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Hello, I just want to do some testing on this new server because I’ve had some people commented saying they can’t watch it. I’m pretty sure it is not the server but the user’s error instead. The people that said it worked for them, kudos! For those that said you can’t watch it, well all you said was you can’t watch it. No elaboration! So this post is for the people that has problems with this particular server! It would help if you can find a way to screenshot your problem or how it looks like in the comment section. For me personally, it takes awhile to play the video after you clicked play and then some 25 second ad shows up and that’s about it right? I don’t see any popup ads. Anyways, below is a short video of some actors stranded on an island. See if it works. If it doesn’t elaborate your problem in the comment section and if there’s no solution, you’ll have to wait with Taewit & Rada on that stranded island until someone comes rescue you! 


Also, if you click on other alt domain, it should take you to a page that looks something like this CLICK ME. Click the watch video button and then it should automatically take you to the second page that looks like THIS. If you see any other blank pages, white pages, you’re probably at a pop up page. You’ll need to find your way to close down this tab and go back to the original tab.

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  1. asia series says:

    The server doesn’t work .l am from Egypt

  2. Date Dennay Lain says:

    if sever is better can you help translate mon gard bandan ruk
    .If you can do is please help

  3. Bảo Ngọc says:

    I think you can try some other platforms like jetload.net or ok.ru. I see many websites uploading their video on those.

  4. It is working, but now I don’t have an option of casting to the TV screen.

  5. Eline Wiggers says:

    I said that I used Canada, but it turns out that it was USA. so try different countries.

  6. Eline Wiggers says:

    I may have found a reason as to why it does work for some and not for others. I’m from the netherlands and all servers didn’t work for me, but when I used a VPN and used the canadian server I was able to view the video. This might mean that it is a regional problem. I’m not 100% sure, but it might solution for people to try a VPN and a different country then your own.

    1. Lianne van der Luyt says:

      Ik ben dus niet de enige nl die kijkt, eindelijk iemand gevonden 🙂 VPN is een proxy?

  7. Sometimes the video works but more often than not I get random errors like “the owner doesnt allow adblock” even if there no ads are being blocked by any means or another one I get is “dont open developer tools” while I am on full screen and did not click anything. These errors happen randomly, sometimes before I can even play the video and other times in the middle of the video making me unable to finish the episode. I have tried different servers, using private browsing and I still get these errors so the problem is not because of the browser or cache or anything on my side. It is more like the server is not stable and will work sometimes and other times be buggy.

  8. I tried all 3 links. I was able to view the videos on all 3.

  9. Sharing what I found works for me:
    1. Don’t click on the arrows themselves but close to them. Seem like there is some kind of ‘bot’ protection sometimes on the ‘arrows’ to prevent ‘auto bots’ from engaging videos.
    2. Enlarge the video to ‘full’ size. (Those four arrows on the bottom right of your screen.)
    3. Sometimes the pop up boxes or screens have command boxes that need to be clicked. Especially the one that tells you your Microsoft needs updating which it does not. (Always click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner to close the screen and/or command box. NEVER click the prompts, Cancel -of- OK.)
    4. Command boxes sometimes can be hidden behind rather than in front so one has to shrink the video (undo the full screen mode) and close out all the other screens to find the command box to close.

  10. There’s no problem with the server. I don’t watch any more though as I don’t stay on the internet that long for epsiodes. Is it possible the complainers are those like me if download and then watch.?

    That’s simply MY personal issue.The site works fine for viewing.Well done Thippy.

    1. thippy says:

      No, I just think the problem is they can’t see the server itself so that’s why I’m trying to get them to explain to me what is it that they’re seeing instead of the “it doesn’t work for me”

  11. It works perfectly for me… 😅

  12. This server has been working fine for me, though I do need to disable my AbBlock to access. I have very few to no buffering issues either.

  13. Everything works for me. I tried all, straight from the page and also alternative links on PC. Sometimes I had to watch a 25 sec. “commercial” in the beginning. Thippy thanks for translating these lakorns for us non-speaking Thai watchers

  14. Sara Mohamed says:

    it work now thank you thippy really thank you so much and sorry for bothering you

  15. No video just a blank wide space

  16. Young Weir & Pancake ❤️❤️❤️

    I’ve tested it on PC/Notebook, Tablet & Mobile and it confirm working!
    I get these comments without elaboration pretty often too. Well there’s pretty much nothing that we can do about it when we doesn’t know what’s the problem and most of they time it’s user problem. And the thing is once the user can get access, I don’t think I ever hear from them again! 😅

    Great post! I’ll be sticking around to see what other error come up. And let’s see if we can tackle this together. As moving forward, I’ll probably be sticking to this for streaming as the other 2 servers which I have listed previously, one is totally gone and another one have been constantly giving me error! Now I have a bunch of video link that I need to replace again!☹️

    And for those users who were getting error “access denied due to IP banned”, that problem can be solved by simply using the alternative domain that’s provided!

  17. Lianne says:

    hai thippy

    i don’t see any link, just a white screen and after that a bunch of adds

    1. thippy says:

      there shouldn’t be any links though. Like even with the alt links I posted, it should take you to another page and there’s a button where you click to watch video then it takes you to the actual server, as shown below


    2. Are you using mobile device? If yes, that would probably be the pop up page. You’ll need to find your way to close down this tab and go back to the original tab.

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