Title: Prao (Proud)
Air Date:  October 9, 2014 – December 4, 2014
Total Episode: 17
Cast: Weir Sukollawat, Aum Patchrapa, S Kantapong
Synopsis: A Thailand superstar named Proud, who’s quite conceited and untouchable hence her name, finds herself caught in a murder mystery as she has witnessed a murder and is being chased after by the culprits. The superstar who has fear of getting shot dead ran away and got herself a bodyguard, an ex-cop named Somchai to protect her. Meanwhile, her manager, Frank has to face the media and find a solution to this problem. With his superstar missing Frank found a Proud lookalike by the name Min. The poor Min is hired by Frank to pretend to be the superstar in the meantime. This escalate the problem even more when there’s a reporter like Sutkhet questioning the fake Proud and seek to get to the bottom of the truth. (cr.mydramalist)



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17 12/4/14 LINK


  1. Carolyn Woolley says:

    I LOVE WEIR but i woild like to know why u renamed this drama from Praao and only had 17 Episodes instead of 34 ….. it is very disappointing 🙁

    1. because her english name is Proud and the total is 17 episodes! The place you are watching from probably split it in two so what is 17 times 2? Isn’t it 34….you’re the disappointment here!

  2. thank you so much thippy for subbing it.. I am a big big fan of weir.. He my favorite… I love him… and I love you too thippy.. thank you for our hardwork…

  3. Sumit Sarkar says:

    thanks alot thippy finally its completed really thanks for subbing this drama.

  4. Andrea says:

    Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thank you thippy for subbing this drama i am eagerly waiting for you to complete subbing it. all the best

  6. Thanks for your effort. I really really love Weir’s Lakorn.

  7. I want to thank you for your hard work. I’ve been waiting to see this drama, but no one had subbed it. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Thai except for a few words after all the lakorns I’ve watched. So thank you and please stay safe.

  8. maria maureen mistral says:

    thank you for the effort. Much appreciated

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  10. Thank u for ur subbing this movie, will be waiting for next episode pls. God bless u.

  11. Thanks Thippy for subbing this lakorn , Weir is so young and handsome

  12. Kholoud Yahia says:

    Help it doesnot work ..

  13. Mala says:

    Happy birthday ❤

  14. Caterina Saraceno says:

    Thanks for this project. I love you!!! ♥

  15. Gie San says:

    I’m glad that another drama of Weir is being subbed in english. I’ve watched many of his dramas with eng sub. Wish you do this for all his dramas. Thank you and more power!

  16. Thippyyyyy, you and Neko are forever my angels for always supplying me with more of our beloved Weir! Thank you so much, have a great rest. I’m looking forward to more of this one when you get back! <3

  17. Macarena Lopez Araya says:

    Thank you so much for your effort! Take whatever time you need: you should also be able to enjoy what you do at your own pace, and people who complain should learn how to appreciate your work.

  18. Ainn says:

    Thank You take care and take your time.

  19. 2018suki says:

    Thank you! I fully understand what slow subbing means, 😉, no worries, take care and stay healthy!❤️

    1. Jen Co says:

      Thank you for subbing this drama. 😊 I fully understand what you have said. I’ll patiently wait for the next coming episodes. Su su! ❤️ Please take care of yourself too. 😊

  20. Renu says:

    Tq so much for ur hardwork.

  21. mary christodoulou says:

    thank you so much for your efforts so that we can such good lakorns..please allways be healthy and take care all my best wishes from greece

  22. Mala says:

    Thank you thippy for taking this project, I’m longing for watch this lakorn, I read the synopsis on Mydramalist but Can’t find the subtitle..
    Thanks again

  23. Su su dear! This is a tough one.

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