Huajai Look Phuchai Review

And I’m back with another complaint–I mean review. Almost forgot about this one haha. I’ll be subbing a new lakorn of Now in Duangjai Kabot so I wanted to officially close this chapter of her as Pinpak before she sails on to become a princess of a city called Muang Jaai and have another bodyguard protecting her hehehhe. I personally felt underwhelmed by this lakorn. When I found out it was a revenge slash bodyguard protecting the female lead, you would expect some kind of angst, well I sure did, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. The revenge wasn’t that intriguing to me. Something was missing and I don’t know what it was. Like it wasn’t a bad lakorn but it wasn’t a great lakorn either. Kem and Now are two individual beautiful people and their chemistry started really late. If anything Now was giving more chemitsry towards him from the beginning than he did. As the title states, Huajai Look Phuchai, the whole lakorn revolves around our male protagonist. Kem struggled a little. Most of the time, his eyes was blank whether it was a drama scene or a romantic scene, I felt he didn’t give it all. Like some scene required emotions at a ten level, I felt he gave it around a five. Now I’m only being critical is because I know he has potential. So those Kem’s many wives out there, do not attack me LOL. If I’m being completely honest, Now held down the fort for them. The acting, the emotions, it was all her. I was not convinced at all that Nop even loved Pin in the beginning. I don’t know if it was his character or his acting, I just didn’t know. But finally, I was convinced  after they had got back together after the whole secret was revealed. I felt Kem was more relaxed and comfortable in his character than from the beginning. So you tell me if it was his acting or his character or both hahaha. Kem is fairly a newbie and he had two lakorns prior to this one but I honestly think this lakorn was too soon for him. He has two other dramas (genre) coming up and hopefully he does better in those two. But hey, even if he sucks, he has the pretty face hahaha. I can tolerate bad acting as long as the person has a good looking face (Neko understands this better than anyone LOL) Now’s character Pinpak, gosh what a leap from Kaewalai in Nang Rai hahaha. It was a fresh character to see her in and this is probably the closest laid back character she has played since Hob Rak Ma Hom Pah (her first CH7 lakorn). I hope she accepts other genres in the future. She already convinced us she’s good at doing drama, I would love to see her in a rom-com. Kem as well. I think he will excel in that genre better because their both goofy people in real life.

I don’t have much to say about this lakorn much because it’s a mix of feelings. The only times I have a lot to say is when a lakorn is really good or really bad LOL. This was in between but I do want to talk about the last two episodes. So many flash backs! Like they could have combined 14+15 together without all those flash backs. Seriously! It was the opposite of PIYI, that lakorn added nonsense to kill time while this one added flashbacks of possibly every main character. They had no new scenes to add lol. They could have showed us Pin and Nop’s life after they got married or something. It’s good in a way to show what each character went through but not really lol. Overall it was an okay lakorn. My mom liked it though hehe. Did you? Or you didn’t? Comment below.

Special thanks to the lovely timing team for helping out. Much appreciated. Thank you to those that have tuned in from the beginning. Those that haven’t tuned in yet and were waiting for me to do a review, sorry this wasn’t much help lol.




  1. Naseel Alharbi says:

    Thanks for subbing this drama .

  2. Just a had a chance to watch it up to eps 4. I love both main actor/actress, I meant the look. Since they are handsome, cute, and pretty, I forgot about his/her acting. I love them, and wish them had another lakorn together.

  3. I just watched a few episodes of an old favourite Morrasoom Sawat and found myself being reminded of Kem when I saw the young lad playing Nop, the oldest brother of the female lead. Most likely not him but looked a bit alike to my old eyes. PS Thippy subs are really great!

  4. Thanks so much.

  5. Wayy says:

    I really like this lakorn BC Of Now. I’m not that bothered by Kem’s acting, but I do hope he improves in the future. The revenge in this lakorn was weak, but I like seeing how head over heel n’ek is for p’ek. It was done nicely all due to Now’s acting. I luv Now’s acting in here, hope to see her in more revenge drama! Thank you very much for the sub!!

  6. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you 😊😊

  7. Karla Gonzalez says:

    It’s the first time I see both Kem and Now. I know he is a rookie actor. I think he did well compared to other actors who have been acting for longer time. I do agree on the revenge it was not as bad as I have seen worse 😆 as a matter of fact once I was done with this one, I marathoned drama with Sammy Cowell and Thanwa called Lhong Ngao Jun. okay now that drama had revenge and hate ! I cried, I was mad towards several characters then at the end it just makes you forgive LOL. If you haven’t seen that drama. I hope you make time and see it. Anyway, thank you so much for subbing this drama and for always making the time to sub new projects.

  8. Sara Mohamed says:

    frist let me thank you for your great effort really , as for the lakorn in my opinion i gave it 7/10 i think kem he looks soooooooooo handsome but his acting i think he didnُ t give it all i see Now was the queen here she makes me love her more and more her acting make me FIN and really wait for her new drama looks so exciting .

  9. Since I haven’t watched it yet… my comment is bout Kem’s wives… LOL at that comment

  10. superbitterkisses says:

    I adore me some Kem, but I do have to agree that this role was too advance for him. He still has lots of room for improvement, but this role was too much for him.

  11. clarity says:

    Thanks for subbing this ans enduring Nop. Lol for me it is not that good or that bad either. Just Kem, please do improve your acting skills. I hope he would not screw up his upcoming lakorns. I really hate the family of pra ek especially the brother. Just get a grip of yourself and grow up. Su su na for more holes! Chan ru wa khun tham dai ka!

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