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Even though a few episodes have only just passed, but “Huajai Look Phuchai” starring Kem Hussawee & Now Tisanart have captured the audiences’ heart and has made them switch emotions really quickly from action scenes to drama scenes and then romance scenes. So it isn’t strange to have the couple be on the cover of Rabbit Today and have a talk with them.

Before taking the male protagonist roles, who is the real Kem Hussawee?

I’m a fun guy. When I’m on set, everyone is happy. I get to see their smiles, hear their laughters because I like to entertain people. I crack funny jokes and I play with everyone which got us to be close. From the director to our cook. I just don’t want work to be too stressful.

You’ve been acting continuously. Huajai Look Phuchai is your fourth lakorn. How has that helped you improved in your acting?

Because of luck I was given opportunities from the elders. I’m always on set and been given lakorns to film. So I was able to pick up some acting techniques real quick. From Hiso Sa-orn to Jao Saming, both directors had different style so working was different. It was until Trakut Tone and Huajai Look Phuchai which made me see myself more of an adult and more warm loving in the characters.

The nature of CH7 actors usually stay with the channel for a very long time. What are your thoughts on this?

I want everyone to recognize me for me. Criticize me for my acting, no matter what role I’m in. Also I want everyone to be happy and enjoy my work. I think that’s what’s important.

What do you think is the charm in acting?

First off, you get to go to places that you never thought you would be able to go in your life The different scenes and locations. Secondly, you gain new experience, you get to know the life of these different characters I play and their personalities, what they like to eat, what kind of cars they like to drive, what kind of girls they like. You can say having this career, just stepping out of your home it becomes an experience for you already. I think that’s the charm in acting for me.

What is your goal in this industry?

Just making everyone happy. When people around me are happy, I’m happy. Whether you choose to watch any of my lakorns or anyone’s, I want you to enjoy it. Watch it from a  different perspective. It’s just to entertain you so just enjoy it.

If given the opportunity, what role in the future would you like to prove your acting on?

I played an Isaan guy already. I’ve also played a tribe guy, I’ve done a city boy as well. So I guess the role that I want to play is probably comedy.

Something close to your personality right?

Sort of but comedy lakorns are all about timing, which can be very difficult. I want to play that. I want to be in everything; movies, broadway, because I’ve been given the chance to be here so I want to try out everything.

What’s your weekly schedule like?

Filming 7 days a week (laughs). It changes from time to time if one lakorn wraps up or I have events or other works to attend. Like I’ve never been on stage where I sing and entertain a large crowd so when I got to do it, it’s actually fun. Especially seeing people dance and sing, laugh, scream. Standing on stage and having people come watch you, it brings a lot of joy to me.

What if you’re not working?

I want to travel. I enjoy the outdoors whether it’s the mountains or the beach, whatever is a tourist attraction in that province, I want to go there. I might start off by going to the beach first, just sitting there on the sand listening to the waves. But in the past, I would always focus on resting. I would just sleep (laughs) because I work long hours so resting is something I need and also working out.

What do you do for workout?

Ride bikes, run, swim. Sometimes I go play soccer with my friends.

The famous people in the Thai entertainment, who’s your favorite?

I like P’Weir Sukollawat. I’ve studied his life style too. He’s my idol. Every lakorn he’s in, he’s able to nail the character and he brings a charm to every chracter he’s in. It amazes me that off screen I’m able to see some of those characters in him still. He’s very cool and he does it perfectly. As for the girl, P’Aum Patchrapa and all the nangeks I’ve co-starred with. They have their own cuteness and charm in them.

What about around the world?

Chris Hemsworth. He’s just naturally cool. He’s also a funny guy. Handsome, funny. As for the girl, gosh there’s so many I can’t answer that one.

Lastly, how does it feel working with your current nangek Now Tisanart?

