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4×1 Reviews + Announcement!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I last reviewed a completed project. Now I have four to review. I promise I’ll keep it short because people don’t like reading, besides subtitles around here #fact. Let’s begin!

Payak Rai Sai Salub — Honestly I was disappointed with this lakorn. It had potential to be a decent lakorn but once we got around towards the end, it was a complete disaster! The plot was all over the place and it didn’t follow the summary. The summary actually sounded interesting, because you have our male lead have these multiple different personailites every time he goes to sleep. But as time went on that arc plot kind of shifted and questions began to pour in like it didn’t make sense! Like I don’t even want to go through the details because I’m still confused LOL! Thank goodness I had no expectations. Imagine I did have high expectation and finding out this was  a disappointment. The only reason I tuned in to this and was able to manage was because of Pancake. The last time I ever watched her fully was in Rak Rae, and that was how many years ago? Even if I’m a fan, I have to say she sucks at action. You can fight people without making any grunting sounds and that what she did throughout her whole fighting scene. #annoying I know this is her first action drama so I’m giving her some slack but hopefully she stays away from action in the future. Or she needs a better action coach. I didn’t like her acting in some other scenes too. It felt like she was legit acting and it didn’t come natural to her. Maybe because she hasn’t been fully acting for years but then I watch her scenes in Sriayodhaya and she seems fine there. So maybe it’s the genre or the acting coach lol. And Hunz is Hunz. I didn’t have problems with his acting nor his fighting scenes but I did have a problem with his multiple personalities. He slept with both girls and if I was Pink, I would not be okay with that, even if he was unaware of his actions. Just no. So if you’re wondering if you should give this a try, maybe when you’re cleaning the house, doing chores, but other than that if I had known, I wouldn’t even touch this lakorn even if Pan was in it because by the time you finish, you would probably say WTF like I did. #thankyounext

Duangjai Kabot — I enjoyed this lakorn. They balanced out the romance with the political issues pretty good. I still wished we had more romance scene between our leads but I think we can all agree that whole mama got poisoned scene took a lot of time to solve up. Seriously! And then there’s stupid Yuparach that almost made me break my keyboard subbing his damn scenes over his selfishness and blindness! I swear Aonkam did not deserve him. I think the best moments were Pasu and Chao Joi scenes in the woods. Because once they got to Thailand, everything was just drama. Drama I didn’t care for. #yayornay I was surprised that they added the supernatural element to the lakorn. I swear I thought the General was gonna die by some magical power but nope, his arse died by having been shot in the head. He died so freaking easily! He could have died in episode one if that’s all it took for him to be dead! But I do like the cinematography of this series. Something about the coloring is different, a good different. Michael and Now still had the same chemistry from their first drama together #kompayabaht. I really liked Michael as Pasu. Such a gentleman but goes after what he wants. I was so happy he did not back down from giving Chao Joi to Yuparach like you know what other stupid praeks would do in your typical Thai lakorn hahaha. Now is gorgeous like always. I think even if she was to have mud on her face and wear ripped , raggedy clothes, she would still look pretty haha. I lowkey wished Aonkam would have gotten with Lieutenant Paothep but we all know Aonkam had her eyes set on Yuparach the moment he saved her. Besides Lt. Paothep is engaged to Mhom Luang Petch Nampueng in Maturot Lohgan so we know that couldn’t happen. But hello to Euro who plays as Lt. Paothep, what a cutie and a good friend to Pasu! Anyways I enjoyed this lakorn for what’s it worth. I have yet to watch the second part being subbed by Neko but I’ve seen clips on Youtube and wow, they got more skinship! When I had completed this lakorn, I realized that this was Now’s third appearance for 2019 on TV. Like wow! Probably the most she’s ever been present on TV hahaha. Which also means Duangjai Kabot is her last lakorn for 2019. I’m excited for what 2020 will bring her, maybe a reunion with Porshe would be nice, if he doesn’t go freelance first. And am I the only one waiting for CH7 to release the second OST still?????????? I don’t think they ever will which sucks because I really like that song!!!!

Lub Luang Jai — Initially, this lakorn I wanted to do it for Masu. Wasn’t a fan of Diana, still not a fan but she’s okay. And Great is great like always LOL. He’s always playing these roles where he rescues the damsel in distress. I’m not gonna complain about it because he really does suit the role. Watching this made me want a P’Tor in my life. The only thing I didn’t like about his character is the fact he was way too over protective of his sister. And yes, it’s because Joe is involved but still you have to let the girl learn from her mistake but we all know how that turned out in the end #cuetheeyerolls Masu played an ass but I maybe the only one that wasn’t annoyed by him. The person I was annoyed with was Gift and Toom, mainly Toom. Like girl are you freaking serious? How blind and dumb can you be? I don’t know who’s worse between Toom and Kaewalai from Nang Rai but what I do know is that Toom has made it in the lakorn dictionary as an adjective. I’m pretty sure there are Tooms out there in the world but please do not take your own life over one guy. I also wished it showed more of Ning and Cee’s relationship because they just gave us that they were seeing each other already. Tor and Nudee were cute but too cute for my taste. I was waiting for a shoe to drop of some kind of drama between them but nope. I was watching two high school kids falling in love and going on their first dates. They were too sweet for my cup of boba. But surprisingly this whole lakorn took me by surprise in a good way. It was short, cut to the chase, no dragginess. Boom. We’re done.

