[ENG SUB] CF: Nivea Dewy Sakura White Lotion

Commercials out there are mostly bogus to me. But I have to give it to Nivea this time for actually persuading me into wanting to buy this lotion haha! You have a handsome fella and a gorgeous girl conversating with each other through notes, cute! And a bonus, one of my favorite songs of Palmy, “Sorn Klin” which is translated to Hidden Scent. Ironically, Gun also starred in Palmy’s Mv of that too with Bella. Two different mvs with different vibes but I like Gun & Sammy more hehehe. I wonder if there will be a sequel??


here’s the original MV with Gun & Bella



  1. Sammy look so good in here! <3 I think the TV ads version is the continuance of this one.
    This ads have a nice touch to it. Using the book title "Sakura" to communicate! ^^

  2. I am a Nivea lotion user, but unfortunately the product in the ad is not available in my country

    1. Same 😅😅

  3. clarity says:

    Wow, this is totally a lovely ads! Hope I can meet someone using this way. (I need to go to library now…)

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