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Here’s to the big 50!

Yay people! I have reached my 50th project (Pom Athan) and it’s been a long journey! But a fun one. I started subbing back in 2014. Didn’t know anybody, didn’t get any help until Kitkat contacted me and she was the one I guess you can say “built connections” for me to other subbers and people in the subbing world. She also helped me with encoding and uploading in the past so I’m grateful for that and her fast internet haha! Thank you to fellow subbers and the timing teams these past years for lending a hand even though I’m too scared to ask for help sometimes lol. (You all know who you are). Thank you to my haveners for your support either by words or silent reading/watching. Someone had asked me did I think I was going to sub this many lakorns or subbed more? Honestly, I don’t live life with expectations. I think I did at some point in the past during my younger years and the outcome of those expectations got me disappointed and the feeling of disappointment sucks! So my answer is no. I did not expect to come this far but I do hope to stick around in the subbing world a little bit longer hehe.

So we are in the third month of 2020 and I realized that this year is going to be a year of reunions for me when looking at my future projects. I already finished three and two reunions are on their way this year (so far).

Weir & Thisa (Yodrak Nakrob)

Goodness! I love Weir & Thisa from Sampatan Huajai so when I found out they were reuniting again, I was so thrilled. Then the promo teaser of Yodrak Nakrob came out and my excitement went down so quickly. I have expressed few times in the past that comedy was not my forte when it comes to subbing because it takes a lot of creativeness. This lakorn was just silly, silly to the point of almost being stupid. Even drama scenes had comedy in it. I was like jeez! Where’s my angst? Where’s my pull and tug feelings? But there are scenes in the lakorn where I LOL few times because it was unexpected. I did not like this storyline. I didn’t like the fact that they made Nakrob died. I didn’t like Yodrak’s character. I thought he was selfish. I mean he slept with Chonlada. She still thinks he’s Nakrob at this point and found out after they slept together that he’s not her boyfriend this whole time and that she had lost the one thing she’s been saving herself for to the wrong guy. Yodrak is a good person but I just didn’t like the way he lied his way to get Chonlada’s heart. Like Chonlada told him, Nakrob would never do that to her. They could have gone a thousand way to redo this storyline and made it more interesting. Like have the roles reverse, have Yodrak die and Nakrob takes his place. I think that would have been a better storyline. Or have Yodrak and Nakrob both be alive. I don’t know! But between Sampatan and this one, I definitely preferred Sampatan and I think the Thai fans agreed too.

Porshe & Sammy (Suphapburud Chao Din)

I waited five years for their reunion and their reunion sucked! When I read Porshe & Sammy were going to be in this remake, I was like noooo! I didn’t watch the previous version (Pinky Savika & Oil Thana) but I did hear that this lakorn was very melodramatic. I like me some drama but this lakorn was too much drama and less romance. Our leads barely had any skinship due to the characters and roles they played. This lakorn was airing in the same slot as Yodrak Nakrob and I felt they sucked out all the skinship and romance from this lakorn and dumped it into Yodrak Nakrob and sucked out all the drama from that lakorn into this one! No lie! But Porshe & Sammy did still have that chemistry from five years ago. This lakorn was slightly better than Yodrak only because there was no silliness. It was straight to the point but it had it’s frustration with the villains. And so many good people died! It was like funeral after funeral. Our praek aka male lead was too much of a suphapburud aska gentleman in here. He was gullible but thank goodness he came back rich and smart hahaha. Nudee is too nice of a nangek. I felt there were some moments where I wanted her to speak up and stand her ground, especially the situation of her engagement to Aont. And I’m so mad that her friend Lida never told Nudee that she was fooling around with Aont. I don’t think Nudee would care that Aont was cheating on her bc she never loved him but I do think Nudee would care that her friend would do this to her. Luckily Nudee never got to marry Aont but imagine if she did! Like hello?! Are you still going to keep the secret? Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek for sure. Nuff said! Oh! Fun fact: the actress playing as Nudee’s mom played Puangmanee in the previous version haha.

Masu & Preem (Pom Athan)

