1. ruriko says:

    omg!!!!!! thank you so much thippy! didnt even expect that you get this subbed 😍😍

  2. Thank you so much for subbing this interview. Appreciate this. Thank you.

  3. esterlita says:

    hi tippy, thanks for your hard work on these great subs. i just love this series. much blessings and keep up the good work.

  4. OMG what a sweet couple! I shipped them so much. Thanks for subbing this interview and ofc the lakorn too. I have been waiting the engsub release for each episodes. Love from Indonesia.

  5. maythinn kyu says:

    Many Many Thanks for subbing this lakorn. Really appreciate for your effort on this and I have been waiting and checking every single day/time whether the new episode with eng sub release or not whenever my eyes two open up till to close. I love this lakorn Mae Krua Kon Mai. Fighting for next episodes na kha. Can’t wait!!!

  6. clauric says:

    OMG Thippy! I am already grateful that you are subbing their lakorn and now you are spoiling us with Namfah and August interview. The whole time I was smiling like a schoolgirl crushing on her crush. They have been a breath of fresh air since they are a new pair and the lakorn is fun to watch and not too crazy. I really hope they can work again with more romantic scenes! Also I hope Namfah will get more leading roles this girl got the beauty, charm and talent. August surprised me on this one. He really compliments Namfah! Once again Thank you!!!

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