She Devil’s Shadow on a Warm Starry Night

Hehe. Did you like what I did to the title? Finally, my last 3 lakorns of 2018 has been completely subbed; Yutthakarn Prab Nang Marn, Ngao, and Nai Keun Nai Saeng Dao Yung Oun.

NGAO Oh my god, this lakorn was very different than the usual lakorns I sub. It is not a horror lakorn so those that were scared it was, it’s not. The genre of this lakorn I would say was gloomy. Hardly any romance, and if there was, it was an innocent one haha. The lakorn itself wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. There was no relationship development between Isara & Kwan. So when Kwan died at the end, I wasn’t that convinced of their so called love. Sure I was sad but it didn’t make me ugly cry like I did with Sai Lohit. I also wished the lakorn itself was more indepth. Like the history behind Prince Wasawat & Kwan. I guess it’s because this is a remake so the writer probably thought people know the back story of it already. But what about pople like me who never saw the previous version? Sighs! I never was a fan of Pang, the way she moves her lips bothers me and watching/subbing this lakorn only sealed the deal for me that I wasn’t wrong to not be a fan haha. Her character was just plain evil. How the heck you’re going to kill your own baby (she buried her baby in the snow) just to get back at the father of the baby! I didn’t feel bad for her at all and her ending wasn’t satisfying either. The whole concept of Ngao was very clear, people who do evil deed will go to hell and people who do good deeds will go to heaven. And that karma will follow you to infinity and beyond.

YUTTHAKARN PRAB NANG MARN What a fun lakorn to sub and I really enjoyed this lakorn. Rampha is probably the first nangek that I ever watched where she was a total bitchass and didn’t take crap from no one. Was anyone surprised by the reveal of the true villain? Haha. I should have known. The only thing I wished for this lakorn was I wanted to see Rampha and her step-mom reconcile in a way bc afterall she wasn’t fully the bad person. Just a bit of an airhead LOL.

NAI KEUN NAO SAENG DAO YUNG OUN When I first heard that Louis and Stephany were reuniting in this lakorn, it made me so happy because I was still confuzzled with their first lakorn. Like what kind of ending was that?! Those that watched Hak Lin Chang will know what I’m talking about. And sorry, there are no english sub for that lakorn and I honestly think it’s not worth the sub. I felt Christina loved Dan more than he loved her because I felt he was still in love with his ex. ANYWAYS, back to this lakorn. This lakorn sure did made up for it. The romance was there, the chemistry was still there. The lakorn was doing good until the couple of last episodes where I noticed they cut out a bunch of scenes! Like wth CH7! There are scenes from the music video that wasn’t in the lakorn. Instead they cutting out nonsense scenes like the scenes of Lew’s mom and friend arguing, they left that in. Also they never explained why Eak was involved with the reporter guy too. Or the lady that Lew and Pawat went to go see. The true hero of this lakorn is actually Mick. OMG, my heart felt for his character! Thank god they did not kill his character out. Instead of your typical nangek’s boyfriend who only uses her or cheats on her, he actually loves her. The only thing he did wrong was got involved with drugs. I’m glad they showed the closure of Lew and Mick. Stephany’s wardrobe in here was good! She looked gorgeous, I like how all her outfit showed her curvy body haha, if you know what I mean. Louis still needs more work on his acting. He’s still very weak in the drama department but you’re cute so all is forgiven hahahahhaha.

All links to all three lakorns are updated on their respected page.

Special thanks to the timing team CCCS, MLAT, Vigilante Vixens and the girls at Discord for spot translations!




  1. Msk Nimsay says:


  2. Janeitte.Alexander says:

    Very clever with the title,I like it!I haven’t seen Ngao nor Yuttakarn cause I’m still not over Nai Keun Nao Saeng Dao Yeun Oun yet…they could’ve extended to a few more episodes rather than cut some scenes out and they rush the ending.I love this storyline, it’s one of those lakorn you can watch again and again.Louis and Stephany makes such a good looking couple and their chemistry is undeniable…doesn’t need much acting in it, seems mutual!!!Oh mind!!! Now I really want to see them in a slap kiss lakorn, Hahahah!Hoping to see them in another lakorn again soon so they both can improved with their acting but I don’t mind staring at Louis, he’s rather cute the more you look at him and Stephany is sooooo beautiful. Thanks a million, Thippy and congrats on all these subs. Love your work 🙂

  3. Caterina Saraceno says:

    Thanks for Ngao and Nai Keun Nai Saeng Dao Yung Oun ^__^

  4. LOVE THE TITLE for this article. You are so clever, lol……

    I love yuttakarn, i watch it as soon as you posted it. Its one of my favorite lakorn in 2018. Both leads were so good especially Baifern, i do admit i barely known her but OMG she really nailed her role.

    Im so excited for Ngao before (since it has Aum) however after watching almost half of the episodes, i decide to stop for a while. I found no love between leads. I do intend to finish it for the love of Aum but perhaps not now. Maybe after I finish your recent ones (especially Nang rai).

    Lastly, Nai keun nao saeng dao yung oun has pretty good start. Im currently still watching it & reading your review about this lakorn excite me more. You mention Hak lin chang, i was sad when you remove it in your list (since i somehow like the plot) but upon knowing your reason, glad you did.

    Thank you so much for taking time to sub these lakorn.

  5. drora329 says:

    thanks thippy

  6. Rochelle says:

    Thank you for subbing Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn!!! Really enjoy watching this lakorn,and with your help subbing made it even more enjoyable!! And THANKS for cutting out Behind The Scenes part and for subbing that part as well!!!

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