CH7 Lakorn Teasers of 2020

Seems like X-mas came way too early this year! Hehe! I’m pretty sure most of these will air next year. As usual, I only sub the ones that I’m interested in lmao. The first three are definitely for me!

Yodrak Nakrob | Weir Sukollawat & Thisa Varitthisa (I’m getting Poobao Indy vibe again!)

Tawan Arb Dao | Kem Hussawee & Thisa Varitthisa

Suphapburud Chao Din | Porshe Saran & Sammy Cowell

Ngao Boon | Om Akapan & Pim Pimprapa

Sedtee Teen Plao | Ben Santiraj & Chingching Kharittha

Kamnan Ying | Chap Vorakorn & Praew Chermawee

and these are the other teasers that my sensei (Neko) has subbed!

Man Bang Jai | Weir Sukollawat & Mookda Narinrak

So Wayree | Kem Hussawee & Mookda Narinrak

Prai Sangkeet | Bank Artit & Pim Pimprapa

Jao Sua Mua Nim | Bom Pongsakorn & PP Phatchaya & Mint Baramita

and these are the other teasers NOT SUB

Tang Seua Parn | Aof Chanapol & Hana Lewis

Jahk Sadtroo Soo Huajai | Mik Thongraya & Aum Patcharapa

Roy Pah | BigM Krittarit & Pupe Kessarin

Kaowao | Term Sawetetachai & PP Phatchaya

Nee Kietiyot | Oath Ratthee & Maggi Apa

Khunchai Tum Raberd | Hone Tanakorn & Mameaw Pornchada

Dek Sayplay | Blew Woraporn & Meimei Thanyawee

Kon Neua Ton | Euro Yotsawat & Noey Paphada

Peek Hong | BigM Krittarit & Preaw Tussaneeya

Jankrajang Tee Klang Toong | Bos Chonakan & Chingching Kharittha

Wimarn Montra | BigM Krittarit & Toon Pimpavee

Sapai Import | Mik Thongraya & Min Pechaya

Mungkorn Chao Phraya | Jinn Jinna & Pinkploy Paparwadee

Trakut Tone | Kem Hussawee & Noey Paphada

Ploeng Sanaeha | Donut Phattarapon & Pupe Kessarin




  1. can you sub Wimarn Montra? Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  2. I am only interested in the first 3 lakorns as well well….😍😍
    Thank you soooo much #thippy

  3. Thanks for subbing Weir’s lakorns, I can not wait

  4. kim sara says:

    Wow thippy i like all of them can not wait Su Su

  5. you are dreat thanks

    1. yoyu are great thanks

  6. ssato23 says:

    you are great thnks i am wait

  7. sam18974 says:

    like always, i am waiting for the project with Weir Sukollawat and the trailers are so good, that i hope the project are already on line, thank you for choosing his lakorn

  8. Hey thippy,thanks for the trailers but seems they are wrongly linked like for tawan arb dao,I got ngao boon and a few later links also are not for the titles they said. Keep up with the good work

    1. I refreshed my browser and the links were fine. Dunno what happened. Thanks anw. Any idea when yodrak nokrab will come out btw?

  9. It’s an honor to be call sensei! ^^

  10. Agiths44 says:

    A lot of good lakorn…. can’t wait 😁😁😁

  11. clarity says:

    Oh my another Isaan lakorn! Oho, thanks to you and Neko for spoiling us with the subbed teasers. I have few bookmarked in my list. And I saw the dads at Duang Jai Akkanee are showing up in a lakorn. πŸ˜›

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