Title: Tawan Arb Dao (Sun Immersed into the Star)
Air Date: March 26, 2020 – May 27, 2020
Total Episode: 18 Episodes
Cast: Yui Chiranun, Kem Hussawee, Thisa Varitthisa
Synopsis: Due to the mysterious death of his brother Siwat, Siwakorn disguises himself as him and goes into Khemmawat Group to find out the truth. There, he gets involved with every suspect including Chorprae, Siwat’s secret lover. While Daopradub, Chorprae’s niece tries to intervene between the two. Siwakorn & Daopradub’s closeness turns into love as danger approaches them as they get closer to the truth and finds out the true villain is the person they least expect.




01 03/26/20 LINK
02 04/1/20 LINK
03 04/2/20 LINK
04 04/8/20 LINK
05 04/9/20 LINK
06 04/15/20 LINK
07 04/16/20 LINK
08 04/22/20 LINK
09 04/23/20 LINK
10 04/29/20 LINK
11 04/30/20 LINK
12 05/6/20 LINK
13 05/7/20 LINK
14 05/13/20 LINK
15 05/14/20 LINK
16 05/20/20 LINK
17 05/21/20 LINK
18 05/27/20 LINK


  1. thanks for the episodes nice drama really liked it looking forward for your next project .

  2. Eid Mubarak dear

  3. Pretty Polly says:

    yay two episodes left. I’m excited but sad at the same time that the series is ending. Thanks Thippy for subbing this series.

  4. Thanks Thippy.

  5. Shil says:

    Thank you for subbing this. One of the rare dramas I can sit through lately. I was wondering would you make a summary/impression post after you finish subbing this or would it take too much time at present? I really enjoyed reading your posts about your projects. Thank you anyways for your work

    1. Hehe. I will but it’ll probably be at the end of the year where I’ll do a look back at completed projects. You’ll have to wait to read my feedbacks on it hahaha.

      1. Shil says:

        Now,i am intrigued. Looking forward to that. On a side note, are you watching other lakorns except those that you are subbing? if yes,are you looking forward to weir and mookda’s new one?
        ps dumbo is gorgeous

      2. well since the pandemic, productions in Thailand have been halted and are barely starting to reopen again with restrictions in order. Most of the lakorns right now are reruns so there’s not much to watch but yes, I saw the teaser to MBJ and it looks promising. Will surely tune in to that one.

  6. Jackie says:

    why it takes long time to play the video?

    1. It might be due to internet connection or the server itself. It takes a while to load for me too sometimes.

  7. Aura says:

    Thank you for your subbing this lakorn. I can’t believe it’s ending next week, I am grateful to have come across this website and the opportunity to watch this show! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into subbing for us. Thank you! 🙂

  8. genna collins says:

    i thought they were only 17 episodes

    1. nope 18. Ends next wednesday

  9. evasioson says:

    Thank you!

  10. thippy you are doing a great job here ,thanks for coming back

  11. juan says:

    Thnks thippy! Love your works

  12. uniqueshop4u says:

    You are back! I am so happy as a non-Thai speaker and also not Thai, but like Thai drama…you are one of the hero! Thank you so much for the website back and running again. Always appreciate your hard work.

  13. joyceeee says:

    Can you also reupload the game interview you subbed? Thank you.

  14. Rusydah says:

    Thank you thippy for your hard work, we are enjoy your lakorn and apreciate you work, we really love you 😁😁 Su su na

  15. Derrysw says:

    Your site is where i pick the lakorns that I’m going to watch because of your great selection. Thank you and more power to you!

  16. bethanyho24 says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Thippy

  17. rikie88 says:

    thank you so much thippy! <3

  18. 리야씨 says:

    Hello thippy. Thanks for your hardwork subbing this lakorn. I will always support your team. Once again thank you.

  19. cherry says:

    hello thippy..thanks for subbing tawan arb dao..ep 3 is not working//could u upload it again…

  20. Btssvt says:

    I tried but the problem still persist in every episode

    1. Pretty Polly says:

      Have you tried using different browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer) . All the links works for me on Chrome and IE. If the problem persists, try clearing your history.

      1. Btssvt says:

        OK, I’ll do that. Thanks for replying back

  21. Pretty Polly says:

    Thank you so much. I love pretty much all the series that you pick to sub.

  22. Noela Farley says:

    Thippy, what a tough job you have had getting this all working again, your hard work and persistance are much appreciated by all of us who love watching lakorns.Thank you for staying with us.

  23. yesss thanks for all the hard work!! i’m so happy the website is back

  24. Lux says:

    The links for the videos won’t load for me I’m not sure why

    1. The videos usually take a while to load so if you have a slow connection, it might be even slower.

  25. Btssvt says:

    After clicking on the link to watch Tawan arb dao ep 4, it says server’ s IP address is not found. Why is that?

    1. Its working for me so my only guess is the server blocked your region

      1. Btssvt says:

        Oh no, this shouldn’t be happening

      2. have you tried other episodes and see if it’s the same problem?

      3. Btssvt says:

        I tried but same problem with every episode. What to do?

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