CH7 2020 Calendar & Diary

CALENDAR (posted according to month & click thumbnail to enlarge)







  1. Not sure wher is the best place to post this but I want to send seasons greetings to you and the team. i wish you a very merry xmas and hope that 2020 holds nothing but good things for each of you. Once again thank you for all the happiness you have given me this year and I will definitely continue my journey as an Australian Havener next year. Stay safe and enjoy!!

  2. mikkeala says:

    Thank you so much for subbing the video and for sharing the gorgeous and cute pictures.

  3. sleepninja says:

    Some of the group photos are too cute. Like the one with them hugging back-to-back

  4. This needs PLOT… 😅

  5. Hi Thippy, Thank you sooo much for this. I love the page as it also has a side benefit for me. I am definitely more than a little hopeless when it comes to another language another than my own. Although I do now recognise quite a number of phrases from watching your dramas, but I can have difficulty remembering the short names for the various actors ( except my all time favourites eg Weir). The list of calendars is something I want to keep so that, when you and your fans start discussions and refer to Boom or Noey etc, I’ll be able to look up the list and recall where I’ve watched the actor and have a better understanding of all the discussions.
    OMG another reason to thank you. I sincerely am grateful for all the happiness you and your team have and contiue to give me, a senior citizen of Gold Coast Australia. I am sending all my warm feelings back to you.

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