Title: Yai Kanlaya (Spiritual Bondage)

Air Date: December 10 2014 – January 28, 2015

Duration: 15 Episodes

Cast: Michael Pattaradet, Bow Maylada, Nussaba Punnakanta

Summary: Sawat had a deep rooted unresolved emotions about his mother, Phutkanya, who killed herself after a family secret was exposed. Sawat became troubled when his father allowed a film team to use their house, where his mother’s spirit still lived, as a movie set. Homnam, a trainee student who can communicate with Phutkanya, came to work at the movie set. Homnam agreed to let Phutkanya use her body as a medium allowing her to be close to her husband. | cr.CH7


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01 12/10/14 LINK
02 12/11/14 PART A | PART B
03 12/17/14
04 12/18/14
05 12/24/14
06 12/25/14
07 12/31/14
08 1/1/15
09 1/7/15
10 1/8/15
11 1/14/15
12 1/15/15
13 1/21/15
14 1/22/15
15 1/28/15



(4) Comments

  1. hohliu says:

    Thank you Thippy for your work.

  2. Linda Lo says:

    Where can I find the rest of the episodes for this lakorn?

    1. thippy007 says:

      sorry, I’m slowly re-subbing this lakorn because the first time I did it back in 2014, it was so ugly and the quality was bad.

      1. Linda Lo says:

        No worries, take your time. I was confused because it was under completed lakorn and I was wondering where the rest of the parts were only. Thank you.

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