Title: Ting Wai Klang Tarng (Leave Me Hanging)

Air Date: October 16, 2015 – November 6, 2015

Duration: 4 Episodes + Alternate Ending

Casts: Potato (rock band), Baitoei Zuvapit, Nut Devahastin

Summary: Young boy Perapol is usually “invisible” to everyone until he meets a girl at school, Khemsuda, who befriends him right away. The two develop a good friendship throughout school year until Khemsuda had to move to a different school. Before she left, she gave Perapol her contact information and the two never saw or heard from each other again. Now grown up, the two coincidentally met again at a pub where Perapol and his friends hang out at. At first Perapol and Khemsuda did not recognize each other because she was crying over her broken relationship with her boyfriend, while Perapol was keeping her company with trays covering their faces. After recognizing and confronting him about the scar on his arm from an accident when they were little, the two rekindle their friendship and slowly turned into love. But the problem was Khemsuda’s ex-boyfriend tries to reconcile with her, along with Perapol’s dream of becoming a singer and to play music and Khemsuda’s dream of studying abroad plays a part in their relationship. Tune in to these 4 episodes to see how it all turned out, including the alternatte ending.

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  1. Willow says:

    I love this film.. Thank you for subbing Thippy. BTW, what is the title of the song at the end part? Thank you in advance

    1. thippy007 says:

      Roy รอย
      Its one of my fave heartbreak songs kekeke

      1. Willow says:

        Thank you! I’m hooked with this song, keeps on singing on my mind. Very much appreciated. Thank you once again Thippy. More power!

  2. With the alternate ending this was really good. Thanks Thippy for offering this GEM.

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