One Stupid Nangek, One Confuzzled Subber, and a Whole Lot of WTFs

Usually I wait until weeks to write a feed back on a finished project to have everyone catch up but I want to get this over with and let’s keep this short because I’ve complained a lot while subbing already.

Yes,  if it wasn’t obvious enough I was disappointed in this drama. Kaewalai, I must say, is the most stupidest nangek I’ve ever watched in Thai lakorn. If there’s a nangek that is more stupid than her, please let me know! Episode 1 started off good but it went down hill on episode 2 onwards. I did not buy on Pob & Kae’s love story because we didn’t even see their development. All we had was eye staring most of the time. And the writer is going to go throw the cancer card in the end. Like really?  There were a lot of unanswered questions towards the end too like what happened to Jum? What about Pob’s dad? And we saw that Prang’s character was nonsensical in the beginning and she did not get along with Kae but next thing we know, she’s getting along with her so I’m like what????And what about Lada & Pat? Adding Pob’s cousin into the story was unneccessary. Actually there is a lot of problems and bad stuff about this lakorn. You guys can help me nitpick it out in the comments hahaha. Next time, I will make sure to check who is the scriptwriter before I decide to sub a lakorn. Ken’s mom is known for writing sappy over the top dramatic lakorns and I should have waited out. I like Boom and Now together and their chemistry kept me sane most of the time. Our second lead was cute too and thank god their storyline wasn’t so stressful like our leads. Some people were surprised that I didn’t drop this lakorn, well, let me tell you something. I don’t drop a lakorn midway if the lakorn turns out to be bad. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have a lot of completed lakorns subbed already in the past year. There’s only one reason I would drop a lakorn is by outside forces, caused by disrespectful people. This lakorn probably falls last on my list. Heck, even Montra Lai Hong moved up a spot before this one hahaha. Well, whether you didn’t like it or did like it, thanks for tuning in. ALL LINKS ARE UPDATED SO DON’T BE STUPID AND ASK QUESTIONS THAT CAN BE ANSWERED IF YOU WOULD JUST SEARCH. I couldn’t upload the rest of the episodes from 9-15 on Dailymotion for some unknown reason so it’s uploaded directed from the blog. Those that are having problems loading the page, it would be nice if you screenshot your problems and leave it in the comment besides telling me it won’t load because then I’ll try to see if I can help you, because if you’re only commenting that you can’t watch, etc, then I’ll assume you’re just complaining lol.

So what’s next? Well I still have Pleng Rak and Por Krua to finish up and I decided those will be my slow side projects. It’ll be done eventually but at a slower pace. Upcoming projects I look forward to subbing while it’s airing is Rak Jung Euy starring Ter Chantavit & Taew Natapohn & Rak Nee Huajai Rao Jong starring Toni Rakkaen & Pat Chayanit, which both will be airing next week. You can check out the teasers in the future project lists. Thank you again and I hope to see you guys next week.



  1. theoblivious1 says:

    Honestly, i can’t even complain because the signs were there from like episode 4, but those last 2 episodes were just…i have no words, play boy Pope, cancer, acid and even the concept of making someone forgive you just had me drained.

    Please can someone clarify for me, you harm me and you will make it your mission in life to make me forgive you…its my choice…why is this even a conversation topic? Just do your best and make it so i don’t get revenge on you, forgiveness is not yours to take!!!! Sorry i don’t know….and one last thing….i still don’t understand why there needed to be like 4 pregnancies at the exact same time…is one or two not enough? WHYYYY did the cousin even have a story? They could have used those portions to actually see our couple interact and get to know each other? They were so cute together, but had to wait until like the penultimate episode for them to spend real couple time together.

    I can’t, also Arthit’s death wasn’t even enough for me, Jum should have been the one that pushed him, actually they could have pushed each other to death.

    I swear this is my last bit…Did i miss that secret of Arthit the Jum kept insinuating…like he killed someone? or was it just that he also slept with men for money?

    So many questions that i keep thinking i need to re-watch but then….ugh

    1. thippy007 says:

      Same!!!!! Sighs….let’s just move on bc we will not get the answer unless we read the book. Book probably is more different and in detail 😂

  2. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you for the review… then I’m going to pass the drama… see you in the next one😁

  3. charlotte lo says:

    Thank you for the review. When I first saw this lakorn title on your list it did look interesting. I watch other lakorns with the nang rai concept before and I like them – the one with margie and peter, and Kimberley and boy. Then I saw the teaser for the lakorn and I kind of go may be not because it look like too much drama for me. And now after your review I don’t think I want to watch this anymore. My one absolute dislike for any drama regardless of country of origin is a weak and stupid lead actress.

