Poobao Indy Yayee Inter

Title: Poobao Indy Yayee Inter (Indy Boyfriend Inter Darling)

Air Date: June 16 – July 26, 2019

Duration: 17 Episodes

Casts: Weir Sukollawat, Stephany Auernig

Summary: Because it’s destiny or the mission for the nation that made this Isaan police officer and a misfortunate young miss become rivals by having to pretend to be lovers. Problem arises everyday, but their bond develops every minute. Therefore not only is this mission dangerous, but love is on the line too.




Weir Sukollawat – Dai Sum Nee Bor

Weir Sukollawat, Nut Atiruj, Poyfai Malaipon — Dork Jarn Praharn Jai


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  1. Nikola says:

    Great job with subbing!! I dont know how you manage to sub all the lakorns simultaneously , when just one episode here is over hour long 🙂 respect 😉 …..I always liked Weir, this one is very funny, I keep laughing all the time watching 😀 …anyway, great job! and thanks for you hard work, you should get some vacation and free time LOL 🙂

  2. sam18974 says:

    Thank you so much for this new episode and for your work on this lakorn, the couple Weir/young miss becomes so cute, we want more of them in the next episode, I love the massage scene and the fake love scene was too fun, and the new couple sua ansd kwaeta sems nice

  3. lu225 says:

    I just love how Weir makes fun of old lakorns clichés, with islands, kidnapping and rape. The whole Stockholm syndrome followed by love between two leads.
    It was very funny when Pol tried to put her on his back. Chilo is very heavy indeed. But how dare he to tell his wife she should loose some weight.

  4. LOL. Mommy Pong should just spend time helping Chilo fight back to get Chilo’s assets instead (she is so money hungry anyway…and it seems like she can be the only person that can get back P’Mo’s family).

    TT___TT I got so sad when Pol said he wants to go separate ways with Chilo after he becomes chief.. Nooooooo! Don’t give up on our Chilo.

    Thippy, I’m just going to assume that Kawaeta’s “sin” story is fake? Ughh… she’s such a drag and won’t let go of Pol. Kawaeta, nothing wrong with Suea!!!

  5. omg!! episode 5 is out. gonna thank you 1st before I watch!! I hope you had an awesome 4th of July Thippy 🙂

  6. angeleyes555 says:

    Weir Weir Weir!!!! 😀 I love the lakorn and love the songs. He has an amazing soothing voice.
    Your hard work is appreciated!

  7. Hoa hong says:

    Thanks for sub this drama, I really love watching it, Weir’s acting is excellent and the music also good

    1. lu225 says:

      I just love how Weir makes fun of old lakorns clichés, with islands, kidnapping and rape. The whole Stockholm syndrome followed by love between two leads.
      It was very funny when Pol tried to put her on his back. Chilo is very heavy indeed. But how dare he to tell his wife she should loose some weight.

  8. lu225 says:

    I like this lakorn more and more with every episode. Chilo is the greatest in teasing Pol’s mother. I love how she is fighting and not just crying and waiting for help. And there is so much chemistry between two leads. They should definitely do another lakorn together.

    1. Yassss! She’s not your typical lead that will sulk in the corner and waits for help. LOL. IKR!!! I really hope those two will do another lakorn together.

      1. evasioson says:

        Thank you Tippy! Waiting for the next episode. God Bless You!

  9. Karla says:

    I’m loving this lakron! I hardly ship weir with the main leads because deep down I know he is dating Bella, but… OMG his chemistry with Stephany is overwhelming good. When they make eye contact and when they get to be close to each other, it oozes with so much chemistry. They look so good together my eyes cry. This will be my first lakron to see that is taken place in a village like this. Usually other Lakron I’ve seen they have village scenes but usually they go back to city. The majority of the lakron I have seen have either been period drama, slapnkiss, high school drama, action taken place in modern day and maybe just one or two of historical drama. So watching a drama that takes place in the village and having to learn dialect make things even more interesting.
    I want to thank you Thippy for always doing amazing work and bringing me joy by subbing great Lakrons. I have been your follower for about four years now. But I hardly post on your blog. I usually will blog about the episodes on my personal Facebook account. You, Neko and Alwaysmeena always have my support. ❤️

    1. My thoughts exactly about shipping Weir and Stephanie… well, I’m a new Weir fan so I dunno he is dating Bella. But regardless, it’s ok cuz we’re just fan shipping so it’s not wrong. LOLOLOL. But seriously, the way they act together is so natural (I actually thought sparks would fly and hoped they would date in real life..but I only found he has a gf through you, haha).