Okay so their reunion is a bit better than the two I mentioned above because the weight on the scale I think is almost equally balanced. First off I would like to say if you are scared to watch this lakorn because of the horror genre, I’m going to tell you right now that it is not scary! 90% of Thai lakorns (not movies) are rated PG. I mean even the American series Nancy Drew freaks me out than the ghost Kesinee in here. I don’t know if you realized this but Masu and Preem first worked together in Chuamong Tong Mon and that involved a ghost. A gay friendly ghost. They reunite in another ghost story but this ghost was more serious and had vengeance. PA was actually an okay storline. I didn’t expect the leads to have enough romance scenes (had more than SCD) and it had comical moments. I think one of my LOL moment was when Kawin told Pakorn he was going to bring more people to find three dead bodies. Here I thought he meant his workers from his resort but instead he brought his attorney, his doctor friend who is a neurologist and his secretary hahahahhahah. That whole scene was funny. But I was more intrigued on who the killer was. For those that watched it, were you surprise it was that person or you knew from the beginning? I knew that that person was one of the suspect but after it ended, I’m not quite sure why that person killed Kesinee. As I was watching/subbing this lakorn, I had moments where I wished Namtarn and Preem would have switched roles because Preem to me is a weaker actress than Namtarn so Preem as Mintra in the beginning was bad. I don’t know if it’s the way Preem was portraying Mintra or Mintra was supposed to be like that but Mintra/Preem demeanor was such a bitch. Her belief that Kawin killed Kesinee was so ugh! I think if Namtarn had played Mintra it would have been less annoying but I don’t think Preem can pull off Kesinee either. Even when Mintra was posessed by Kesinee she was so monotone and I don’t think it was done intentionally either. I think Preem does better in romcoms than serious roles like this. It’s just cringe worthy watching her go all dramatic. Masu, I know not a lot of people are fond of him but I like him. He’s a cutie so his cute face makes up for his acting hahaha. (Neko can agree with me on this statement) Actually I don’t think Masu is a bad actor compared to others I’ve seen. I’m excited for his new lakorn Ubat Rak Ubat Rai with Mo Monchanok though. I don’t think we’ll see it this year though.

Other reunions: Om & Sammy | Louis & Yam

Om & Sammy have Plerng Prissana, a revenge type lakorn and I hope this makes up for all the kisses that the editors edited out in Rachanawee Tee Rak but then I hope it isn’t too dramatic because it’s the same production that produced Suphapburud Chao Din, Lhong Ngao Jun.

Louis & Yam worked together in the Hero series Tai Peek Paksa and I liked them in there. Their chemistry was cute and their reunion Phipob Himmapan is set to air this year and the teaser looks really good so hopefully when that airs, I hope a lot of you will join me in this adventure to the msytical Himmapan forest. 🙂



  1. tana cherish says:

    Thank you sooooo much for subbing and bringing Eng drama to us!!
    Sensitive period now and plssss take care and be safe. Very appreciative on your hard work! Su Su na!!!!

  2. Nettan says:

    Now you have reached the milestone 50 completed projects! Congratulations!
    Thank you for all your hard work!
    I´m looking forward to continuing to follow your new adventures among upcoming dramas.

  3. Congratulation on your great work and this huge milestone. I hope you will continue to be here for a loooong time to come. Though I haven´t watched all your projects, those I have watched I’ve enjoyed a great deal. Keep up the good work su su na 🙂

  4. Shashini Galmangoda says:

    Congrats Thippy on hitting this milestone. So thankful for you guys. Su su naka for the next milestone!

    PS: Some of these lakorns are still on my watch list so I’ll come back and read your reviews when I finish watching them, Don’t want to spoil myself with spoilers haha Once again, thank you !

  5. Susan McCormick says:

    Congratulations! Wow 50! Haven’t seen all of them but I’ll try! Thank you for giving us hours of enjoyment ❤️

  6. martinadost says:

    Congratulation for completing so many projects, I would like to express my gratitude to you. I have not watched all lakrorns you have subbed, but from them, two are my all-time favourite and in my top ten (Chuamong Tong Mon and Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek). I would also like to thank you for reviewing all your finished projects.

  7. Swizel Coelho says:

    Congratulations for your 50 subbing project…thank you so much for subbing lakorn and reviewing it.. regarding Yodrak Nakrob was quite boring and losing my interest because the storyline is not great, I skipped many parts of it.. didn’t like Yodrak’s character either actually even I was very excited to watch the pair after Sampatan Huajai because they are chemistry was too good.. Suphapburud chao din is my watch list… let’s see.. once again congratulations and thank you for your hard work… you are really an angel in my busy life to spare some time to watch thai lakorn….thank you for the reviews

  8. lu225 says:

    Congratulations!!! And thank you so much for subbing the lakorns and giving us the opportunity to enjoy it.
    I didn’t like the last Weir lakorn at all. And I love Weir, but couldn’t finished this one. Didn’t like the characters at all. But I am very grateful for your subs and I hope to finish it someday.

  9. Congrats on such a long run and all your hard work. Weir – mmmm.

  10. SuzieJ says:

    Congratulations on 50 subbed projects Thippy! Here’s to 50 more hopefully 🙂 I honestly am so excited for Yam and Louis’ lakorn. The teaser looks so unique and cool and their little performance at Ch3’s bigvic event was so cute! I’m looking forward to see my man Deaw in it cause he looks hot haha

  11. Congrats for hitting 50 and more to come! Yes! No matter how shitty a lakorn can be, it’s going to be tolerable when there’s eye candy! 555

  12. Anytime! XD I’m just happy that most of us are still in touch or else I’d not know what would I do without y’all. ♥

  13. Congratulations on the new milestone achieved! Can’t believe you had moved this far and among three (if I were to choose) will be Suphapburud Chao Din) because I want to watch something melodrama for the moment although I like them more in PRPPT lol. I rest the other two because I might watch it slowly later. Hope you can stay longer here with the rest of our gumlangjai. Su su na dear! Can’t wait to enter the world of Himmaphan too.

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