Revive to Just Die Again…Kularb Gror Petch

Hello! Back with another feedback of a completed project. I have mixed feelings about this lakorn. This was truly my first time subbing an action packed lakorn where most episodes contain less than 900 lines compqred to regular lakorns like Mister Indy which contained 1500+ lines! OMG! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s okay. Only subbers and timers know what that means. As I was wrapping this up last night, I reflected on the different type of genres I have completed in the past and I can finally check sci-fi off my list. I think I subbed just almost all genres out there. Horror is probably the last one on my list ahem, Pom Athan…Anyways back to this lakorn. Like I mentioned I have mixed feelings and confusion. If you watched it and was not confused by it, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! When I read the synopsis, I already sense where the direction of this lakorn was going. A sad ending! Our FL dies in episode 1 but was revived to kill the baddies and later dies AGAIN in the last episode. I know sad but at least he finally gets to say goodbye to her and talk to her for 5 minutes. The storyline itself was not confusing but what I think made everything confusing was the editing. I felt in some scenes didn’t flow well to the next scene or the conversations felt random at times. See, this is what I’m talking about how CH7 lakorns these days are bad compared to back then where even though it drags but you won’t have any confusions. Nowadays, CH7 has a new set of executing teams that their policy is not to go over 15-16 episodes with tehe xception of some so scenes that were filmed already, some has to get cut, leaving the audience confuzzled like me. And yet here I am still liking/subbing their lakorns hahahhaha. Not all their lakorns are like this though.

The fighting and action in here are pretty cool. When it comes to action lakorns, Nine Bever Film always does really well. Hana, I have to give it up for her because I don’t know if it was Oliver’s direction and him training her but she improved a lot, fighting wise. No double stunt were needed for her. Her fighting in Saming Jao Tha was like so bad compared to here. She’s dubbed as Queen of Action, I think that’s an over statement but whatever LOL. I liked how she was able to make the audience differentiate between Kanyawee and Natwara though. Hana as Kanyawee was so lovely and she had good chemistry with Techit. But once she became Natwara, there was no Kanyawee left in her. And Natwara had zero chemistry with Techit and it’s still Hana playing Natwara hahaha. I think if Hana accepted less action roles and get more roles like Kanyawee, I would start to like her LOL. I’ve watched S Kantapong’s past dramas in the past but he looked specifically more handsome in here. I think it’s his character as the police. I always like men in uniform. I have a lot more questions regarding this lakorn but I know I won’t be able to have them answered. But I’ll ask one anyways. How did Natwara find out that Pipat was Techit’s real dad? And when? This lakorn could have been great, maybe the ratings were low was because of the confusion and editing too, who knows? Did I like it though? Yes and No. Would I want to watch it again? No Sir. But I had fun subbing it though because less lines and more punch and kicks hahaha. Thank you to Chuồn Chuồn Cánh Sen Team for helping with the timing. Oh! If you want to watch in more HD 1080p, then download it at Kitkat’s site HERE


It usually doesn’t happen to me with the demands of questions and comments but when it does, it gets really annoying. I know a lot of you are waiting on a certain drama to be subbed (Poobao Indy Yayee Inter) but I’m working on it! I have other projects that I need to work on too so the least you can do is be nice. And speaking of other projects, I decided to put Lub Luang Jai aside, technically not dropping it but I won’t be subbing it right now because Poobao is taking too much time and on top of that, I have Huajai Look Phuchai and Pancake’s lakorn is coming up as well next month. If I also sub LLJ, I’m going to be behind on everything so I had to make some sacrifice and it was the one I was least interested in. BUT if another subbing team wants to sub LLJ, they can too and please let me know so I don’t get blindsided again and I can drop it. If not, fans waiting to watch LLJ will have to wait. Thank you again for your patience!



  1. Thanks for the update on LLJ.

    I also found the storyline here confusing and the editing choices puzzling. Especially regarding Kanyawee and Techit’s relationship, which is finally revealed in episode 14.

    Given that Namboon knew Techit’s real father the whole time, I suppose he could have mentioned it to Natwara. I found the part where Techit’s ‘father’ left him all the shares of the company more curious. Did I miss a part where the sister or Pipat faked a will?

    1. thippy007 says:

      Yeah you missed an episode about the will. It was early on when thonthep was shot by kanyawee…forgot which episode lol

  2. KRIS says:

    Thank you for the review. This lakorn is one of my anticipated one & I like it because it has action which is my fav genre (beside rom com). I dont mind tragic ending as long as they wrap up nicely & not a cliffhanger nor a plot twist out of nowhere, lol…

    With regards to your updates, so grateful that you still considering to sub LLJ despite that it will be halted for a while. I dont mind waiting, take all the time you need. I do believe that if you really like something waiting is necessary. HLP is another lakorn on my list, will definitely watch that. Knowing Pancake’s lakorn will air very soon, I cant cointain my excitement… Its a balance of action & rom com so I really like it.

    Thanks again & God bless you always dear. Your truly a gift to us.

    1. Maipa Lo says:

      I actually liked the drama and was hoping for a dad end. It’s a balance of both action and love. Thank you for subbing.

  3. you are great

  4. I totally get you in terms of the number of lines. Mik & Bow’s are min of 2k lines per eps! Kinda give me a scare everytime when I open the timing file! 😅
    Anyway just dropping by to send more power over to you! Look like it’s going to be a busy month! Su su na! You are catching up fast! 😆

    1. thippy007 says:

      2k??? 😱😱😱 I’ve never subbed anything to 2k before! Now I understand while you’re taking your sweet time 😅 you can do it though. Susu ✌🏼🙌🏼

  5. aniko nyitrai mosley says:

    Thank u so much u r hard work. The action scenes in this lakorn were very good but the story lines were jumping all over the place . I felt that they rushed everything in the end. The main actor is really handsome and this role is perfect for him. I definitely want him to save me anytime anywhere. Hahaha… Thanks again,

  6. clarity says:

    Thanks for subbing this again and I enjoyed the side characters more esp Woraman, Aunt Kan and Namboon lol. It’s sad for the death of Kanyawee again and Woraman died too. So it’s half justified. I just think the way they edited made the lakorn looks choppy. The last 5 minutes was sweet but yet again S nailed the sad emotions well. I think I never saw S being that emotional in other lakorns.

    Anyway my ‘gumlangjai’ is with you. Su su!

  7. So many SE lately…

    I need PBIH, hurry! Don’t go out stay and sub… Fullfil my desire to watch the PLOT! lol <<<JOKING!!!!!!!
    I hope his kisses and PLOTS give you energy for all those lines, less than 500 lines and I'm dead! Hahahahah… Su su!!!!!

    1. Can you please sub rabum marn

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