Tiwa Sorn Dao

Title: Tiwa Sorn Dao

Air Date: September 29 – November 3, 2019

Duration: 16 Episodes

Casts: Puen Khanin, Chippy Sirin

Summary: A romantic adventure story between an ambitious beautiful woman and an exiled rich heir. The destiny of life made them meet on an island in the sea. Their love and bond brought them together in the midst of nature that is in conflict with the chaotic outside world.





01 9/29/19 LINK
02 10/4/19 LINK
03 10/5/19 LINK
04 10/6/19 LINK
05 10/11/19 LINK
06 10/12/19 LINK
07 10/13/19 LINK
08 10/18/19 LINK
09 10/19/19 LINK
10 10/20/19 LINK
11 10/25/19 LINK
12 10/26/19 LINK
13 10/27/19 LINK
14 11/1/19 LINK
15 11/2/19 LINK
16 11/3/19 LINK


  1. Tradefl says:

    Thank you for your hard work. I love this lakorn a lot more than I thought I was.

  2. mithu says:

    i want to watch it on my pc but dont know why the video dosent play after 5 minutes of buffering. plz fix this.

    1. thippy says:

      it might be due to your connection

  3. thank you so much foe subbing this lakorn… 1st of all this lakorn was never on my watchlist because i didnt konw about there ML.. but aftr reading your review about the lakorn i thought of giving it a try.. and thanks to your review.. i love the lakorn love tiwa… such nice and cute.. thank you for your hardwork and giving a review to..

  4. Nhym says:

    Thippy, thank you for subbing this lakorn. I enjoy it very much, just need 3 days to finish this lakorn. The plot was quite good for me, I didnt feel any redundant parts. Sometimes I could feel the vibe of Korean drama in it, but it was okay anyway. I was really impressed by Tiwa’s naive look. Even when he came back from England, he has grown up but I still saw some sweet and naive aspects in him. Maybe I’ll find some other lakorns of him to watch. Thank you again to bring me this lakorn, hope you a happy new year 🤗

  5. Tess dela Cruz says:

    Hope you can allow me to download this lakorn. The brief summary of this lakorn makes me feel that it is a different comedy romance that will recharged and refresh me. This is possible only because of your hardwork in subbing it that makes everybody who doesn’t understand Thai appreciate it Thank you very much and I’ll pray for your success always.

  6. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. This drama is different from others yet it is so so great and addictive. Worth every minutes investing into it. Puen looks so hot..He’s the Asian tarzen. He pulls off the role well. Chippy was not bad either considering her role was a bit weak. Love the chemistry between them.

  7. backstreetboysfan27 says:

    Thank-you so much Thippy.

  8. Enneirdajill says:

    Omg omg omg! I so love this lakorn! Thank you so much for subbing thippy! Im glad i just discovered this lakorn this week so i didnt have to wait for all the episodes to be completed because it was all done.
    PS. If i had to wait, it would have been worth it anyway.

  9. yonji al says:

    First of all, Thank you for ur hard working to complete all the Lakorns. The hardest thing right now is… it hard to watch it online because some of it can’t be open. I switch it with phone, or tab it take time to open it even thou internet work very well, and for laptop sometimes it okay but mostly break down. huhuhu….

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