Goodbye Coak E-Kerng! Poobao Indy Yayee Inter Review

Hello! Here we are with another review–actually I don’t like calling it a review because I feel like I don’t really do a good job at it. It’s more of a feedback of either me complaining or me complaining! LOL. I don’t even know if people read these “reviews”, but whatever, I feel I owe it to myself to express the frustrations, love, angst, all the emotions I get after finishing a lakorn if I don’t do it enough while subbing already. So let’s begin!

Poobao Indy Yayee Inter, what can I say besides giving it a sigh of relief! This lakorn was just full on comedy and they never fail to crack jokes even in serious scenes. From the get go, I had an idea what I was getting myself into but I didn’t expect it to be overwhelming. I only decided to sub this in the first place because well, Weir of course and I didn’t mind Stephany but I never translated a lakorn where the setting and the people were all speaking Isaan minus the city people. Though Isaan and the Lao language are practically twins, some Isaan words are foreign to me too. That was my first challenge. My second challenge was translating the morlum songs. Good lord I know I did a bad job at it because morlum songs are so poetic that it shouldn’t be touched. And sometimes the soundtrack helps express more of an individual scenes and its meaning. But because I didn’t want to leave blank lines on screen while they were singing and leave nonThai speakers questioning what they are singing, I went for it. Those were my two biggest challenge and I overcame it. *bows down* kekekkeke

This lakorn started out really well but I felt my frustration came towards the 10s episodes, especially those ridiculous added scenes that shouldn’t even be there. Storyline wasn’t going anywhere and godly they extended the arc of helping Mae Pong out from jail then they went on to do that ridiculous competition in the village, that OTOP event. They could have wrapped everything nicely in 15 episodes like other CH7 lakorns lately. To think they extended this to 17 episodes, you would expect them to wrap everything nicely and leave you with no questions. But errrr I had one question and that was, whatever happened to Mo???? It never showed her again after Pol, Seua, and Uncle Waeng tried to drill her teeth out. Then it never really showed a developemtn between Dr. Pat and Thip. One scene she would be mad at him, another scene seems like she was okay with him and I’m over here saying WTF. Weir and Stephany had chemistry, there’s no doubt about it but I personally felt Weir had more towards her than she did towards him. If Weir wasn’t holding the fort and giving her chemistry, this lakorn would have been hell for me. I just felt Stephany was holding back, like there’s this thin line between them. Even off screen, you don’t see much interaction, she’s so reserved and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and that she needs to be all playful with him when the cameras aren’t rolling but I am saying as it can affect their chemistry onscreen. Even in interviews you can tell she’s holding back. I do wonder if Weir ever takes photos of her. If you’re a fan of Weir, you know that he’s into photography and he takes photos of his nangeks. Fans know this. You can be reserved all you want but you’ll know if Weir and his nangek are playful if she posts photos taken by him. Now I’m just basing this off from Thisa. Thisa is reserved but Weir takes photos of her since Sampatan Huajai days til now in Yodrak Nak Rob and she credits him in the photo. You see behind the scene clips of them on her Instagram stories and sometimes posts. I didn’t see much of that with Stephany (OR I COULD BE WRONG) and to not sound so bias towards Thisa, in Patchara Montra, Bow posted photos of her taken by Weir, so did Hana and the other chick, forgot her name. In his newest lakorn Marn Bang Jai, he took photos for Mookda when the set surprised her for her belated birthday. MY POINT IN ALL OF THIS IS Stephany needs to loosen up a bit because I know she’s not an uptight person, according to her instagram posts. I don’t think she’s a shy person either.

ANYWAYS, back to this lakorn, if you love straight on comedy, you would probably enjoy this a lot. I think this is my first time watching a Weir lakorn where it’s comedic and I’m not going to lie, he’s pretty good. His laugh is contagious hahahaha. But I prefer him in drama roles. I can’t picture anyone else playing the role of Tossapol though. Weir was born for this role. The role of Chilo aka E-Veung, Stephany does match the role but I could also see Min playing the role as well. I think what made this lakorn successful was the supporting cast, especially Pol’s family. Gosh I just love how loving and supporting they were especially towards the end. Mae Pong was annoying af in the beginning but once she realizes the truth, she became such a loving mother and mother-in-law. Chief Pan and uncle Waeng, I love this duo especially when they’re with Weir. Their chemistry as father son makes you believe they are father and son. Jampun and Jampi, these airhead girls, they crack me up especially when they annoy their dad and calls him “Daddy” LOL. I teared up a little in the end though when their dad was reading their letter in jail. Overall, I did enjoy the lakorn though. I just hated how they extended the lakorn and added nonsense stuff. Would I visit this lakorn again? Probably not. It’s not the worst lakorn I’ve subbed though. So here I say my farewell to Bak Pol, E-Veung, and everyone in Coak E-kerng. I’ve elarn some new words and hopefully you did too. Thank you to everyone who have watched and supported MY subs! Thank you to the ones that have taken it and uploaded elsewhere. Though you have no shame but at least you cared enough about my subs that you come here and take it elsewhere. Happy watching!



