Petra Naruemit

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Title: Petra Naruemit (Enchanting Love)
Air Date: March 18, 2023 – May 13, 2023
Total Episodes: 17
Casts: Mike Pattaradet & Mookda Narinrak
Synopsis: A young woman gets transported back almost 200 years by a spell through a magical vessel where she meets her soulmate and uncovers secrets that connects to the future
Soundtracks: Dang Montra by Dan Worrawech | Keu Tur Poo Diew by Amp Achariya

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01 3/18/23 LINK
02 3/19/23 LINK
03 3/25/23 LINK
04 3/26/23 LINK
05 4/1/23 LINK
06 4/2/23 LINK
07 4/8/23 LINK
08 4/9/23 LINK
09 4/15/23 LINK
10 4/16/23 LINK
11 4/22/23 LINK
12 4/23/23 LINK
13 4/29/23 LINK
14 4/30/23 LINK
15 5/6/23 LINK
16 5/7/23 LINK
17 5/13/23 LINK


  1. Mia

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    Plz Upload Ep 9 and 10

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    I sincerely hope you are doing great. Its unlike you not to post for a week🙏

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    Thank you for Translating this drama into English. When are you likely to post ep 9 & 10?

    1. Irma

      Waiting for Ep 9-10 🙏

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      Eng sub pllsss for episode 9 and 10

  6. bobanoms

    Hi Thippy! I tried to find a contact email address on your website but couldn’t find it… I notice you have IG so I will be DMing you in the next few minutes :). Hope we can connect from there as I have a question for you

  7. Ericka

    No episodes last weekend Thippy??

  8. Eires

    Can i have episode 7 and 8 please🙏😊 Thank you 😊

  9. dira

    thankyouuuuuu so much for subbing this <3 you are our hero

  10. Chyn

    I am patiently and constantly checking for upcoming episodes. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I have been watching thai lakorns on your website for a long time now and the you never disappoint me with the lakorns you choose to sub.

  11. eatfirmlove

    thank you TP!!!!!! I haven’t had time to watch lakorns in a while until recently and my mind always goes back home: ohsweethaven…what a treat, turns out they are doing a historical drama. Almost like Love Destiny but not. I really wanted to wait until the end but the teasers you had literally had me on crack and had to watch it right away. April is always such a nostalgia moment for me because i use to be soooo obsessed with lakorns in college ROFL and it’s like study for final or lakorn? why not both and at times I just cannot watch it because of studying etc. Im glad, Im done with school… For those that are in exam season this month, susu!!!!! Wishing y’ll the best of luck and for those that have the greatest patience, know that TP will give you the greatest treat when ur done with exams with many many episodes of the show!

  12. lovebooksandlovereading

    Thank you bringing this series to us…. Just wanted to ask is there any definite schedule for uploading the episodes as i refresh the page every few minutes to check whether there’s any new episode….

    1. TP

      most likely a couple days after it airs. It’s a period historical drama so there’s lots of terms and facts that I would have to research on 🙂

      1. lovebooksandlovereading

        Thank you

    2. Eries

      Hi! Can I have episode 6 please🙏 Thank you😀

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    Cont…. When this show will end… My exams will end with it too 😂😂😂

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    Oh my god!!!!! My fav koojin couple are here😍😍😍😍 thank you thippy fr subbing this show… Otherwise… I am not paying much attention to thai shows right now…. So thank you so much… Fr getting me on track again…. With this amazing duo ,🔥🔥😁 but my exams… Are coming nearer too😂… Hv to open books too… 😁 Bt will definitely not miss this one…..

    1. TP

      good luck on your exam 🙂

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    I am not one to comment but I honestly just want to convey my appreciation and thanks. Thank you, Thippy! You’re the real one, I appreciate you greatly!

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    Thank you Thippy for subbing this! Can’t express how much I appreciate your dedication.

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    When will you post ep 3🥺

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    Hello..thank you for choosing this drama..I want to ask you about a song that is not working..I think the link has been deleted..can you look at it please

    1. TP

      it must be the website on their end. I think give it a few days or so and try again.

  25. Harim

    My heart knew Thippy would pick this one up because hello!! This pairing is always a big yes for lakorn lovers.

    1. Israt Jahan Joya

      Thank you

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