Por Krua Hua Pah Review

The elephant is finally out of the room! It was such a long and slow pace for this lakorn. I didn’t expect for it to take this long to be honest but that’s the consequences having to endure and go through such a horrible lakorn. I thought Payak Rai Sai Salub was going to be my worst lakorn of 2019 but this lakorn takes the cake! I blamed myself for wanting to try something new by setting a poll to have people vote and surprisingly this lakorn won! I hope the people that did vote are happy with this lakorn because I wasn’t. This was I think the only lakorn on the list where I didn’t watch when it aired. I only put on the list because the synopsis said something about childhood crush, and I’m a sucker for those. THE LAKORN DID NOT HAVE THAT ARC! WTF!  I don’t know if that source made it up or the previous version followed that way but this version did not! I was so disappointed! As the episode progressed, I was kicking myself, cussing at myself like why?! Why?! Lesson learned! This is why I don’t take requests because chances are I’m not gonna like the lakorn people suggest. No offence to the people that voted.

There were a couple of reasons I don’t like this lakorn was 1). our leads did not have chemistry. (chemistry is subjective) but I felt Louis and Preem looked more like siblings than lovers so I had to endure that. 2). Stupid plot to have a rich guy disguise himself as a gay poor person to prove true love. I know it’s lakorn logic but I find it beyond stupid that most of the people in here couldn’t tell just because one is poor and gay and the other was rich and the only difference phsyically was the glasses! Like c’mon! This is like Supergirl where no one couldn’t tell that Kara Danvers is Supergirl! 3). This is why comedy is my least favorite genre to sub because you know there’s going to be nonsense where you can’t FF. When it comes to comedy, you have a logic comedy where it’s naturally funny and make sense and you have dry comedy where it’s not even funny but people try so hard to make it funny. I subbed comedy before like Rak Jung Aoey and Poobao Indy and those were naturally funny. This lakorn had so many nonsense scenes especially in episode 8 where Sutprasert came over to have dinner. OMG I dread so much in that episode!. The whole kidnapping scenario in the lakorn was stupid too. 4) The audio! The audio was so bad! I know CH3 did a rerun of it and the dialogues were much clearer but the audio was so low I had to bump up the volume on my speaker. This is why I don’t like doing ch3 lakorns much because of their audio issue.

CHARACTERS/ACTORS: I’ve always liked Louis as an actor. I think he’s great. No complaints about him in here but Preem. Was never a big fan of her but I think she’s an okay actress. She needs to work on her crying scenes. Speaking of Preem, I don’t know if people notice this but in the lakorn, she walks funny when she’s in heels. Like her feet turns as she walks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go back and watch a scene where she’s in heels then you’ll know what I’m talking about LOL. That was a distraction for me. Everytime she walks, I’m always staring at her feet. The actor playing Bass, forgot his real name. OMG, he’s such a bad actor! I remember during Rising Sun series, I think he was supposed to get promoted or something because of his character in that series but thank god CH3 didn’t promote. He’s bad. I couldn’t tell if he was happy or sad because his facial expression was just the same. It’s like a confused but yet smiling kind of face hahahahha. It was just bad dude. The nangek’s mom I think was the most annoying character. There’s no doubt that she was after money and I don’t know why she wants her daughetr to marry a rich guy, it’s not like her family is poor. They wouldn’t be in that situation hadn’t the mother wasn’t so greedy and cheap with money! Had the role been reverse if our male lead was actually poor and disguised himself as a rich person, I don’t think she would have accepted Mon to be her son-in-law because nowhere in the lakorn was she ever not desperate for her daughter to get with a rich guy. Remember how she freaked out so badly when she caught Mon in the bedroom with Tongtra? I don’t think she freaked out because a gay man was in her room but I think it was because a poor man was in there. If the rich Kamonchanok was in there, she wouldn’t freak out this much. Heck I think she would have forced him to take responsibility, not that he wouldn’t do it LOL

So my opinion on this lakorn is bad! I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact I rather go through watching and subbing Nang Rai again than to ever go through this lakorn! Possibly worse lakorn I’ve ever subbed to date. I apologize for taking this long to complete it because the people that have been with me from the beginning knows that I don’t take this long to finish a lakorn. If you watched the lakorn from beginning to end, you’ll understand my viewpoint. Thank you to CCCS for having the lakorn timed already and special thanks to JJ and her team for resyncing to make it more convenient and timing the last episode.

SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT Por Krua Hua Pah is my last lakorn on my Dailymotion channel. The lakorns will stay up there for as long as Dailymotion decides to have it up. I’m actually not sure whether I want to have a new channel for my convenient but I’m also liking the perk of the new server. So we’ll see.




  1. Hi Who didn’t tell me Louis can sing???? As I have demonstrated an interest in Thai items, YouTube now offers me items on or about Thailand. The other day I was offered 2 different clips of Louis ( and a female singer) performing the theme from Bhuppae Sunniwat. They both sounded great!! I really enjoyed the performances. I just never knew Louis was a singer.

    Thanks again for all your work Thippy. Hope you enjoyed your break and are off to a wonderful start to 2020!!

    1. thippy says:

      yes Louis was a singer back in the 90s. He was a duo with Joni Anwar called Raptor. I think the performance you have mention might be his recent Raptor contest and the female singer is his long time girlfriend.

  2. Hi thippy,
    I admire your perseverance.
    Hopefully your next projects are nowhere near as painful.
    Wish you the best,

    1. Thank you for your response and the info. Have a great day Cheers Lyn

  3. Nettan says:

    I was so disappointed with this drama. I was going to give up after a couple of episodes, but stupid as I am, I finished watching it. Obviously this one is not a favorite of mine. I understand your frustration over this one when you tried to translate it. Anyway, thank you so much for all the time you spend translating different drama to us!

  4. I’m always looking forward to your reviews because they’re so funny to me.
    As a super fan of Weir, I chose Prao, but who would have known PKHP would have turned out this way. Lol! At least you can put this one behind you now and work on the ones you enjoy.

    I know you only subbed the first part of the Suparburoot Jorm Jon series, but I wanted to ask how you felt about Maturot Lohgan. Did you like it as much as the first part or more?

    1. thippy says:

      I haven’t watched ML fully just clips here and there but judging from those clips, I do like ML better hahha only because there’s more skinship LOL.

  5. clarity says:

    Firstly I feel bad because I’m the part of the fans who wanted the lakorns to be subbed. As I watched that, I feel that the storyline is a complete mess. Anyway, thank you very much for enduring this and successfully buried this hole. Let me give you a huge virtual hug. Su su!

    1. thippy says:

      LOL I don’t think anyone expected this outcome

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