This is our first time working together. I got along with P’Now very quickly. During workshop, the director had us come together and talk about the things we like, the things we don’t like. We discovered we were similar and we clicked right away. We have fun when we hang out. And I told her if there’s anything she doesn’t like, she can tell me. If she’s feeling uneasy regarding something I said or did, or even with acting if there’s something I need to adjust, I’ll do it. Or if I made mistakes, to just be honest with me. I always tell myself that I’ll only make one mistake and I won’t make it again.

People have seen you in various different roles in the past. Who is the real you?

Usually I would play dramatic roles. Huajai Look Phuchai is probably the first role where she’s a bit more funner. The real me is someone who’s funny and likes to have fun. As for other things, I’ve been taught since the beginning about respect and being punctual. When I was in dance college, when we have performances, if the professor scheduled to meet at 10 am and you come at 10 am, you’re considered late. She taught us that as kids, we have to come earlier than the elders. So I’ve always done that.

With your recent lakorn, how much have you improved in your acting?

Wow! A lot actually. As an actress, to see my progress and improvement I get feedbacks from the viewers and the people around me. This industry is like a school. I normally am the type of person to over think things and is a blunt person. There have been many times where I question myself if I’m being too manly or abrasive. Sometimes I’m myself too much so I try to lessen that a little. In general, I am serious with work. I always have to improve in the different roles I receive. But you have to be able to enjoy working. I go to set and it feels like home. They’re like family and that’s where the fun is.

Has there been a role where you want to do but hasn’t gotten the chance yet?

To challenge myself, I want to play something that is totally different from me. Like a psychopath or a transgender.

Who is your favorite in the entertainment industry?

P’Aum Patchrapa and Uncle Ning Niruth. As for across the globe, Keanu Reeves and Scarlett Johansson. I really respect people who have good work ethics.

What do you think is the charm of being an actor/actress?

If we’re going back, acting wasn’t something I wanted to do because I don’t like expressing myself. I don’t like criticisms. I feel that everyone is different. You can’t use your logic to judge other people by looking at them. But when I got to actually work in this field, I find it to be fun and it makes me happy. I got to know a lot of people and build a good relationship. Most importantly this indutsry has taught me to be responsible. It taught me to be strong and be open-minded. Those that gave me constructive criticisms, they are the ones that got me to where I am today.

What is your future goal?

I don’t have a clear image yet. But as of today where I have lakorns, people hiring me, people interested in me, as an actress I consider that to be the best thing already. I never wanted to compare myself to this person or that person. Thank you to everyone that has thought of me and recognizes me.

How is your work schedule right now?

I work 7 days a week. Sometimes I ask for a one day break due to various factors. If I’m not working I would work out where I’m lifting weights or cardio. Listen to music, sleep, and sometimes I would go pamper myself.

What type of music do you listen to?

Gosh! (laughs) I listen to oldies. I like listening to Inca, P’Pu Pongsit, Labanoon, etc. I like listening to songs that have a deep meaning to it.

What about movies and lakorns, what genre do you like?

I like mysteries, action. Like full pack action. If I have time I would watch them.

If you’re stepping out of your house, where do you like to go?

To a cafe. I like eating desserts, bakeries, etc. If I’m travelling abroad, I usually go once or twice a year, that’s considered my real vacation time. Because no one is going to pay attention to me, I can do whatever I want. Eat whatever I want. I like cold weathers like Japan and The Netherlands.

Where is your next trip going to be at?

I want to go to Egypt! I want to go to Egypt! I want to go to Egypt! (laughs)

If you weren’t a CH7 actress right now, what would you be doing?

Probably a chef. Because I like baking. Tarts, pies, cakes, etc. I like baking but I hate cleaning (laughs) but if I’m a chef I guess I don’t have to clean up myself (laughs). When I go to different cafes and I eat thsoe dleicious desserts, I like taking pictures of them.

We might see them as famous actors and actresses that live an easy life but actually they are just normal people who are hard working, have dreams, have goals no different from us. And the value in this interview that they have given us is to find happiness and have fun in life everyday.

Article at Rabbit Today
English Translation by Thippy




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