Title: Yutthakarn Prab Nang Marn (Operation to Subdue She Devil)

Air Date: November 14, 2018 – January 10, 2019

Duration: 18 Episodes

Cast: Tao Satthaphong & Baifern Pimchanok

Summary: Rumpapat has to take her father’s place as the executive producer of a film production company. Her name means angel but everyone looks at her as the devil. She can hit everyone with her eyes and kill them with her words. Yuttakarn, who’s a player and cunning, is her new secretary. He needs to quell her with his plan. | Cr.mydramalist


Soundtrack: KLEAR – Rak Reu Lok

Dailymotion Playlist >> YPNM

01 11/14/18 LINK
02 11/15/18 LINK
03 11/21/18 LINK
04 11/22/18 LINK
05 11/28/18 LINK
06 11/29/18 LINK
07 12/5/18 LINK
08 12/6/18 LINK
09 12/12/18 LINK
10 12/13/18 LINK
11 12/19/18 LINK
12 12/20/18 LINK
13 12/26/18 LINK
14 12/27/18 LINK
15 1/2/19 LINK
16 1/3/19 LINK
17 1/9/19 LINK
18 01/10/19 LINK


  1. Ana Paula says:

    Hey Thippy, I’m here just to say how I liked this lakorn! This couple have one of the best chemistry I watched in a lakorn. The plot is so simple, but at the same time, it was so addicted! I loved the the relationship of complicity between the main couple!

  2. It was great & I love it. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn.

  3. Thank you Thippy. Thankfully our she devil got a happy ending!

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