Roy Akart — This lakorn is one of the few genres that not many people like because it doesn’t involve girls slapping each other, husbands cheating on their wives, kiss and slapp, you know the flavors what a Thai lakorn should be like but I actually liked this lakorn. There’s not much romance between our leads because as you know, they are exes and she is legally married to his nephew but the whole mystery did keep me going. I do wish there were more angst and scenes between them. I got bored at some point but I liked how they made everyone a suspect, including our leads. Like there’s a story behind everyone. Without spoiling who the murderer is, were you surprised that it was that person? I wasn’t surprise but I didn’t think it was that person either. I liked how once you think this person is a suspect, the writer throws in more clues and makes you go “wait, maybe it’s the other person instead”, that’s how I was with it. If you like murder mystery genre, you should give this one a try if you need something different.


First off, whoever misses Tossapol and Chilo from Coak Ekerng, and the rest of the gang, good news. They are coming back. But not as a lakorn this time but as a movie. I think the title is called Love U Coak Ekerng. They just had the fitting days ago so obviously this movie will probably be released sometimes in 2020. Hopefully if I get my hands on the movie, I will sub it for you.

Secondly, this one is very important. I will no longer upload lakorns to Dailymotion anymore due to copyrights. Repeat, I will not upload lakorns to my dailymotion account anymore. I think my last lakorn I still have left there is Por Krua Hua Pah, hopefully it will let me upload the last episodes on there. I am looking for an alternative server hosting. As for the rest I am looking for a new home so if you guys have any recommendations, fell free to leave a comment. I want something free though. Thank you! (The new server will begin with Tiwa Sorn Dao)

I said I wasn’t going to write a lot but I actually did #sorry. But if you have read to this far, thank you!




  1. great reviews! i love reading them. thank you very much for taking the time to sub!

  2. Dania Afrina says:

    A wonderful review! Love Roy Arkart too! 🙂

  3. Azet Khasanova says:

    Wonderful written reviews!

  4. Sukma says:

    Your review about duangjai kabot is exactly what on my mind, I feel I read your review it’s like read my mind 😂😂😂 I’m so in love with mike bcs of this, and now I’m even more love him after watching him being a naughty but sweet bandit ❤❤❤
    Thank you thippy for you hardwork, now I watching nohra on your dailymotion, I search another mike lakorn 😁😁😁

  5. Thanks Thippy for the good new, I am excited about movie Love u coal ekergn, hopefully it will release soon and I can watch in vancouver’s theather

  6. Caitlyn says:

    I really enjoyed Duangjai Kabot as well. The romance felt very natural, and Michael and Now had great chemistry. I’m watching the second series on Neko and that one is really good as well.

  7. Agiths44 says:

    Thank you for the drama and the review and I actually had been waiting for it and now it’s time for me to watch it 😁😁😁

  8. Muse uploads streaming content on verystream dot com. I checked out their FAQ. It looks like it is free, but files are deleted if inactive. They also seem to use Telegram dot org to store files. I could not yet figure out if storage is free. Maybe a similar system would work for you?

    1. Telegram is free and fast

    2. M Tina Perpall says:

      Thank you Thippy for your hard work .I like Tex suggestion, I am a member of Muse and their set up is exceptional , maybe looking into their type of set up is not a bad idea

  9. martinadost says:

    Dear Thippy, on the contrary, I always eagerly wait for your review as I am really curious and want to know your thoughts on the lakorns you have subbed. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into subbing those for us. Thank you very much.

  10. Swizel Coelho says:

    Thank you so much for subbing the lakorn… I waited for your review… as for payak rai sai salub I still haven’t given a thought to watch… duangjai kabot was really good lakorn I just loved it thippy I am searching the 2nd ost like hell I went on YouTube ch7 official channel, google to search it but I didn’t find it I just love the song. Me to waiting to watch part 2 which is being subbed by neko… lub luang jai is nice. I don’t know but I feel joe suits the role of playboy much.. toom was way above dump.. roy akart sounds interesting it’s in my watchlist.. thank you for ur hardwork and I love your reviews… su su su

  11. Sara Mohamed says:

    Thanks thippy for your thoughts and your effort for us hope you will find a new server may be you can use server 3 ike neko or the your owen server you use right now hope you all the best Su Su ka

  12. Thanks for the reviews, very helpful, was on the fence about going back to Payak Rai Sai Salub, lol, thank you for all you do!

  13. clarity says:

    Thank you subbing all that once again. It’s short and sweet for me. I liked that lol. Anyway, many more ‘gumlangjai’ for finding a new server.

  14. Great review as always! Su su na! ^^

  15. I enjoy reading your reviews, announcements and anything else you post, not just lakorn links! I basically enjoy reading all things lakorns 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews, I was on the fence watching Roy Akart. The fact that the female lead is married to the male lead’s nephew is kinda icky to me. But the mystery intrigues me so I might still check it out.

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