Tiwa Sorn Dao Review

Back with another review, only this time I won’t be complaining as much. And when I don’t complain, you know that’s a sign that the lakorn was good hehe. First off, let me tell you, this lakorn was nowhere in my radar of interest. Sure Chippy was in it but the praek is Puen Khanin. And I like most people don’t find Puen attractive or to have any “aura” to be lead. So I was like there’s no way. But a kind viewer (not sure if I can call her a fan or wants to be called a fan) but if you’re reading this, I want to say thank you! She actaully commented long before this lakorn aired, asking me to consider this lakorn or take a look into it. I can’t remember her exact words. The difference between her comment out of the rest I’ve come across, she didn’t request or demanded I sub it. She knew that it was up to me in the end. And if I didn’t sub it, she understood. Lucky for her, I looked into it, put it on the list, subbed it and enjoyed it. Made me appreciate Puen a little more. I just don’t like when he smiles with his whole teeth showing. It’s just unattractive hahaha.

This lakorn really did take us on an adventure with Tiwa. We saw him looking like Tarzan living in the woods with his Uncle Men to leaving his home and figuring out about the outside world. I couldn’t help but adore him. You couldn’t be mad at him. He’s probably someone that will make you smile if you’re having a bad day. He was literally a kid in a grownup’s body. Puen really pulled it off as the naive Tiwa. Another actor I thought could have pulled off the character too is Mario Maurer. But Mario is small compared to Puen so Puen fits the character perfectly lol. I really liked his transformation too from jungle boy to city boy especially when he came back from England! I was like hot damn! I’m loving this new Tiwa! If he looks like this in his future lakorns, I’m probably going to keep an eye out for it. Chippy’s character as Chomdow, I was struggling with her character. It was like hot and cold. Sometimes I was rooting for her, other times I was like this bitch LOL. I understood her ambition to want to become rich because she didn’t want to be a servant anymore. I mean who does especially having that kind of boss and an aunt who always takes other people’s sides. I always hate this rule of gratitude thing. I personally believe there should be a limit on it. I didn’t like how she treated Tiwa and also Parada as a matter of fact! Tiwa basically professed his love to her, got on one knee and propose to her and what did she do, she said no! I didn’t get her reason either. At this point in the story, we knew that the reason she brought Tiwa to his family in hopes of getting some money as a reward. If the money is all she wanted, why did she even agreed to marry Parada? I mean she could have said yes to Tiwa because again at this point in the story, we’re supposed to believe Tiwa and Parada are half brothers, Tiwa the oldest making him the first heir. I was annoyed at what she did to Parada, ditching him on their wedding day. I pitied him in that episode. I am not gonna lie, I was lowkey shipping him with Dow. Sure he’s the villain, he has issues but the one thing that I liked about him was that he sincerely loved Dow. Let’s admit it, those that watched it caa probably agree that Parada was the star of the show. He was the scene stealer. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. Parada played by Mac Weerakaniz plays a psychopath who has this “sickness” of sleeping with women and killing them afterwards. Apparently this is due to his mother’s slutty ways for a lack of a better word when he was a child. He finds a cure and that’s love which is Dow. He basically falls in love with her but you know usually a villain doesnt have a happy ending so you know where that story is going. On top of his issues, we have secrets about his family. That was interesting as well. I was so curious of the housekeeper Aunt Sao. She had me thinking the whole time she’s the real mother of Parada because she was so protective of him and I was just waiting for that twist to pop out but it never did so I guess she’s just one loyal housekeeper, proved to be in the last episode. I think one of the reason she’s so protective is probably bc she knew what kind of mother Parada had. His mother is like the real bitch and also real villain of the whole story. Her freaken matte lipstick bothered me so much LOL. I had to smh in the last couple of episodes. She wasn’t just a killer but also a very bad mother. Why? All because of the greed in wanting money. I’m not sure if I like her ending though. Another character I really adored was Uncle Men. Kootee playing the role was just perfect. Bless his heart, bless his soul. Oh and P’Namwaan! hehehehe

I didn’t think it needed 16 episodes. They could have cut scenes out especially anything related to Aunt Yok. That lady was just stingy. But overall this lakorn was enjoyable and I’m glad that I liked it. It was like gambling with this lakorn. If you haven’t watched it, do check it out. Those that watched it, thank you!

* 2019 is coming to an end, I’ll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Years! Sapai TKO & Rong Tao Naree will wrap up in January and we will begin 2020 with Yodrak Nakrob and Suphapburud Chao Din!

**P/S The kiss at the end of the episode was hot! Now that’s how you do a kiss CH3! I think it might be better than Khun Nai and Nai Hua’s kiss in Sampatan Huajai kekeke.




  1. pmongkut says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this drama. Love Puen’s smile. His performanc deserves praising. Chippy also did well for her role although it was annoying from time to time. Love these two together. Hope they will do more drama …they have great chemistry.

  2. martinadost says:

    thank you very much for subbing this one and for sharing your thoughts, Merry Christmas

  3. Okay, after reading your review, I’ve added this to my list. I’ve been looking for a new complete lakorn to watch. Thanks for the subs and the review, Thippy ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Now you got me curious about the last eps! Better than Nai Hua’s kiss?
    Ch3 sucks at their kissing scene and I’m just glad that they are slowly allowing more and more! If I remember correctly before the break up Chippy never do real kisses! Or perhaps it’s just ch3 policy! 😛

    1. SuzieJ says:

      Chippy did real kisses with Boy Pakorn before she broke up with her bf and they were really good and realistic kisses too which surprised me! She didn’t do any with Great or Aum when she first started out lol It’s a running joke between Great and Chippy about how she didn’t want to do the kiss scene with him haha

    2. thippy says:

      well for sure it wasn’t hot like Nai Hua’s kiss hahahaha but Chippy & Puen’s kisses felt more natural LOL It’s subjective.

  5. SuzieJ says:

    Hey Thippy, I believe that viewer you were referring to is me haha. I’m so glad you decided to take a look into this lakorn and subbed it! I can’t thank you enough ❤️ I really enjoyed this lakorn and I was happy that it was quite different from a lot of Ch3’s recent lakorns. It was something different which I’m thankful for. I also was surprised about how much I enjoyed watching Puen. I was never really a fan of his and was kind of disappointed when I found out he was Chippys next p’ek since I’m a huge fan of hers. Now that I’ve watched it, I think he was perfect for the role! I’m
    Looking forward to seeing what else he has in store and obviously can’t wait to see what else my girl Chippy will have for us haha Thanks again Thippy 😊

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