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So I have some announcement to make which is really important so I hope you guys can read and will read it. It seems like the subbing world has gotten difficult every year and subbing teams are finding alternative ways to provide non-speaking Thai fans ways to have them watch. To those that watch the ones I sub, speaking on my behalf, Dailymotion automatically rejects any CH7 lakorns now. It started during Nang Rai. So I think any lakorns prior to Nang Rai should be good. And I noticed not only CH7 but other big channels are putting geo-restricted on some of their videos as well and there’s nothing we can do about it. So then I thought, okay, I still have my blog as back up BUT a few days ago, some unexpected event happened in nekoland which caused her to be evicted as she would say. It turns out she didn’t comply with WordPress T&A policy, uploading too many videos. Like wtf, they are the ones that said it’s unlimited storage and here they are saying videos are taking up too much storage. So that got me thinking. Sometimes in the near future, I would probably have to start deleting older projects to leave room for newer ones. So to the fans that like any of my projects in the past that have alternative links linked to it, you may want to start downloading them soon. Don’t worry, I’ll make another announcement to let you guys know when and what I’ll be deleting. But for now, as long as I’m checking my emails daily to see if I received any notification from WP, everything should be fine for now.

Now some would ask, why don’t the subbers sub directly onto to youtube using the CC option, well FYI honey, if only the people watching had good intentions. The reason why most subbers prefer hard subs on their videos is to prevent certain people from stealing and claiming it as theirs. Now, that shit still happens with the hardsub videos but at least the subbers names are still on it while soft subs can easily be manipulated and altered.

If there are any changes in the future, I’ll let you guys know πŸ™‚

p/s some are probably new here to the blog so I do want to remind you that I do have a rule section, please go read it. It’s there for a reason.



  1. Janet says:

    have you tried blogger, although it’s owned by google you can upload it to google one or even google photos, 1TB google one is Β£8 per month. 1TB one drive is Β£59.99 a year? least the videos you subbed will be safe..

  2. Marcin says:

    Thank you Thippy for sharing your thoughts! We appreciate everything what you do for us. I hope all the subbers will find alternative ways to help us see the lakorns. We love you and appreciate you all!

  3. Geri says:

    How do I download your videos?

    1. yeow says:

      by pressing the video and u will see download video

  4. Yoly says:

    Thank you thippy

  5. Waen Jarinporn says:

    Yeah, I’m so speechless back then, thank you for kindly take time and explain everything now. Wish everything work for you thippy.

  6. Bee says:

    Thank you Thippy for a lot of great lakorns, I am one of many people who stop by your page as well as Neko’s several times a week. I actually found your site because of Neko and consider that a great gift!!! I hope everything will work out for the best for you. I am curently enjoying both Pleng rak…and Por krua.. Keep up the good work and your fighting spirit πŸ™‚ su su na Thippy!!

  7. hohliu says:

    Thank you for your update!! Subbers are the ones that help make lakorn popular but the CHannels wants to use that to their advantage now….

  8. ravali says:

    Thank you for all your effort Thippy😘😘 because of you and neko we are able see lakorns with subs 😍😍😍 thank you so much πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. Lee says:

    Thank you Thippy for all your hard work!!!! Let us know if you need anything. You rock!!

  10. thank you thippy!!! after what happened to neko, I think I better start downloading dramas now… I was actually saving up the dramas and planning to binge watch them after my summer internship….. T.T

  11. Lyn says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. While I have been soo sad for what has happened to Neko and wish her all the best, it is good that something good has come from it in that it has alerted you to the situation. You could actually call me an addict to both sites and am appredciative of your hard work almost daily. Hope your days have as many happy moments as your work provides me.

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