Lub Luang Jai

Title: Lub Luang Jai (Secrets and Lies)

Air Date: June 26 – July 31, 2019

Duration: 11 Episodes

Casts: Great Warintorn, Diana Flipo, Masu Junyangdikul

Summary: A story that revolves around Tor, Dr. Dee, and Joe and other women that is involved in this circle of secret. When love that was nurtured for a long time must be ruptured due to close ones. One person is the best friend, the other had dreamed of a wedding day together. When the hurt ones must suffer inevitably.


Chin ChinawutPerd Jai

Loukwa PijikaTur Tum Hai Rak

01 06/26/19 PART A | PART B
02 06/27/19 PART A | PART B
03 07/3/19 PART A | PART B
04 07/4/19 PART A | PART B
05 07/10/19 PART A | PART B
06 07/11/19 PART A | PART B
07 07/17/19
08 07/18/19
09 07/24/19
10 07/25/19
11 07/31/19


  1. Oh Thippy! I ran here today when it’s supposed to be a working hour at the office; I just couldn’t keep away!. That’s such a terrific scene between Nudee & Gift. She’s cool and dignified, and at peace with herself whereas Gift is jittery & like falling into pieces. Thanks again for Episode 6. It’s so powerful when Gift remarked a friendship shouldn’t feel this uncomfortable and Nudee replied she’s not the one feeling any guilt; she don’t give tuppence for Joe – and that “I know you longer than THAT MAN”. hehe

  2. Yayyy it’s a wonderful day Episode 6 is here! Thank you Thippy, this is lovely.

  3. Elysia says:

    Sorry, that was too fast the spelling of it. I meant Paradiwarada. Thanks.

  4. Elysia says:

    Thanks Thippy, Lub Luang Jai being another one of the wonderful stories you’ve chosen to sub and I’m grateful this time it’s this one. Great is always lovely to watch! Whereas for the matured actors I like the one who plays Joe’s dad, he’s good in his roles – same constant good performances as the others who played Fern’s forgetful father in Hua Jai Sila, and Bella’s adoptive dad in Paradiwada.

  5. Shirley says:

    Thank you so so so much for subbing this lakorn ❤

  6. I love the drama. Thanks a lot for the subtitles. 🙂

  7. New here – thanks for all your hard work! It doesn’t go unappreciated!

  8. Nikhila says:

    Thanks Thippy for subbing this lakorn . Enjoying it . Appreciate all your hard work 😀🙏🏼

  9. Thank you for yet another good lakorn, I am enjoying it now. Regards

  10. Dear thippy, grateful to you for subbing this lakorn, plus others (duangjai kabot, roy akart and 2 more). I would imagine you probably had to sacrifice nights and weekends just to complete these subs. I cannot thank you enough…. die hard lakorn fans out there support you. Su su na…..

  11. When is next ep why your update so slow on it

    1. thippy says:

      First off, thanks for the moral support-not. Secondly, because of this, I’ll make it even slower 🙂

      1. Jubi_ Late says:

        wait next ep

    2. You should be thanking Thippy for subbing this lakorn especially that we are watching it for FREE!

    3. Cristobelle56 says:

      We wait for subs, not demand. !

    4. So cute. You sound like a 7 year old! Because only awful kids would behave unbelievably in public this way. Thippy’s doing a terrific job, kiddo. Would you but see it – and be grateful.

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