Lub Luang Jai

Title: Lub Luang Jai (Secrets and Lies)

Air Date: June 26 – July 31, 2019

Duration: 11 Episodes

Casts: Great Warintorn, Diana Flipo, Masu Junyangdikul

Summary: A story that revolves around Tor, Dr. Dee, and Joe and other women that is involved in this circle of secret. When love that was nurtured for a long time must be ruptured due to close ones. One person is the best friend, the other had dreamed of a wedding day together. When the hurt ones must suffer inevitably.


Chin ChinawutPerd Jai

Loukwa PijikaTur Tum Hai Rak

01 06/26/19 PART A | PART B
02 06/27/19 PART A | PART B
03 07/3/19 PART A | PART B
04 07/4/19 PART A | PART B
05 07/10/19 PART A | PART B
06 07/11/19 PART A | PART B
07 07/17/19 PART A | PART B
08 07/18/19 PART A | PART B
09 07/24/19 PART A | PART B
10 07/25/19 PART A | PART B
11 07/31/19 PART A | PART B


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  2. Nettan says:

    Thank you so much Thippy for this drama.

  3. backstreetboysfan27 says:

    Great drama, Thank you so much Thippy, for subbing.

  4. Congratulations with ending this lakorn!! You did great work, as always!!! I love your subbing style very much!! And this lakorn I waiting so hard! Thank you 3000 times!!!
    P.S. Do you plan to give alternative link for this lakorn? (From my country it’s really hard to get dailymotion, and not always work)

    1. thippy says:

      Hi yes. I am currently uploading them to an alt link right now. It might take a couple of weeks

  5. Elysia & Ross says:

    Thank you very much Thippy, for subbing us this very good story. It’s hard work for you but really, really appreciated; your love for these productions made our love for them easier too. I’m very grateful for subbers like yourselves and so happy to be able to watch the entire episodes here. Lovely! Glad, happy hugs from Singapore!

  6. Jubilate says:

    I am from Indonesia, I like this drama, wait next ep. Thank you

  7. Elysia & Ross says:

    Thippy, you the wonderful!!!! Woke up to 8th this morning! Thank you. And hahahaha, of course late to work because I can’t tear myself away.

  8. Thippy! SEVENNNNNN!!!! Thank you! Heeeeee

  9. Oh no, Joe is worse than ever in Episode 6! Thanks again Thippy for Part B; he cheated Toom of 4 Million and then sliced another 500,000 off the other girl. Will either ever discover this in later episodes? Yikes

    1. zrd13nova says:

      Next episode (ep 9) will be gooood! Yeah, finally walls closing in on Joe. He’ll be running out of luck. Hello bad karma…come to daddy joe….55555…i love this lakorn.

      1. Is Ep 9 the best zrd13nova? Can’t wait then! Only after the subs came out for Episode 7 the first part then I understand why the things Joe said made Toom believed he truly loves her. A non naivete would see easily through him but not this girl. Fancy that! 5 Million & the memory remnants of your late dad being worthy to give away just because of one happy evening together at the roadside hawker noodles joint.

  10. Oh Thippy! I ran here today when it’s supposed to be a working hour at the office; I just couldn’t keep away!. That’s such a terrific scene between Nudee & Gift. She’s cool and dignified, and at peace with herself whereas Gift is jittery & like falling into pieces. Thanks again for Episode 6. It’s so powerful when Gift remarked a friendship shouldn’t feel this uncomfortable and Nudee replied she’s not the one feeling any guilt; she don’t give tuppence for Joe – and that “I know you longer than THAT MAN”. hehe

  11. Yayyy it’s a wonderful day Episode 6 is here! Thank you Thippy, this is lovely.

  12. Elysia says:

    Sorry, that was too fast the spelling of it. I meant Paradiwarada. Thanks.

  13. Elysia says:

    Thanks Thippy, Lub Luang Jai being another one of the wonderful stories you’ve chosen to sub and I’m grateful this time it’s this one. Great is always lovely to watch! Whereas for the matured actors I like the one who plays Joe’s dad, he’s good in his roles – same constant good performances as the others who played Fern’s forgetful father in Hua Jai Sila, and Bella’s adoptive dad in Paradiwada.

  14. Shirley says:

    Thank you so so so much for subbing this lakorn ❤

  15. I love the drama. Thanks a lot for the subtitles. 🙂

  16. New here – thanks for all your hard work! It doesn’t go unappreciated!

  17. Nikhila says:

    Thanks Thippy for subbing this lakorn . Enjoying it . Appreciate all your hard work 😀🙏🏼

  18. Thank you for yet another good lakorn, I am enjoying it now. Regards

    1. zrd13nova says:

      Love this drama mak mak. Can’t wait to see khun joe go down the drain. What a player… Tq so much thippy. Another great choice of lakorn.

  19. Dear thippy, grateful to you for subbing this lakorn, plus others (duangjai kabot, roy akart and 2 more). I would imagine you probably had to sacrifice nights and weekends just to complete these subs. I cannot thank you enough…. die hard lakorn fans out there support you. Su su na…..

  20. When is next ep why your update so slow on it

    1. thippy says:

      First off, thanks for the moral support-not. Secondly, because of this, I’ll make it even slower 🙂

      1. Jubi_ Late says:

        wait next ep

    2. You should be thanking Thippy for subbing this lakorn especially that we are watching it for FREE!

    3. Cristobelle56 says:

      We wait for subs, not demand. !

    4. So cute. You sound like a 7 year old! Because only awful kids would behave unbelievably in public this way. Thippy’s doing a terrific job, kiddo. Would you but see it – and be grateful.

    5. hohliu says:

      You can learn the language and you will not need subbing in future. What a rude kid!

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