Roy Akart

Title: Roy Akart (Trails of Hatred)

Air Date: August 22, 2019 – October 9, 2019

Duration: 14 Episodes

Casts: Oil Thana, Thisa Varitthisa, Arnas Lapanich, Jammie Panichadar

Summary: The murder mystery of the business tycoon (Jao Sua) Paisarn lead his children to come face to face again. Including Ansaya who is about to become the newest member of the family. But…the first case hasn’t been solved, a new case arises that made her and Paam, Jao Sua’s younger brother and also her first love become suspects. Their love then rekindles in the midst of danger and the real murderer that no one suspected.



Noon Wiraya feat. Mint GoonshipasRoy Kaen



01 8/22/19 LINK
02 8/28/19 LINK
03 8/29/19 LINK
04 9/4/19 LINK
05 9/5/19 LINK
06 9/11/19 LINK
07 9/12/19 LINK
08 9/18/19 LINK
09 9/19/19 LINK
10 9/25/19 LINK
11 9/26/19 LINK
12 10/2/19 LINK
13 10/3/19 LINK
14 10/9/19 LINK


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  2. backstreetboysfan27 says:

    Thank-you so much Thippy.

  3. Khamira says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I loved watching this drama as it kept me guessing and was never boring.

  4. Thank you so much Thippy!🤗 Love Oil & Thisa!💕

  5. Confessions of the 'Drama Kid'z!' says:

    Btw… Iuvvv the way you mapped out the characters profile… too cool!!

  6. Ye Win says:

    Hello,Thippy download file size is so big.How to download small file size of this video?
    Please help me!

    1. thippy says:

      sorry, as of right now there is no small download file

      1. Ye Win says:

        thank you

  7. backstreetboysfan27 says:

    Thank-you Thippy.

  8. LaLand says:

    family lawyer always the shady one. what am i even saying? ^.^’

    thank you for this, thippy. i’m just delighted to see Arnus in here

    1. thippy says:

      Really? I don’t think he’s shady. We can eliminate two suspects though and that’s our lead hahhahaha

      1. Confessions of the 'Drama Kid'z!' says:

        Lol… you funny!!

  9. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you 😊

  10. waiting for the subs!!

  11. clarity says:

    Yipppie another lakorn of Thissa again. But I’m delighted to see Arnus and Oil in here. Keep up the good work!

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