[MV] Mik & Bow: Covid19 Malong Gong Gang

With the current situation happening in the world right now with the coronavirus spreading, I hope everyone is staying safe and staying calm. With that said, hopefully this music video will bring a smile to some of you. You can even play this song in your washing your hand routine haha.

Mik and Bow are the current TQM life insurance spokesperson right now. They did a Velentine’s Day one back in February. Do check it out if you haven’t

Mike & Bow: More Than the Word Love

P/S the terms malong gong gang salanong ngong ngang and all those words you don’t understand, basically it’s not even a word you would find in a Thai dictionary. It’s just a play on word or slang, whatever you want to call it for the term annoyance, nuisance, burden, anything in that category or whatever context those terms are used in.



  1. thank you Its a nice and fun mv… wishing everyone safe from COVID 19.. take care everyone..

  2. Hime says:

    This is so funny and at the same time it sends such an important message. I need to show this to my family. Thank you for subbing this MV.

    1. Wayy says:

      They are super cute and this mv sends out a very good message! Thank you for the sub!!

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