    2. I also forgot to say… I’ve followed Neko since 2016…and I just found Thippy. I must be hiding under a rock cuz I’ve missed out on a lot TT__TT But now that I found Thippy…I ain’t going nowhere. LOL. Neko and Thippy for life!!

      1. Karla says:

        If you have Facebook your are more than welcome to add me. I have a private group where I spazz over my thai drama. Most of my friends are subbers but they sub for viki. Back then viki had fan pages and they had some Thai drama there. That’s how I was introduced to them. But then viki took the fan accounts off. It was so sad for fans like me that watch not only kdrama but see Chinese, Thai and Japanese. Those are hard to find subbed. And I’m thankful for subbers like Thippy, Neko, muse and many others who sub our Thai drama. ❤️ And it’s okay, it’s funny how weir and Bella are dating and i ship bella with her co-lead by the name of Pope 😆👏🏼 Sometimes we get too attached to the characters that’s why. Nothing wrong 🥰. ( my user in FB is Heart A Taec, yes I’m a hottest, and my ultimate bias is Ok Taecyeon☺️)

  10. Ana Paula says:

    This is the first current project I’m watching from you. And all I have to say is: I really liked this one.
    Su su!

  11. Okay… after watching episode 4..I have so many questions and thoughts. LOL.

    1. I thought long and hard…I think Uncle Waeng should marry Jumpun and Jumpi. This will resolve everything for Pol’s mom. LOL.

    2. I officially ship Stephanie and Weir together!! Gosh, they have such great chemistry and they are so extra. Weir is so cocky yet extra at the same time towards Stephanie but understandably he has to be like that. LOL. My heart melted when Stephanie smiled at the end… as much as she thinks she needs all these fancy stuff, she isn’t bad at all 🙂 Only Weir can control her. LOL.

    3. So, Pol/Weir’s family is rich (from what I am getting from this episode)? Like, the house that Stephanie is living seems to be Pol’s own house (assuming this house is given by his parents). LOL. The same pic of him is in the living room and his “room” (which is now Steph’s). And in the beginning of the series, the mom lends out a lot of money with very little return…so this village chief is pretty rich? They seem to hint more in today’s Uncle Waeng mentions they have a truck, etc. etc.

    4. Is everyone a legit singer on this show? For sure, Weir is one. I’m not gonna doubt Uncle Waeng is a popular morlum singer since he has the voice. I am surprised that Seua can sing and one of the Jumpi Jumpun twins too. XD

    5. Kaewta is so pretty! She reminds me of Alice Chan from TVB (she is very popular again after taking a hiatus/retired from marriage). Kaewta is way younger than Alice IRL. I hope to see more of Kaewta in more dramas as a leading actress.

    One thing I don’t like about Kaewta’s character is her inconsistency of flip flopping with Seua. Poor guy… I thought she finally liked him and is giving him a chance when she said she is leaving the morlum band to go back home with Seua and she had that face too when she turned around, LOL. I felt trolled!!!

    6. I just realized that Seua is the Champul from S. Huajai… omg.. it is such a change! He sure can play a bad guy and a funny/cray cray guy in this show..I was like..How come he looks so familiar? I find him adorable in this show…him and Weir’s brotherhood looks so genuine and at times felt like freestyled in their scenes?

    7. Chilo is a lucky fighter I have to say..I almost died from laughing she she was hitting the toad(?) and then hitting the robber. Overall, I’m loving her more since she is having more humane consciousness…. Chilo needs to stay there forever. LOL.

    8. So, at the outro it just me…or I see Thip with the dentist?!?!??!?! I cannot imagine how they are going to end up together…. but at the same time, I am rooting them together… seriously he either should be forever alone since he is just as awful like P’Mo but then, P’Mo should never be able to get with the dentist. haha.

    Also, this made me think… is P’Mo also a doctor? Or I can’t differentiate the sound?? It sounds the same when Chilo says her name and the word doctor?

    1. thippy007 says:

      Well weir isnt a singer. He just sings for his lakorns.. for sure some scenes are improvised by these actors haha. Yep thip and doctor will end up together. Hes probably gonna head to their town soon. As for Mo, shes not a doctor. Doctor is Mor not Mo lol

      1. Wowza…Weir is one heck of a singer to be just singing for his lakorns. LOL. Dentist better leave Chilo alone when he heads over to their town…just go straight to Thip please! kekeke

  12. ahhhhh. the entire episode for is up!!! gonna comment again when I’m done. But first, must thank our Thippy !!!!! Wooooot! And it’s Canada Day too (so no work for me). lol. Thippy, where do you live (if you don’t mind answering)?

