Suphapburud Jom Jon Series 1: Duangjai Kabot

Title: Duangjai Kabot ( A Rebel’s Heart)

Air Date: August 24, 2019 – September 27, 2019

Duration: 15 Episodes

Casts: Michael Pattaradet, Now Tisanart, Louis Hesse, Maggi Apa

Summary:  Lieutenant Pasu, a soldier from Thailand must go on a mission to help Chao Saengjunta, a princess from Muang Jaai, in which the country has been overthrown by an army coup. This turned their closeness into love but will the political issues or a love of different status that will end first?

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Dome TiwtongDuangjai Kabot



01 8/24/19 LINK
02 8/25/19 LINK
03 8/30/19 LINK
04 8/31/19 LINK
05 9/1/19 LINK
06 9/6/19 LINK
07 9/7/19 LINK
08 9/8/19 LINK
09 9/13/19 LINK
10 9/14/19 LINK
11 9/15/19 LINK
12 9/20/19 LINK
13 9/21/19 LINK
14 9/22/19 LINK
15 9/27/19 LINK


  1. thank you so much thippy… i loved the story.. thank you for your hardwork..

  2. Khan P says:

    Good drama, not the best though. Love the chemistry between the main actors especially when they are in the wood. Those are my favorite moments from this lakorn.
    I wanted to smack Yuparach though. Such a crazy character lol

  3. watchingdramas says:

    Can someone explain why there’s a sequel with the same male lead but different female lead, and a totally different story it seems like? I’ve seen this done before but I don’t get it. Why not just call it a whole different lakorn? Why do they get attached together?

    1. thippy says:

      because the male leads are twins

      1. watchingdramas says:

        Oh ok

  4. watchingdramas says:

    Can those who finished let me know how you think it went?

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  6. Another reason I’m a Thippy fan. Classy response!! When I misunderstood that there was a delay period in publishing comments on another site, I posted a message referring to what I believed was censorship of comments. The repsonse to my posting was the exact opposite to yours.
    Most impressed with your spirit. Warmest regards

  7. vroomvoom says:

    Loving the drama. Thank you so much for your speedy subbing. You are truly amazing. Can’t wait to finish the lakorn. <3

  8. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. I love Michael in this lakorn, he is funny and cute. And Now is very beautiful, a real princess.

  9. watchingdramas says:

    Wow it’s nearly done. You’re fast with this one. Good work.

  10. Thank you so much Thippy again for taking your precious time and subbing this drama. Luving Now & Mike ❤️ All thanks to you we get to enjoy and understand it all. Keep up the great job 👍🏼🙏🏼❤️

  11. watchingdramas says:

    I’m actually interested in Yuparach more than Pasu. This is my first time seeing Louis. I’ve seen Michael and Now before though.

    1. I first saw Louis with Weir and Min in Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah. I was not a fan when I first saw him. However, I think his acting has improved a lot since then through the number of shows I’ve seen him in. Thippy has 2 dramas with him playing the lead on her completed projects list. I recomend both.

      1. watchingdramas says:

        Aww thanks. Since I’m having 2nd lead syndrome, I think I’ll go take a look at those.

  12. Caitlyn says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this, Thippy. I can’t say it enough. I am really enjoying this show. I have to assume that Yuparach will stop being so creepy after episode 8. Fingers crossed!

    1. After episode 8 yuparach still same as before, and I hate him even more, her face when he angry was so annoying, hope after eps 10 he will change his mind and be a gentleman

  13. Hi, I’m really liking this one. As I have noted, I’m a fan of various Asian dramas and may I say that your English is wonderful.
    I intend no disrespect to any other subber ( I can only use one language) and I do appreciate that how sentences are structured etc varies between languages making translating sooo difficult …….especially matching the actors words in a drama.
    I would just like to congratulate you as the standard of your work is so good I can easily forget that I’ m watching a “foreign film” Thank you soo much for all your hard work . May you have a wonerful day.

    1. thippy says:

      Thank you. Means a lot❣❣ I’m liking this one too but Yuparach is killing my mood 😅

  14. What is the title of the song at the end of the episode? It is a slower song and would love to buy it on iTunes. Who is the singer? Thank you.

  15. Victoria says:

    I am addicted to this lakorn.
    I really like Maggy’s character as the lady in waiting to be loved by Lieutenant Thep. Yuparath is crazy. She deserves better.
    Thanks for the English subtitles.😍❤

  16. fe5411 says:

    Thank you Thippy for your hard work and I really appreciate it. I can hardly wait for Episode 9. Take care and thank you for everything to make International fans happy. Without your English subbing, we won’t understand the story.

  17. Gie San says:

    Tae Pisolyiyabut as captain antone is overacting!

  18. Victoria says:

    Great lakorn. Thanks for your hard work !😍😘

  19. Hi Thippy I was just wondering if you’ll also sub the second season of this series? Have a wonderful day

    1. thippy says:

      Neko will 😁

  20. 75Teddy22 says:

    Hi Thippy, how wonderful you are ! speedy Thippy is in action ! Thanks a lot for your hard work, you’re the best ! 😍

    1. zrd13nova says:

      i agree…speedy thippy is the best! sending thippy plenty of love and support. love ya…

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