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Looking back at 2019–Finally!

Yes, yes. I know finally this post is up. Initially I had plan to write a big post when I had complete my big 50 but I thought that was just going to make the post even longer so I decided to split the two up. I know we’re in the middle of February right now and 2019 was like a month and a half ago but whatever. You’re here reading this so let’s dive in.

Looking back at the lakorns I’ve subbed in 2019, I must say how the heck did I manage to get through some of these lakorns? We started the year with the most confusing and WTF lakorn, Nang Rai. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you go watch that lakorn or read my review on it. What’s more surprising about it is that Now won Best Actress for that lakorn at the recent Asian Television Award held in The Philippines. I like Now and she always does so good in her acting. So acting wise, she deserved that award in my opinion and congrats to her but Kaewalai was just the stupidest nangek I’ve ever come across haha. Either that or the script was badly written. And since we’re in the Now subject, 2019 was also a year that fans got to see her a lot because she had three lakorns that aired, Nang Rai, Huajai Look Phuchai, and Duangjai Kabot. All three subbed. If you ask me which one of hers did I like most? Um…I don’t know actually but my heart wants to go towards Duangjai Kabot. 2020, so far Now has Mae Bia with S Kantapong which I won’t be subbing nor watching because I don’t like anything snake even though I know CG will be involved. If it was a genre on Naga, I’d probably consider. Now if you’re wondering why nagas over snakes even though they’re from the same slithering family, don’t ask. It’s difficult to explain.

Another thing that stood out for me was the genre comedy. I did so much of this genre last year that it made me want to avoid it this year if I can possibly can. Don’t get me wrong. Comedy is good if you’re watching it but subbing it, it’s tiring. Because you really need to be creative with some jokes and idioms. I guess that’s probably why you don’t see a lot of this genre being subbed because no one wants to tire themselves except for TP I guess (Ha!) The lakorn in this category was Rak Jung Aoey, Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek, Poobao Indy Yayee Inter, Por Krua Hua Pah, and Sapai TKO. My favorite in this category is between Rak Jung Aoey and Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek. Poobao Indy was good too and heck got the highest rating for CH7 last year. And speaking of which, if you didn’t know already, there’s going to be a movie sequel called Love U Coke Ekerng coming out June 2020. So if I can get a hold of the movie, I will sub it.

I know I didn’t write a review on Sapai TKO and also Rong Tao Naree is because I didn’t receive enough feedbacks for those lakorns so I’m not going to waste my time reviewing it because my time was well spent on subbing it already. I think that’s what I plan to do from now on is if I don’t receive some feedback then I won’t give any in return, unless I feel I really need to say something regarding that particular lakorn. Plus there’s the fact that I’m lazy too. But my quick thoughts on Sapai TKO. We have I think one of the cutest couple in the Thai industry and I was hoping for some real kiss or even lip to lip touch bc we all know Pattie does not do real kisses and I thought maybe, just maybe, she will do one with her bf and boy was I disappointed. We got nothing. Only cheek kiss! #Boo Rong Tao Naree could have been executed better but I think four stories was a bit much for them to focus on at once. It felt rushed towards the end too. My favorite couple was of course Dr. Nam and her young beau Kan hehe. Ticha should have never gotten back with Athip. I also like Oun and Sikhorn too. And I sure do wanna know if Pete will ever stop his player ways hahaha.

So for 2019 if I have to quickly rate my least favorite is definitely a tie between Por Krua Hua Pah & Payak Rai Sai Salub. Most favorite, of course Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek. Most surprising lakorn is probably Tiwa Sorn Dao. Everything else was in between LOL. I don’t want to dive into details of every single one is because I did my review on them already and I am lazy!

P/S If you’re wondering what lakorns I subbed in 2019, you can check the completed projects page and it starts from Nang Rai to Sapai TKO 🙂 Also, which ones did you enjoy, didn’t enjoy?





