Guns, Weddings, Love Songs: Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek

Okay, I’m just going to post my feedback now because I won’t have time later and I mind as well write it while the feelings and opinions are still fresh. What can I say about this lakorn other than I loved it! Truly a gem for me. I always say no lakorn is perfect but if I was being honest, this lakorn probably is up there on the list of being almost perfect. I remember falling in love with it back in 2014 when it aired and those same feelings reappeared after rewatching/subbing it again. Though it’s an action lakorn but I think it had all the flavors from comedy, romance, musical, drama. Those that have watched will probably agree with me. The difference between CH7 lakorns now and back then is that back then, their episodes extended above 18, some draggy, some didn’t. In this lakorn, I felt it somewhat dragged by a bit but by the time you finished, you probably won’t have any unanswered questions like if you watch present day CH7 lakorns. This lakorn in particular shared enough screen time for everyone, even the supporting casts in which I didn’t mind because it makes the lakorn whole. It’s hard to find that structure in lakorns now. Chane and Walapa has got to be one of my favorite lakorn characters, possibly husband and wife. They started out on a rough patch with ehr thinking he raped her and she was forced to marry Chane, but once they opened up and told each other how they felt, it was awe for me. And I love the fact that they were able to confess their feelings early on rather than later and slapping us less “fin ” scenes but no sir they even gave us “fin “scenes during serious scenes hahahaha. The screenwriter practically took us through a timeline of their relationship and I loved it! I liked when they sang their duet all the time, it shows flashbacks of their story. You can tell that their characters transitioned into better people. Like for instance, in that one scene where Walapa had betrayed Chane and the others regarding the radio, instead of yelling at her (the old Chane would have), he understood her reason, gave her a hug and praised her for her bravery. What a supporting husband! I also love how they always tell each other they love each other, both happy times and life-death situation times. Second couple…meh LOL. If I’m being honest, they are too sappy for me, maybe because I don’t like Eak Rungsiroj either (Ploeng) so it made their storyline even more meh for me. Of course there are annoying characters for me in here, number one would be Namkarng. Her death was satisfying for me. Captain Saman’s character was annoying at first because it was obvious he had use more of his emotions than reasons to hunt Ploeng down. I think he hated Ploeng bc Fahngam chose him instead. But good thing he became more reasonable, his death was sad too. I also didn’t like Walapa’s mom either, even if she redeemed herself in the end!

I’m so glad Porshe & Sammy are reuniting, and if you guys liked them in here, at least you guys didn’t have to wait 5 years for their reunion. But from the behind the scenes of their new lakorn, they still got that chemistry. If you haven’t watched this lakorn yet, you should definitely give it a try. I know some people were hesitant because it had musical, trust me, it’s not that bad and some people even told me it’s a bit catchy! But if you truly dislike the singing part, you can just skip the singing part–duh! Their new lakorn is “Suphap Burud Satan” wihich will likely air in 2020. What’s the storyline? I don’t know LOL. But I will be subbing it so stay tune!

So what’s next?

Well, I’ll be wrapping up Kularb Gror Petch next week and Huajai Look Phuchai is airing after that. (Yes, I’m subbing that too). Lub Luang Jai will be airing this following Thursday, and we have Poobao Indy on the weekends. I know it’s a lot so that means I’ll be busy subbing away. So what I’m asking from you is to be patient. It really annoys me and TP #maipluem when people comment saying, please sub the next episode or I hope you sub the next episode. Like girl, that ticks me off bc it makes me think you have no common sense! Like what do you think I’m doing?! Please don’t leave any stupid comments anywhere, it takes up my blog’s space #jop! does the finger Also, my girl will be back onscreen, I didn’t think it would be this soon but whatever, I’m happy regardless hahaha! So I’m subbing that lakorn too hahaha!

This is all I have for this post and if you’ve read to this part, comment #puajamiaja in the comment below along with your other thoughts! Also the answer to the previous question is Weir hahaha! It was during Dung Duang Haruethai days, the ending scene to be in fact. It was a short one, not sure if it was the editor’s doing or Kwan didn’t want to do it anymore hahahaha.



  1. serahunny says:


    I am LOLing right now with all the hash tagging which I am too familiar. Like you said, I think that character Ploeng was unnecessary #maipluem and if there was no his side story, maybe the story will be better and not draggy. Can’t wait to watch #puajamiaja back in new lakorn. Till we meet again in another lakorn. #jop

  2. martinadost says:

    thank you for subbing it, it has become one of my favourite lakorns. I was surprised by the genre, as I have not watched anything like this (musical with action and the clothes – the colours  ), but it was really enjoyable, and I always adore when there is a teamwork, not one against the whole world and one misunderstending after another

  3. oh my god!!! that’s good to hear that you’re subbing their upcoming lakorn… i actually fell in love with their loveteam in this lakorn, so i wanna see more of their chemistry!!! 🙂 thanks much for this wonderful, roller coaster drama!!!

  4. I LOVED this one. The chemi of this #puajamiaja was great, and I agree this was a really well-rounded lakorn.

    I’m in the group that found the song catchy. I started trying to sing along pretty soon into the run.

    I love that you’re still feeling the residual effects of KGRKGR also. #job!

  5. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you for the review 😊…. now it’s time for me to watch it 😁😁

  6. Nettan says:

    In the beginning I had a hard time for this one, but after giving it a few more episodes, so did it grow on me. After watching the last episode, can I admit that I fell in love with this amazing drama.

    Ohh, and I was right, it was a Weir.

  7. Virgínia Goudinho says:

    I was just waiting this be completed to watch… my sunday will be watching it 🙂 thanks for another lakorn.

  8. Lucy says:

    I was right, it’s Weir.

    Thank you for another subbed lakorn, haven’t watched it yet. Tried a few days ago and it was a little draggy for me, too much action from the beginning. But I love music, so I am definitely going to watch it.

    1. Lucy says:


  9. Yoly Bernardo Mariano says:

    #puajamiaja. Thank you so much for your hard work.susu💪

  10. Yoly Bernardo Mariano says:

    #puajamiaja. All i can say is thank you

  11. OnlyU says:

    #jop 😂😂

    1. clarity says:

      Seriously I thought this lakorn was a medium one until I watched it and fell in love with it. It’s intense yet fin sood sood. Anyway thank you for completing this project and wish you all the best for the next ones.

  12. Elisa Salim says:

    Thank you soooo much

  13. #Puajamiaja… I see what you did there! Lol

    I love it! I haven’t watched the last one due to some issues, but this is truly amazing. I can’t believe this being an action lakorn had so many FIN and kissing scenes… This goes to my top 5 without being a Laporn, which is difficult hehehehe. I’ll come back to talk about the end of the end, but I think the evil ones could have suffered more, and perhaps save someone(cough Mr.HotAhjussi cough). Not PLOTS but sooooo sweet and that sensation of love-hate at the beginning is an excellent mix.

    FINALLY, MY ANSWER!!!!!!!! I can sleep in peace now.

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