June Updates & Blah Blah Blah


I’m trying not to do a monthly update because there’s no purpose to that but it seems like every month, something comes up and here I am writing this. Throughout the month of May, as you know, I’ve been trying to finish up old projects while juggling with the new ones but I realized it’s much harder than I thought. Life lesson, do not take on more than you can handle. Though I have 4 current projects listed, I’m more active towards 2 at the moment which is the current airing Kularb Gror Petch (is anybody watching that?) and Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek. Even though I subbed episode 1 of Rak Nee Huajai Rao Jong but I’m on the verge of dropping that. I really really wanted to give it a go for Toni but gahh Pat is just not pulling me in. Like her scenes (sweet/cute) scenes with Toni are bearable but other scenes are meh. So if any other subbers want to and let me quote someone that commented because he/she probably got mad at me for dropping a project “steal my spotlight” (roll eyes to the moon and back and then to Thailand then to the Antarctica then back), go ahead.  Just do a favor and make sure it’s better than my subs because people like to compare- HA! But yeah that lakorn is being put on hold for the moment. Anyways, per usual, I’ll still be finishing up what I have on the list, but I am aiming to have Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek finish before June 16!!! Why you may ask, I’ll tell you in a bit.

So new month comes new lakorns airing and some of the ones I look forward to are about to air. Whoever misses Weir onscreen, even though Patchara Montra just finished airing about a month ago, he will be back onscreen again with Poobao Indy Yayee Inter with Stephany, said to air June 16 after Monkan Bandan Rak. Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew was supposed to air at the end of May but got pushed back because apparently Huajai Sila is still happening LOL. So its airing sometimes in June. This is also on my list but might not be subbed right away. The last one is Lub Luang Jai with Great Warintorn & Diana Flipo. Going to be honest, not a fan of Diana, but seems like storyline will revolve around the antagonist my boy Masu! Like BMTPP, LLJ is also on my list but again, it might not be subbed while it’s airing until I have less current projects to deal with.

That’s all I have for the June updates. Hopefully I don’t have to update anything for July LOL. If you think my subs are slow, Summer is coming up and I don’t know about you guys but the heat makes me even lazier so that will be a major factor to have subs be release even slower, just depends. With that being said, comment below if you want me to drop RNHRJ or not. Sometimes Thippy listens to commenters hehe.



  1. Hi Thippy, Subbing is lots of hard work. Take your time and pace yourself by your needs. We appreciate your contributions to the community!

  2. Sara Mohamed says:

    I know you work hard you can work slow as you like really i like your sub and your choise so i can wait as long as you want su su thippy

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