  1. Thank you for your work and for your comments. I agree with. It was a light comedic lakorn that was very pleaseant and enjoyable. Weir as always is great and never failed to bring both the laugh and the heart. However I would also agree that sometimes the chemistry did seem a little forced. AND it would have been a dream to see MIN in this. We can only wish.

  2. Thank you for your reviews and for subbing! I love your reviews and definitely pay attention to them since you’ve seen so many lakorns, you can easily spot the treasure from the trash, lol.

    I love Weir, he’s a great actor, but what you said about them cracking jokes all the time, makes me think I won’t like this drama. I always think the best comedies are centered by something, like the craziness is tethered to something solid, like relationships or love.

    I’m also intrigued by morlum songs and will have to look that up.I

  3. ayala says:

    Thank you so much FOR YOUR HARD WORK

  4. Agiths44 says:

    I usually read your review first before watching it ….so now going to watch it… Thank you for your hard work 🥰🥰🥰

  5. Melanie Denby says:

    Good review. I thought Weir was fabulous and comedy suits him better than slap kiss dramas. Stephany was as usual distant….I have not seen a drama where she is relaxed with her male co-star. I do hope we see a really different side to her in her future roles. I loved the Isaan language…its good to see a comedy drama where the characters are as juicey as these. I loved Chief Pana nd Weir when they converse and play with each other. well suited to play father and son.

    I will watch this drama again one day.

  6. Thanks Thippy for your review, I am totally agree with you about Stephanie, but I enjoy this Lakorn, hopefully next one Stephanie will be better, thanks for your hard work

  7. GGatsby says:

    Thank you soooo much for your hard work!! This lakorn was just the perfect amount of comedy and moral support!

  8. thank you so much for subbing the lakorn.. I always read your reviews I love the way you express your thoughts about the lakorn… I love Weir.. his comic timing is great… i am starting to watch the lakorn… thank you for your hardwork… su su su ka…

  9. Ying Vang says:

    Love your reviews and thank you so much for your hard work in translating/subbing this lakorn. I personally like this lakorn, it wasn’t too much or too little. There’s some lakorn that will just feel so heavy and too much going on but this one actually feels a lot lighter than I thought. Anyways, thanks again for the subs and your hard work as always 🙂

  10. SuzieJ says:

    I love these little reviews you do! I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions. I actually wish you would post more of these opinion based posts on your page cause i enjoy reading them so much 😊 I definitely agree that Steph seemed a little reserved at times. I think she might be scared of all the fans that Weir has. I remember hearing about how she deactivated her Instagram while this lakorn was airing for a little bit because of the hate she was getting. I think maybe that’s why she was a little reserved. I also do remember seeing a video of weir taking pictures of steph but I doubt she ever posted them. Anyways, thanks again for subbing this lakorn ! We all really enjoyed it ❤️

    1. thippy says:

      Nah she does that every year. It’s called social media detox where she deactivate her social media account to reflect on herself

  11. Sara Mohamed says:

    really i liked this lakorn the most frist i watch it because of pُ weir but really i saw him in a new level really he make me love him mor and more dut as you say itُs alot of ep without reason but it make me laugh alot itُ s agreat project really loved your translate alot Su Su thippy and waiting for your new one.

  12. I read these reviews! I enjoy them, helps and encourage me to watch more lakorns that I otherwise bypass. LOL. I started to watch this one but stopped b/c another lakorn caught my eye and I’ve been watching it. But I will return to watch this one, I do like Weir and because of your review. 😀 Thank you for putting so much effort to sub this lakorn!!

  13. Samantha says:

    Thank you for all the effort that went into translating the dialogue and lyrics! I definitely agree … Weir really brought his character to life! I felt like he put in more effort into developing his chemistry with Stephanie than she did. I did wish we saw more of the story between Mor and Thip – it felt like they just suddenly became a couple during the last episode. But, overall, I enjoyed this lakorn. I laughed a lot and I would love to see Weir in another comedic role.

  14. Another challenge overcome! Another hole nicely buried! Well done dear!
    Kekeke! Love your “thanks”! Well said!
    And now off you go into another new journey! Su su na!

  15. clarity says:

    Thank you so much and you did it again! I am so proud of you! More ‘gumlangjai’ for your next haul.

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