Title: Chuamong Tong Mon (Magical Hour)

Air Date:  February 4, 2018 – March 9, 2018

Duration: 14 Episodes

Casts: Bomb Tanin, Masu Jiranyungdikul, Preem Ranida

Summary: Mark, the gay CEO of an entertainment company, is killed and is given 100 days as a ghost to settle his unfinished business. Cin is a kind shy woman who lives a harsh life with her brother Sun and cruel stepmother and stepsister. Mark discovers he can possess Cin, and together they set out to help Mark’s family and business, and solve the mystery of his death (with help from his brotherMate). Along the way, Mark helps Cin improve her own life and find love. | credit mydramalist

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01 2/4/18 LINK
02 2/9/18 LINK
03 2/10/18 LINK
04 2/11/18 LINK
05 2/16/18 LINK
06 2/17/18 LINK
07 2/18/18 LINK
08 2/23/18 LINK
09 2/24/18 LINK
10 2/25/18 LINK
11 3/2/18 LINK
12 3/3/18 LINK
13 3/4/18 LINK
14 3/9/18 LINK


  1. Pompy17 says:

    Thank you so much for this drama, it’s really good story with interesting characters.I think
    Preem is amazing here, her acting while Cin is being possessed by Mark is superb,so funny,I liked it.
    definitely recommend it 🙂
    Thanks Thippy ♥

  2. Kris says:

    Its so much fun watching this one. Bomb’s acting was improve in here (compare to Cubic, although its one of my favorite drama). Got to admit, at first i just want to watch it, to see Bomb in a gay role, but holy cow he nailed it. So funny… First time seeing Preem, and her cute acting leads me to check her previous work. With Junyangdikul, of couse aside from being handsome he is so talented. I like the story, its supernatural (not scary) but full of lessons in life. Thanks Thippy…

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