Marching into Spring with New Lakorns


Spring is almost here and there are upcoming lakorns that are set to air and some I have taken interests in. But I’m not sure if these projects will lead me to digging a hole for myself or not…

First up, we have romantic comedy Rak Jung Euy starring comedian actor Ter Chantavit and our lovely Taew Natapohn, which is set to air March 21, replacing Mario & Kim’s lakorn Thong Ake Mor Tah Chaloang. I normally don’t sub romcom and after watching a couple of more teasers and behind the scenes, I was reminded why romcoms are not my forte (I’m a melodramatic kind of person). I thought subbing period lakorns were difficult, I think doing comedy is much harder. Sometimes there are certains words and phrases that CANNOT be translated into another language because then it just loses it’s authenticity of the meaning and it won’t be as funny. And sometimes there’s no meaning to it. Rom-coms are good and enjoyable to watch but subbing it, I personally think it’s just going to be frustrating. And frankly, even if a person were to know 100% Thai, it will also be a challenge for them as well. With that being said and as sad as I am, this lakorn I might not be able to sub. It’s just beyond my knowledge on Thai slangs and jokes. It has gone down to the maybe list for me. But if any other subber is interested in subbing it, they can go ahead and sub it. I like a challenge so we’ll see after the first couple of episodes air and if I think I can do it then I’ll sub it. But if not, I’m dropping it.

Next up we have a more melodramatic genre (my forte, ha!) Bussaba Pbeuan Foon starring Toomtam Yutthana & Sandy Chalida. This will be airing March 28, I believe replacing Majurat Holiday on CH8. This lakorn is actually on the maybe list as well because one, I have two other lakorns that are likely to get subbed first and two, homegirl doesn’t go beyond 4 projects LOL. Also, don’t ask me what’s the storyline because I don’t know either haha (that’s why I’ll wait for episodes to air).

Rak Nee Huajai Rao Jong starring Toni Rakkaen & Pat Chayanit. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the remake of Ken and Janie’s version where you know they’re lost on some island and woods. This lakorn is set to air March 20 on GMM25. And this is a go for me!

Lastly, the lakorn I’ve been waiting for since last year LOL, Fai Hima, airing after Pachara Montra on March 31. At first I was skeptical about the pairing because Louis is younger than Kwan but I think they look pretty good together. This one is definitely a go for me too.^_^

Again, I still have to finish up Por Krua Hua Pah & Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek. I know it’s slow but I’ll get it done. Hopefully you guys are enjoying it!



  1. Hi, I hope you get to sub Rak Nee Huajai Rao Jong someday, it’s seems to be really amusing.

  2. Hi, i like your choices ..you are the best

  3. An55mv says:

    Sorry, you make sub eng for Rak Nee Huajai Rao Jong? I’m very much interested to it…. 😊😊Thank you for all your work, you are the best! 😘😘😘😘

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