  1. SuzieJ says:

    Yah you posted the article Thippy! Thanks as always for your hard work and time that you put in for all of international viewers ❤️ My favorites that you subbed this year were definitely Poobao Indy, Tiwa Sorn Dao, and Huajai Look Poochai! Weir in a comedy is always a hit for me lol Him and Stephanie had really good chemistry and it was all around one of my faves of the year. Tiwa Sorn Dao was another I really liked. I was mostly watching for Chippy but Puen really stole my heart as his character. HLP was something I didn’t expect to like so much since I’m not into Now but wow the chemistry between her and Kem was sooo good! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kem in the future. Least favorite was definitely Nang Rai and we all know why haha

  2. Thanks for the 2019 review. It was fun to hear your reactions. And much, much thanks for subtitling! Big hug from me!

  3. Something that came ti my mind… KAE, lol!!!! I did try to watch it but even with FF X… hats oof to you for completing it. PRPPT was my favorite!! Def, in my top 5 of comedy genre. RJA, I did like it, but I expected more. About DK… I kinda watched it just because of the PLOT, not much but still glad to see it. I was really looking forward to Weir’s projects, but I don’t know why I didnt get hooked. For the rest, I havnt watched them but Im about to start RM. hehehe.. THANKS A LOT FOR SUBBING, not an easy task.

  4. Shashini Galmangoda says:

    Hi Thippy,

    First of all, thank you so much for all these subbed lakorns. Thanks to you guys, I have learned a lot from the Thai language. Like now, I can understand most of the phrases (Usually few words are enough to catch the meaning lol).

    I looked at the list of lakorns you’ve subbed in 2019 and I didn’t seem to have watched a lot from the list. Mainly because, being an adult, life is so busy (I’m so thankful for you guys, I really don’t know how you do it by the way), and with the time that I had, I’ve had watched a lot of lakorns/dramas with other genres like drama/romance, drama, action, mystery (thanks to Neko, Muse, etc.) which makes sense because, comedy is not my most favorite type of a genre, unless the leads are eye-candy, has good chemistry/romance, or just the story being high-rated lol, like the ones Neko subs lol romance/comedy!

    However, whenever I get the chance, I will definitely be watching Sapai Tko, Rong Tao Naree, Hua Jai Look Phuchai from 2019 projects.

    Looking forward to your 2020 projects! So far I’m waiting for Rabam Mek to be completed, so I can binge watching it lol I’m not a person who can wait for the next episodes to come so I always wait for a project to be completely subbed, haha anyways, thank you for your time Thippy ! We truly appreciate it.

  5. ssato23 says:


  6. Bassimah Ahmad says:

    To be honest, I did not watch all of the list due to lack of time and also watching other subbed projects from different subbers,but also some of them did not attract me. But overall, my fav 2 lakorns were duang jai and poo bao indy. I like Chippy and watched most of her lakorns, but the recent one was not really my cup of tea! ( story wise). I think 2020 for you is going to be exciting, already many interesting lakorns you are delivering 😍 can’t wait!

  7. LOL can I be the first? Looking back I did watch some and not all. I did enjoy the most are Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek and Kularb Gror Petch. PRPPT caught my attention surprisingly and I do hope more phua ja mia ja (excluding Supaburoot Chao Din). LGP because I like to watch Aunt Kan and Namboon bickering LOL. Glad that you take the effort to sub Poobao Indy Yayee Inter too as I enjoyed the interactions of the family in Isaan dialects. The most not enjoyable will be Pro Krua Hua Pah because I’m tired of the silly jokes and the nonsense. I can feel it drained up your soul. Glad that you said it out loud and clear that you will not watch and sub Mae Bia. Thank you again for the subs and my support is always to be with you.

    1. thippy says:

      Speaking of KTP, I do want to see a Hana & S reunion haha. A happy one

      1. Yeah, hopefully they will get another revenge lakorn. Yummy…

  8. Yes subbing comedy can be tricky but you did a great job Thippy! Su su and more power over to you for 2020!
    Kekeke! You beat me to it! 😛 Mine is overdue too. I have this save in draft and didn’t manage to get it out. I think perhaps I will skip it for this year! ^^’

    1. thippy says:

      Oh you should post it, as I am curious of your opinion on your lakorns you sub since you don’t do a review like I do hahahah

    2. Yes, post it!!!!!! Better later than never.

    3. Yes, I’d like to chime in agreeing with the others. Take your time though. It is not a rush. But I’d like to hear your thoughts too.

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