Title: Sakaoduen

Air Date: March 24, 2018 – April 27, 2018

Duration: 15 Episodes

Casts: New Wongsakorn & Bow Maylada

Summary: Sakao Duen or Kratai (Bow) returns to Thailand with her father Wisut (Jeb). She was born and raised in France. Luang Ratchamaitree (Kriengkrai) finds out that Wisut hid the birth of Kratai a child born out of wedlock, and orders him to return and leave Kratai at the Ratchamaitree home. She doesn’t want to stay and attempts to runaway. Luang decides to move her to Siracha, and appoints her aunt Penlak (Pleng) as her guardian. Songklot (New) is a future doctor. He was called home by his mother in hopes that he will marry the woman she chooses for him. Songklot is unable to tolerate this, so he runs away to Songkrit’s, his older brother. He meets Kratai, the mischievous girl 15 years younger than him who lives around there. He falls in love with her aunt Penlak at first sight. He offers to be Kratai’s tutor so he can court her aunt. Meanwhile, Songklot and Kratai develop a close friendship. Kratai was sent to a private school and Songklot flies to America due to his mother’s pressuring to marry. He leaves without saying goodbye to Kratai. Three years go by and Kratai changes significantly into a graceful Sakao Duen. Songklot returns to Thailand after his mother has given up on arranging his marriage. He accidentally runs into Kratai, but doesn’t recognize her. She’s hurt and disappointed. When he finds out who she is, he doesn’t want to believe that Sakao Duen today is the same Kratai he once knew. Songklot picks up where he left off in courting Penlak because Sakao Duen is the matchmaker for them. His mother, who finds out quickly acts upon it. Songklot has no choice but to propose to Penlak. But he realizes the person he loves is Sakao Duen.

Synopsis by mydramalist

Official Teaser

Opening Theme – Sakaoduen | Ending Theme – Fun Rak

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01 3/24/18 LINK
02 3/25/18 LINK
03 3/30/18 LINK
04 3/31/18 LINK
05 4/1/18 LINK
06 4/6/18 LINK
07 4/7/18 LINK
08 4/8/18 LINK
09 4/13/18 LINK
10 4/14/18 LINK
11 4/15/18 LINK
12 4/20/18 LINK
13 4/21/18 LINK
14 4/22/18 LINK
15 4/27/18 LINK




  1. Dramafan says:

    Thank you for your refreshingly understandable subs and your links provide good video quality. I would like to let you know, that on my 2 different laptops, the very helpful vocabulary and cultural notes you provide, turn out to be extremely tiny font (unlike the subs), and would require a magnifying glass. But they appear under the subs, right at the place where the “progress” timeline is. Therefore, when I pause the video to read, the note is hidden in the timeline. I’m not sure if this situation happens for all viewers, or has something to do with my location in the US. (by the way, the 1st time I entered this comment, I used the name, USA, and the comment didn’t appear. So, I’m not sure if this will be a double entry, or if the 1st one was not accepted, somehow.)
    I have come across a couple of other helpful Asian drama subbers who have put their clarifying notes in the upper part of the screen, or in the upper corner, which does necessitate shifting the eyes to that location, and perhaps being missed if reading the lower subs. But if the viewer pauses, the note is not obstructed by the timeline.

  2. Thank you for your refreshingly, understandable English subs. I would like to let you know, that on my laptops, your very helpful vocabulary and cultural notes appear as extremely tiny font, just at the place where the “progress” time line appears when paused. Therefore, when I pause the video to read the subs and note, the note is hidden in the bottom , horizontal, time line.

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for subbing this drama, Thippy! 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

    If not for your subs, I wouldn’t have been able to understand this great drama. Thanks again for taking your time to do this for us.

  4. Albacar says:

    Is the drama sa kao duen really completed? Because the 14th episode only has a runtime of 30 mins and all other episodes got a duration of 90 mins.

    1. thippy007 says:

      Hi yes. Its completed. That episode was short because they had a footbal game airing before that. And actually I would much appreciate it if this was asked under SakaoDuen’s thread, not anywhere else that doesnt pertain to the topic 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    This is a good drama. romantic, funny, and full of suprises. Totally worth it. Thank you Thippy…

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