August – September Updates & How to…..

Hello my “haveners”! Do you guys want to be called haveners? I know over there in nekoland, they’re called “nekolings” keke. Well whatever you want to be called, I’ll call you that. I am back with a few updates for this coming month (August) and September. I have wrapped up “Poobao Indy Yayee Inter” and “Huajai Look Phuchai”. Current ones I’m working on is “Payak Rai Sai Salub” which will have a total of 20 episodes so that will be wrapped up early September. Regarding Por Krua Hua Pah, my intention was to finish this off after I had wrapped up PIYI and HLP, but you know lakorn gods wants to keep sending me lakorns to sub and dig more holes as if my hole isn’t the size of the Pacific Ocean right now. I have to apologize to the ones waiting patiently for that one to be complete. Trust me, I want to get it done. BUT y’all have no idea the struggle I go through with this lakorn. If I knew how frustrating it is, I would have said no. Plus I lost interest in this lakorn and you might ask “well why don’t you drop it”? bruh, trust me I would drop it like a hot potato but because I feel it’s a responsibility to the 200 people that have voted for this lakorn when I did the poll and also because I’m half way there already. If I was still on episode 1 maybe. So my goal for this lakorn specifically now is get it done by the end of the year LOL. Hopefully it won’t take til December but if lakorn gods wants to send me more lakorns then PKHP will still be in the back burner.

What’s New?

Three new lakorns: Lub Luang Jai, Roy Akart, and Duangjai Kabot. As you know LLJ has ended with 11 episodes (thank Buddha), I’ll sub that one simultaneously but my priority will be RA & DK because those are airing. Roy Akart, I might be able to be up to date with that one but do not expect DK to be up to date because that’s a weekend lakorn and did I tell you I dislike subbing lakorns that air on the weekend? If I didn’t, well I dislike it. It takes too much time off of other lakorns. But I’ll get it done, y’all know me.

How to….

Okay so the other part of the title says how to. I didn’t want to make this an issue but it’s been bothering me. Call me weird or whatever, but people haven been unorganized in the comment section. So today I’m going to teach you HOW TO COMMENT THE RIGHT WAY.Β I don’t have OCD but this little problem is making me have OCD. When you want to comment there’s a box down at the bottom that says THIS IS WHERE YOU COMMENTΒ that’s where you put your comments. *as shown below*


The reply button is only when you want to respond to a comment either directed to YOU or you want to interact with that person.

Those that fail to follow this will be marked as spam and deleted. Call me whatever you want but I’m just trying to keep the site organized. Again I don’t have OCD, but this little thing really bothers me. It’s like eating a bag full of red M&Ms and you see a yellow one in there. Like why?

Thank you for your cooperation. πŸ™‚



  1. Ye Win says:

    Are you subbing this lakorn [Por Krua Hua Pah (gourmet chef)]quickly?Please Thippy, you have our moral support.

  2. hohliu says:

    Good vibe. Haveners.

  3. Nettan says:

    I like that name, haveners!

  4. Oh I’m a havener and a nekoling!! I like it . Is there any way I can send a message to you?

  5. lu225 says:

    Thank you for the updates. Havener… I like it.

  6. Shil says:

    hi thippy,first of all,a big thanks for all of your hard work. i know no matter how much time you take,you will always finish a project which i admire a lot. i discovered you via Sampatan Huajai’s review and decided to watch it afterwards. no regrets whatsoever,hence i do like your “mini review” after each project,it helps me decide what to watch.
    i decided to comment today as i saw muse has decided has suddenly decided to sub Duangjai Kabot after dropping song naree. i find it frustrating as it’s not the first time they are doing this specially considering last time for baifern’s lakorn. i just wanted to inform you about it for you to consider what you want to do. always supporting you in what you do,thanks once again

  7. KRIS says:

    Thank you for the updates & infos.

  8. haveners I love the name.. cute.. thank you for all your hardwork.. su su good luck

  9. Confessions of the 'Drama Kid'z!' says:

    I hope that i’m doing it right, np!

  10. Tabz says:

    It bothers me too when I see reply comments that has no relation to the original comment! I’m like wth?! πŸ˜€

    1. thippy says:

      Yes sometimes they reply to another person’s comment when it has nothing to do with them and they’re gonna be the one to be notified πŸ™ƒ

  11. Virtually sending you all the +ve vibes! Su su! Su su!

  12. clarity says:

    I’m glad as one of the heaveners here. Made me staying into a fantasy heaven. Well, su su dear!

  13. Agiths44 says:

    Haveners… cute 😁 and I want to say thank you 😊

  14. Haveners! I like it!!! Perhaps I can combine it and be called HavenEL hehehhe

  15. Sara Mohamed says:

    thippy you work so hard and make alot of effort so the lakorn god love you so he send to you more and more cheer up baby and work hard Su Su hope lakorn gods love you more and more

  16. Lol… Sometimes I want to be a yellow M&M πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    JK πŸ˜›

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