  4. Nancy says:

    All I can say that the nangek did bug me a lot but I want not able to stop watching it. A;so the sister got me upset for not standing up to her parents!!! All in all, Now has become one of new favorite actress

    I seen the preview for Rak Jung Euy and it looks so good. I love Taew!

  5. Nettan says:

    I finished this, but, oh, what unanswered questions I have.
    Looking forward to the next lakorn from you.

  6. KRIS says:

    First of all, thank you for subbing this lakorn & completing it.

    Like you, I had issues about this lakorn. I found it too “heavy” to watch. I do know its a drama but somehow, Im hoping for a strong FL. She could be weak at the beginning but later on, became a true nang rai. Reading your review, looks like she will never be. That will be a disappointment.

    Currently, Im in ep 3. Despite of negativity, I do intend to finish it. Once I start to watch a lakorn, I will never drop it. Im kinda stubborn like that, lol… I will just need to watch it alongside with my current favorite Majurat holiday and Im positive it will be a great combination.

    With regards to your current projects, I plan to binge watch them once completed. I’m also looking forward to see your upcoming projects especially Ter & Taew lakorn. It’s one of my anticipated lakorns to watch this 2019.

    Thank you so much for completing Nang rai despite of everything. You are awesome as always.

  7. michellerbh says:

    I never wanted to beat my head on the wall more in my life. Frustrating indeed. lol

  8. Nice job completing your project! At least you got the pretty Now and Mr. Dimples to help you along, not a total waste of time, even if Kaewalai got the bitter end of the writer’s wrath. But at least she survived cancer! Even if the diagnosis is a last ditch effort to make Kaewalai even more pitiful. Always great to vent with you, can’t wait to talk about your future projects too! I plan on tuning into both!

  9. shin says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work!!!~~ But sadly… I dropped this lakorn early… I don’t remember when, but… As much as I adore Boom… The storyline wasn’t getting to me… It couldn’t capture me like I was hoping it did! I grew a bit frustrated at it… And knew I wouldn’t finish… But overall thank you so much for your hard work!! Can’t wait for your next few projects!

  10. I’m only on episode 3 and already her relationship with her family got me pulling my hair out 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I get The sense of loyalty but they are downright greedy and lazy people. Debating if I wanna continue watching it. And I was So looking forward to it. May try a few more episodes and see how I like it. Lol
    Thank you for your work!!! You’re the best!

  11. thanks i am to agree with you

  12. Jane says:

    Well, I have to say it again, I was desapointed in that lakorn and hated kae, but you did not dropped it, so never did I. Gosh, stupid must be contagious 🙃

  13. Jane says:

    Thippy thank you for your effort for subbing this lakorn but this was so painful to watch. I dropped it on episode 4. What a waste of now and boom’s talents.

  14. I have many unanswered questions too and they are all covered in your feedback.

    Did Pob’s dad just continue wasting his life with liquor. I should say he deserved his end cos he was too arrogant and evil. For a sophisticated and powerful old guy, he was reduced to a pulp over a girl young to be his granddaughter. Goodness.

    Yes, like you said, what happened to Pat and Lada and Jum, all good for nothing bit….s.

    Arthit got his karma … best regards

  15. Hi Thippy, despite all the frustration, I hope more people will watch this lakorn, if only for Pop and Kae so that your efforts won’t be wasted. I can’t believe I reached the finale. Thanks again for subbing this.

  16. OnlyU says:

    Thanks Thippy for the tips !
    Then I will skip this lakorn as a whole,
    Regarding the most stupid nang ek, there is “ FAH” 😂😂 but I don’t know who comes first her or Kae 😂
    Anya how, glad we are done with this one !
    Looking forward for your upcoming ones and adding light comedy to our lives, much needed !

    1. thippy007 says:

      Who’s Fah from?

      1. She is from Mia Tuen, but as far as I watched (just a couple of eps) and for what I’ve read about it… Kae is more stupid than Fah… totally!!!!!

        1. Jane says:

          Mia Tuen Fah was pretty stupid, but I agree, Kate and her are not even in the same league. Fah was stupidly loyal, but had her moments and occasionally showed some backbone.

          1. Onlyu says:

            I watched onlyu few episodes and dropped it , so 🙄🙄

  17. You did it girl! I’m sure both the new project will surely lighten the mood! ^^

  18. Thanks for the tips about look at the screenwriter. Have you ever written about which screenwriters excel at different styles of lakorns?

  19. Bienaty32 says:

    Thanks for your review Thip! Saved me lots of time before I decide to watch this lakorn. Nao and Boom are cute together but unfortunately it sounds like the storyline is awful.

    1. thippy007 says:

      It was stressful and frustrating indeed! haha

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