Teasers, Teasers, Teasers!

These are the lists of CH3 upcoming lakorns that are scheduled to air by this year. Most of them look interesting and some have took my interest if you’ve been checking my future project lists. The ones that I have confirm to sub (unless last minute changes) are Fah Fahk Rak, Tiwa Sorn Dao, and Pom Athan. Oh there’s also Lub Luang Jai, which is set to air June 19 I believe. The sub teasers are listed below.

TIWA SORN DAO | Starring Peuan Khanin & Chippy Sirin

Pom Athan | Starring Masu Junyangdikul, Preem Ranida, Namtarn Pichukkana

Fah Fahk Rak | Starring Toey Pongsakorn & Mint Chalida

Other lakorns scheduled to air (but not subbed by me) are listed below. (If you’re lucky, other subbers might sub it soon hehe)

Kao Wan Hai Noo Pben Sai Lub |  Great Warintorn & Kao Suppasra

Plerng Rak Plerng Kaen | Boy Pakorn, Jui Warattaya, Sririta Jensen, Punjan Porama

Kaew Klang Dong | Mai Warit & Oom Eisaya

Dai Daeng | Poh Nattawut & other veteran actors hahaha

Tee Krai Tee Mun | Nine Naphat & Yeena (I think that’s her name, LOL)

Payakorn Sorn Rak | James Jirayu & Ice Preechaya

Roy Leh Marnya | Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

Likit Haeng Jun | Peuan Khanin & Namtarn Pichukkana

Likit Rak Karm Duang Dao aka My Love from Another Star | Nadech Kugimiya & Matt Peranee




  1. Caterina Saraceno says:

    I would really like to see translated Pom Athan, it seems very interesting. I love horror.

  2. Nettan says:

    All of them look interesting, but the one that stands out the most for me is Tiwa Sorn Dao.

  3. So many of these teasers look good

  4. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you 😊

  5. An55mv says:

    I am very curious about Tiwa Sorn Dao.. Do you still know qunado will go on air? Thank you Thippy for your hard work! ^__^

  6. Neethu Benzigar says:

    Thanks for taking Mint’s lakorn… 😍😍

  7. Jenny Custodio says:

    Boy Pakorn and Jui Warrataya’s lakorn looks like a hardcore drama! I hope you sub it too 🙂

    1. thippy007 says:

      I always like a bitch slap fight genre arch hahahah

      1. Jenny Custodio says:

        I’m so excited for your future projects, especially Lub Luang Jai, Fah Fahk Rak, Pom Athan and The Frog Prince (Though I saw it on Muse page too. I think they like to sub Vill dramas).

  8. SuzieJ says:

    Thippy!!! I can always count on you 🎉 Thanks a million for subbing the Chippy/Puen teaser and the Mint/Toey teaser! I’m really looking forward to those two, especially Tiwa Sorn Dao since my girl Chippy is in that! Thank you so much 🙂 ❤️

  9. JJ J says:

    Omg… The one of the wig looks scary….

    1. It is sad that nobody is subbing the lakron Lab Luang Jai. It looks like it a really good drama. But, I like to say Thank you for the work you do.

  10. OnlyU says:

    Wowww indeed !!!
    So excited for chippy , has been a while since i watched her in a lakorn.
    Regarding PRPK ( boy and jui) & TKTM (Nine and yeena) ,,, if anyone knows when its supposed to air and which subber is subbing maybe? Please let me know

    1. SuzieJ says:

      The golf one with Nine and Jeena might be subbed my Neko 🙂 it’s on her maybe list.

      1. Onlyu says:

        @suziej ohh I did not pay attention, 😍💚

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