Rak…Jung…Aoey Review

Finally, Rak Jung Aoey has come to an end! What a challenge has this lakorn been! I wasn’t going to sub this lakorn because I thought it was beyond my capability but I did it and here we are! I thought subbing a period historical genre was challenging but in my personal opinion, nothing is more challenging than a full on comedy genre. I was practically digging my own grave as each episode progresses. Maybe that is why you don’t see a lot of comedy genre being sub because it’s just too much. And some of the play on words are better left not being translated because you know sometimes, when a certain phrase is being translated into another language, it just loses its meaning and authencity. I tried really hard though, I really did. And if you come across some translation that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, chances are it didn’t make sense to me too.

So for those that haven’t seen it yet, if you’re going to ask what’s Rak Jung Aoey about? Well, um, I’m gonna be honest, there’s not really a solid plot haha. The beginning of the story our female lead Aoey makes a bet with her frenemy Kwanta that she will go do her internship at some far away village called Tah Samrerng where there’s limited access to resources. There she ends up clashing with the village chief Damrong, whom she already butttheads with while in Bangkok. And then the plot sort of spiraled from there hahaha. But as the story moves on, we see that our uptight female lead Aoey changes and adapts herself to the village. So if you’re looking for a serious plot storyline, this lakorn isn’t for you. There’s no substance/nonsense, or in Thai, “rai sa-ra”. But I think the rai sa-ra-ness (LOL) for this lakorn was a good thing. It’s comedy so you can’t take everything serious while watching this. But if you need a good laugh, do check this lakorn out. Plus you got 4 mystery guest appearance. Hint: they’re from Komfaek hahaha. And some other random lakorn connection like Nakee and Buppae Sunnivas LOL. Not a lot of people like Ter but I think he’s okay. Him and Taew don’t have sizzling chemistry but I think they have enough to bring their characters alive.

I have a feeling there might be a part 2 because in the last episode Sia Ahmnat mentioned that he has somebody that can take him out of jail and when he was asked who, he said it was a secret. Also, Ter and Taew jokingly asked if the viewers wanted a sequel and most importantly, it didn’t have THE END sign like most lakorns do. I hope they don’t make a part 2 but if they did, I don’t think I want to sub it and go through the struggle again. It was fun watching it, but what a struggle to sub it. To be honest, I think I’ll stay away from pure comedy for awhile haha.

Lastly, I want to thank Kites and her team for sharing the timed files with me. Kisses, for being my extra ears on those medical terms. Without you, I think I would have left those lines blank haha. And to the fans who gave me “gumlang jai”. I don’t say it often but I do appreciate the thanks yous and the su su na! It does give me encouragement to finish the lakorn, not just this one but the other ones as well, no matter how much I’m struggling. Well, that’s all I have for this review. I hope you guys enjoyed the lakorn and if you’ve read to this part, comment #perfect in the comment along with your other thoughts (I’ll know if you didn’t read everything haha)





  1. Meshhy says:

    #perfect 💜 ive been waiting for this such a big fan of Taew! People like you are heaven sent for us non thai speakers! ❣️ Thank you so much for this!

  2. Sara Mohamed says:

    Really i loved taew and ter togather and this lakor was a good choise really thanks thippy for your hard work Su Su

  3. SWIZEL COELHO says:

    #perfect…. thank you so much for subbing the lakorn.. i still didnt finish the lakorn i am still watching it… thank you for your hardwork.. su su ka.

  4. serahunny says:

    #perfect. Love taew but do not recognize the male lead. Will check this out soon. Thanks thippy! ❤

  5. #perfect!! I did enjoy it! So funny!!!!
    Thanks for thw effort, dedication and patience to translate this.

    1. Janeitte.Alexander says:

      Thanks for the review #perfect. I can skip this one and put it aside if I need some random laughs

  6. #perfect!!


  8. Nettan says:

    #perfect Thank you so much! Well done you for completing this lakorn! Looking forward to the next one.

  9. agiths44 says:

    Your awesome…. Thank you 😊

  10. Onlyu says:

    #perfect 👌😂

  11. Funkydrama says:

    #perfect. Thank you so much Thippy for working so hard for us. I like Taew in any drama genre. Su su na for any challenge you can find on your way. A big hug and kisses for you!

  12. NF says:

    #perfect knowing that comedy is not your thing congrats on finishing it. I personally love these lighthearted comedies so thank you for subbing it.

  13. clarity says:


    Glad that you had gain another victory!

  14. #perfect You did it! ❤❤❤

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