turns he disguises himself as an impoverished man looking for a job. Coincidentally Thongtra’s family is looking for a gourmet chef and therefore hires Kamolchanok as their “por krua”. Little does she know that this homeless man is the same man who bullied and teased her when they were youngsters.



  1. shreya says:

    My vote is for proa and thank u for allowing us to select

  2. Lol… I’m all the way for Pro Krua… SU SU!!!

  3. I vote for Prao. Have been waiting for this lakorn to be subbed.

    1. callie says:

      Myself as well!!

      1. Me too !!

  4. OMG!!! this is great list. Of course, my vote goes to Weir’s lakorn. he is my #1 thai actor…
    I’m been waiting for it to be sub for the longest time. Ninjakkn used to sub it, but all sub videos were nowhere to found after it was deleted in dm. Got that news from her previous site thats no longer active. I wish his time I can now watch it…

    Louis & Preem lakorn is my 2nd choice. If nothing change, looks like its a close fight between those love lakorns. So which ever wins in the end & got chosen,
    I will be very……….happy…….LOVE IT.

    Thank you so much for doing this. Looking forward for the end result.

  5. This was a varied list – some I’d only heard of in passing (like Proud) because of fans of Weir.

    I went with Por Krua Hua Pa because 1)It looks light and funny (no ghosts or kidnappings), 2) Louis Scott – it looks like he cleans up well later in the show! and 3) the food!

    I’ll just take the risk that you won’t find it your jam. I must admit that I almost voted for The Chicken Prince just because the name sounded funny but I didn’t like the actor list as much.

  6. Astuti says:

    I want see prao😁

  7. Caterina Saraceno says:

    Thank You!
    I vote for Prao ^__^

    PS: Excuse me, could I have your email address? I need to ask you something, but I do not want to clog the blog.

    1. thippy007 says:

      I dont mind you clogging the blog. You can ask here 🙂

      1. ANGELY says:

        I am an Italian girl passionate about a year of lakorn, Korean and Japanese drama. I enjoy subtitling in Italian the series that I like best. For the drama it is easy to find English subtitles (soft sub), while for lakorn I have a lot of difficulty. In case I wanted to translate into Italian a lakorn that you have already translated, I wondered if I could have the soft sub.
        If I disturbed you with this question or if I violated some group rule, I’m sorry. It was not my intention, but I tried it ^__ ^
        Thank you!

        1. thippy007 says:

          No bother at all. What lakorns do you need for soft sub? I don’t have most of mines but maybe you’ll be lucky. And if I do have it, I would need to discuss with my timers if they’re okay with it (if its a lakorn they helped me time on) Also do you have a website or blog that I can see of your past work? it’s just a precaution on my part to know that you’re actually a fansubber and not a troll. It’s just to protect me and my timers hard work.

          1. Caterina Saraceno says:

            Good morning!
            First of all thanks for your availability and kindness.
            I understand very well that you want to safeguard your jobs and timers. But knowing that if you can help me make me really happy.
            I’m not a troll and my blog is Haru Haru Fansub (my nickname Angely73) –> http://haruharufansub.blogspot.com/
            As you will see, I have translated a few things, including a film and a Weir lakorn. And one of the lakorns I would like to translate is Sampatan Huajai.
            Actually there are also other your works that interest me, but for now my priority is Sampatan and if you could give me the soft sub I would be grateful. I would also include your site in credits if it’s OK for you, as a thank you for your kindness.
            I await your response and if you want to write to me via email you can do it at this address kate_slibero.it


  8. darkangel says:

    thank you in advance =)

  9. Waen Jarinporn says:

    Thank you Thippy, so happy can vote here. Hmm, Three lakorn that you choice included on my choice too. But Bow Maylada, Ok. I vote for her, Khun Chai Kai Tong.

  10. Melody S. Garcia says:

    Its a long time wait for Prao… hope it will subbed…😊

  11. I go for weir lakorn

  12. I’m reading… the list. Reading….reading… there you are PRAO. Yup, done. Thank you 🙂

  13. sleepninja says:

    Ooh, I see Prao is included. I’ve been curious about this one for a while. 🙂

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