Title: Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek (Love Song at Pha Puen Taek)

Air Date: July 4, 2014 – August 23, 2014

Duration: 23 Episodes

Casts: Porshe Saran, Sammy Cowell, Eak Rungsiroj, Gam Gavintra, Chane Nattawat

Summary: The story begins in 1969 when Chane Pananchoeng, a hot-tempered young man, goes to the border patrol. One day he returns to his homeland, Pha Puen Taek, but had to face bad news when he realized that Nueathong, his lover, has to marry his greatest enemy, Chart Talumpuk. He planned to take Nueathong out, but it turns out that Chane kidnapped Walapa in her place. The chaos followed.

Summary by mydramalist

01 7/4/14 PART A | PART B
02 7/5/14 PART A | PART B
03 7/6/14 PART A | PART B
04 7/11/14 PART A | PART B
05 7/12/14 PART A | PART B
06 7/13/14 PART A | PART B
07 7/18/14 PART A | PART B
08 7/19/14 PART A | PART B
09 7/20/14 PART A | PART B
10 7/25/14 PART A | PART B
11 7/26/14 PART A | PART B
12 7/27/14 PART A | PART B
13 8/1/14 PART A | PART B
14 8/2/14 PART A | PART B
15 8/3/14 PART A | PART B
16 8/8/14 LINK
17 8/9/14 PART A | PART B
18 8/10/14 PART A | PART B
19 8/15/14 PART A | PART B
20 8/16/14 PART A | PART B
21 8/17/14 PART A | PART B
22 8/22/14 PART A | PART B 
23 8/23/14 PART A | PART B


  1. joyce says:

    I’m on episode 16 and I noticed that there’s only one link. Is it missing a part?

    1. thippy says:

      No, it was a short episode

  2. thank you so much for subbing this lakorn.. i love the story full pack action, romance and lovely songs..i loved Sammy and Porshe in the lakorn… they look nice and cute together…thippy your work is great..

  3. Cary says:

    Thanks for subbing. You’re the best!

  4. I have mixed feelings. I’m happy it’s ending but I don’t want it to end, but of it ends I’ll have an answer also. Lol. Definitely, one of my favorite lakorns. Thank you for unburying this treasure!!!!

    1. thippy007 says:

      LOL @ need an answer hahahaha

  5. thank you thippy.. love this drama.. funny and interesting..

  6. Rel says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this. I’m always checking this page to see if the next episode is up. Porsche and Sammy are so cute together here.

    Note sure this is the best place to note technical difficulties, but I can’t play 12B on DM, it keeps saying “server error” each time I try back. Any ideas?

    1. thippy007 says:

      I’m getting the error too. Thanks for letting me know. I replaced the link already 🙂

      1. Thanks for the fix. I saw you add some anticipating dramas Supaburut Chao Din; I’m really enjoying Sammy and Porshe here!

      2. Thanks again for subbing this! I wasn’t ready for it to be over, but it wrapped up nicely.

        I’m looking forward to them pairing up again. Sammy is one of my biases.

  7. Mehdi Yamini says:

    Guys we need you to continue subtitue this amazing lakorn because your only team can subtitue this lakorn.

  8. Khyrul Hydza says:

    Please continue subbing this lakorn. I really excited to watch the whole lakorn until last episodeee. You’re such a great one because subbing this lakorn. Thankyouuuu

  9. Maria Akkizidou says:

    Thank you very much for subbing this lakorn . I apreciate it ! Your subbing is alwayws the best !

  10. thank you for subbing this drama…. just finish watching ep 5…

  11. thank you so much for picking this lakorn up all the time and wrk you put into making these subs are greatly appreciated and enjoyed

  12. Maria Akkizidou says:

    thank you for subbing thiw drama , it seems very funny , xaxaxa!!!!!!

  13. OMG!!! another lakorn added to my watchlist. thank you for subbing it.

  14. Maria Geofrey says:

    please please please, sub this lakorn. have been waiting for it for long now

  15. Joyce says:

    Sounds interesting, when are you going to start subbing this. Also, in the mean while do you know where I can watch it online, raw I would assume?

    1. Thank you! You’re amazing for subbing this lakorn. I had no idea a gem of a lakorn like this existed. So far I’m loving it!

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