Title: Waen Sawat (The Mystic Ring)

Air Date: March 21, 2015 – April 25, 2015

Duration: 15 Episodes

Cast: Thanwa Suriyajak, Pancake Khemanit, Golf Anuwat, Stephany Auernig

Summary: Mae Pit, a beautiful Opapatika who lives in the Naga-Headed Ring had a mission to be the cupid between Wisit, a young technocrat and the confident Praewpan. In their past life, Wisit was Mae Pit lover while Praewpan was her twin sister. But the closeness between Mae Pit and Wisit had cause them to fall in love. A forbidden love of a human and ghost from 2 different worlds.

Theme Song – Waen Sawat

End Song – Kor Chai Took Winatee Gup Tur

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