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Title: Gaenkaew ( My Little Saucy Girl)
Air Date:  June 22, 2021 – August 3, 2021
Total Episode: 31
Cast: Phet Thakrit & Tita Chayanit
Synopsis: She is spicy, saucy, and gutsy. She will get you every time! Lukkaew is petite in size but big on character and can be feisty. Her nickname is Little Miss Sassy (Gaenkaew!) She is an advocate for sustainable farming. She has been pushing several farmers to move towards a farming system that is more sustainable – environmentally, economically, and socially. It is not an easy task, and she has an uphill battle to tackle because she is young and the farmers don’t quite understand the system. To make matters worse, she comes across Saran, the new Forest Chief who always goes by the book, and refuses to go by her rules. She has to deal with the farmers and Saran, who is her no. 1 enemy. The battle of wit and sauciness is about to begin! (Source: WeTV | Tweaked by Thippy)




01 06/22/21 LINK
02 06/23/21 LINK
03 06/24/21 LINK
04 06/25/21 LINK
05 06/28/21 LINK
06 06/29/21 LINK
07 06/30/21 LINK
08 07/1/21 LINK
09 07/2/21 LINK
10 07/5/21 LINK
11 07/6/21 LINK
12 07/7/21 LINK
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14 07/9/21 LINK
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22 07/21/21 LINK
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29 07/30/21 LINK
30 08/2/21 LINK
31 08/3/21 LINK


  1. ub

    Dear Thippy, Thank you so much for subbing this stress buster drama for us. A sassy FL with heart of gold, a handsome supportive ML, a cute bratty psuedo nangrai …their story made for many hours of pleasurable viewing experience. Thanks again so much for enabling us to enjoy this family drama.

  2. Everything V Blog

    Thank you for subbing this lakorn! It was a really enjoyable one!

  3. lynl84

    Appreciate your speedy subtitle for remaining episodes🌹🙏

  4. Andrea

    Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!! You’re an incredible and an amazing person. Thanks for doing this beautiful work and shariting it with the people who love lakorns

  5. ub

    The story has taken quite an interesting turn. There is romance but no clinging and cloying attitude. Pin and Fah are the real nangrais and Natty still remains cute though annoying. Aunt Samorn and Gaen Kaew shines through and through. Very enjoyable drama.

  6. lynl84

    Tqvm for the last 3 episodes subtitle. Really enjoy this light drama. Only notice Phet from his role as the eldest son in the Cage of Karma.
    Look forward to your subbing of more episodes soon🙏🌹🤟

  7. Virgínia Goudinho

    Thank you so much Thippy! You are amazing!

  8. Cathryn

    The “link” for Gaenkaew ep 18 doesn’t have a hyperlink attached. Thank you for all your hard work subbing this series x

  9. ub

    EP 12 and I am still smiling at Natty’s antics. Loved the Nan’ek …Nangrai dialogue that Gaen Kaew whispered in Natty’s ears whn she was congratulating her for winning the fishing competition. Loving this serial, it’s fast paced, peppy and fun. However seems like things will take a turn for the serious now with the past relationships casting a shadow on the present. Thank you Thippy, again and again for subbing this

  10. ub

    Thank You Thippy for this cute drama

  11. ub

    Dear Thippy,

    Thank you for another episode of this super cute drama. I can’t even get angry at the spoilt Natty, she’s super annoying but somewhat cute. And I love the way Saran treats her …….his half amused half exasperated expression shows how he’s trying his best to handle a young girl’s fangirling without hurting her feelings.

  12. Debbie

    I have not watched TDramas in a hot minute. Lol. But this one caught my eyes. I love it so far! Please upload more Eng Subs. Thank you for taking your super duper time putting Eng Subs together for the rest of us who are international fans from the USA. Keep up the fine work!

  13. mary christodoulou


  14. Aq

    More sub episodes?

  15. Choua

    Love this one so far!

  16. ub

    Love the way Saran and Thanu are reacting to Natty’s over the top efforts at seducing Saran. I can’t even get irritated with her annoying presence because these two ‘brothers’ are making me laugh at their almost eyerolling and gentle ways of putting her down. This is a really cute drama, a stressbuster. Thanks, Thippy, for the subs.

  17. Ushasi

    Dear Thippy, enjoying this cute romance with its message on environmental pollution. Thank you ❤️

  18. Daniel

    The first episode has a virus/malware :(. “Flash Player update: install latest version of flash player in order to continue.” This is a common virus per Google. I also saw this virus when I was trying to watch The New Cook. It’s not just my device, as I see it on iPad, work computer, and personal laptop. Thippy, you need to run an antivirus program on your site!

  19. nk

    Awesome! Thank you so much Thippy for taking interest in this one and subbing it. Will look forward to it. ^_^

  20. InIn

    A big thank-you for picking this one up. been hoping someone would. love everything with Tita C and Mookda N. they both have that natural screen presence, without the need of natural looks like most the older nangek’s.
    thanks again from topend, downunder.

  21. KJT Mix Fun

    I thought Thai title was pronounced as Kaen Kaew

    1. thippy

      its correctly both ways but I just prefer it my way

      1. Aryan omkar

        When will ep 6 and other all episodes have English subtitles?

  22. tasteless

    thanks for this ! I watched it raw and it’s cute. it looks really fun and I thought nobody would pick this up. you made my day thippy 😉

  23. ub

    Yes, the trailers of this lakorn caught my eye when i was watching live telecast of praomook (yes, I am so desperate for this Pon Bua romance that I see it raw and then see it subbed)……and i started watching this raw as well (I don’t understand a single sentence in Thai). Imagine how happy I am now to find it getting subbed by you. Thank you so very much

  24. noortarq122

    Thanks you …l love you

  25. noortarq122

    Thank you very much, the best translator….can you request… the day a drama is shown that you can take..thida wanorn 2021 is a hero..mek juti frankly, this is the second series with a championship…it is always support..or the hero of the second..I lost it …I hope he gets to join your list….Thank you for taking a drama. I was waiting for someone to take it

    1. Aryan omkar

      When will episode 6 and other all episodes have English subtitles? Can you please do it quickly?

      1. Michelle

        Thanks you so much for episodes Subbing 🙏.. can’t wait for other episodes 🥰

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