    1. thippy007 says:

      Just below you

      1. Wooop! Please tell me that you’re on the west coast too? I’m in Vancouver.

  13. sam18974 says:

    sorry for bothering you but I can’t acess at the download page, can you help me ? If not I understand. Thank you for episode 3 and 4, i think that Weir is always cute in his drama and I saw all the drama with him, i think, I love him, it’s my favorite actor in thailand. Thank you for subbing the song and for the second one, I searched it since the start.

    1. thippy007 says:

      What do you mean you cant access? It works for me

      1. when i try to access download page it ask me to re log in or go back to your page . We couldn’t find your account. If you already have an account, make sure you have connected to

        1. thippy007 says:

          see if you can access the page again. I just realized I had copy the wrong link.

          1. yes , i can access it now .Thank you <3

          2. sam18974 says:

            Yes i can have access now, thank you for your help

  14. Thippy, I was wondering if you can write brief thoughts or questions after you release the next episode? That would be so fun and engaging ^____^ I totally want to engage with and others as well!!

  15. WOO BIN says:


  16. V Pranavi says:

    I really really like this show, I love how Chilo uses English when she’s mad she reminds me of a Chihuahua for some reasons. I liked the sausage part, her tryna cautiously eat and then loving the food was heartwarming and cute.
    I’m trying to learn thai so watching lakorns is the easiest way for me to pick up thai. I appreciate you subbing this. Thank You so much.

    1. yea, she wasn’t rude at all (compared to other lakorns where the characters would be be unappreciative or would be snobby and pretend that it wasn’t good). I find it so adorable when Pol actually gave the rest to her since he knew she was very hungry. I want to learn Thai too!

      1. V Pranavi says:

        yes, I’m liking the character development so far. They didn’t just stick with her getting revenge on her cousin for like a bunch of episodes.

        1. yasss! totally agree! I like how she is developing a more grounded personality and how Pol is helping her along the way. She is the type of friend you like and hate at the same time. LOL. I like how she repented over Aunt Nuan and said that they will take care of each other. That melted my heart!!

  17. lu225 says:

    Great episode, I am enjoying every minute of it. Finally, suitable lakorn for Weir, best of his latest lakorns. And he is an excellent singer.

    1. IKR! I like this role for Weir (though I’m a new Weir fan…I only know him for Pachara Montra, this lakorn and now watching S. Huajai LOL).

  18. Awwww! Poor Chilo TT__TT but she has Pol and he is so sincere to her. Thippy I can’t thank you enough ^__^. BTW, when Uncle Waeng says that Chilo is inter…does that mean inter meaning she is mixed? And is Jumpi and Jumpu twins? Which is why they both want to marry our funny guy Pol? LOL.

    1. thippy007 says:

      I always like your comments. I wish others were like you, engaging in the episodes hahaha. Not technically mixed but someone who came from overseas. And I also think jampi jampun are supposed to be twins too

      1. OMG Thippy, I don’t think I can refrain myself from being engaged in this drama. LOL. I love it so much that I have to comment!!!!! It’s more fun talking about it too!!!

  19. I feel so spoiled right now Thippy!! ^___^ Too happy that you UL’d ep 3. I am commenting now before I watch 3A. Hehehheheheheheheh. I wonder what our mischievous Chilo and Pol are up to? LOL

  20. Thippy! Accccck! Thank you so much for uploading episode 2!!!! I tried to watch Warden of the Sky (I liked Mik from Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai) and thought I would watch that mini series..but I couldn’t b/c of the Stephanie (maybe it was just her character she played) and it wasn’t jammin’ for me. But with Stephanie playing this character, OMG, she’s great at acting (perfect for this role) and with Weir, they are a perfect combo!

    I went LOL mode when Weir, his dad and uncle were joking around about their looks. LOL.

    I do have a question…why is Weir (“country boy”) called Indy? And what is wrong with morlum songs? To me, it seems fine and it’s nothing wrong but on the show it seems to have a negative connotation (based on episode 1 with Stephanie looking down on him, etc). We have similar songs (melody, singing style) but it is widely accepted in Hong Kong and China (yet also has a negative connotation of “villager” song but people would still enjoy it). Also, my mom was watching behind here and there and she said when Weir’s family speak at Cock E Neung… my mom said it sounds like a south east dialect in China too (but she can’t understand it either).

    1. thippy007 says:

      Regarding indy, I think it’s his personality perhaps. I think maybe the term indy for them is different for us lol. Also, morlum isnt technically a bad thing but certain people do associate morlum and such with country. Country being poor and ghetto so it make sense for Chilo to look down on them

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