Petra Naruemit

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Title: Petra Naruemit (Enchanting Love)
Air Date: March 18, 2023 – May 13, 2023
Total Episodes: 17
Casts: Mike Pattaradet & Mookda Narinrak
Synopsis: A young woman gets transported back almost 200 years by a spell through a magical vessel where she meets her soulmate and uncovers secrets that connects to the future
Soundtracks: Dang Montra by Dan Worrawech | Keu Tur Poo Diew by Amp Achariya

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01 3/18/23 LINK
02 3/19/23 LINK
03 3/25/23 LINK
04 3/26/23 LINK
05 4/1/23 LINK
06 4/2/23 LINK
07 4/8/23 LINK
08 4/9/23 LINK
09 4/15/23 LINK
10 4/16/23 LINK
11 4/22/23 LINK
12 4/23/23 LINK
13 4/29/23 LINK
14 4/30/23 LINK
15 5/6/23 LINK
16 5/7/23 LINK
17 5/13/23 LINK


  1. lifehourglass

    I really appreciate your kindness in translating and subtitling this Lakorn. I love Time-travel theme and this one goes to the good list!

  2. Lianne van der Luyt

    Thippy which project are you taking next??
    Sorry inconvenience

  3. Lolo

    oh sweet haven you are the best 🙂 Thank you for your effort.

  4. Dani305

    I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this drama without your subs, TP. Thank you!! This is a drama that I know I’ll rewatch in the future.

  5. tlume

    TY for this one, I really love it. Waiting for next episodes being sub because this end this Saturday!

  6. Bell Win

    I wished English sub was up to date 😭 I really just want to watch it

    1. Mikemook

      she’s trying her best, subbing takes time and effort, some dramas never get subbed 🙂

      1. Bell Win

        I understand and I’m not trying to be rude because I really do appreciate the effort in subbing this drama. I was just stating my wish as this drama is really good and I want to watch. I mean no disrespect what so ever.

  7. Katherine

    TP!! Can’t wait for the next episode! <3 Thank you for subbing!

  8. Lolo

    Please sub episode 14 as well. Thank you so much.

  9. nana

    Thank you!

  10. Pearl

    Update po plsss thank u so much😘

  11. Pearl

    Hi any update plsss thank u so much. Keepsafe and god bless

  12. Pearl

    Thank you so much for always updating this lakorn. We love you for your hard warking patiently subbing. God bless always😘

  13. Lazyyaya

    Thank you so much for your hard work i keep cheking each minute to see if there’s a new episode up and this lakorn is one of my few source of happiness these days. I know it must be hard doing this long with your personal life so thank you we really appreciate your efforts 🥰

  14. Pearl Rebello

    Thank you so much really appreciate your hard work and efforts

  15. Ali

    12 episode please 🥺

  16. Nimra Khan

    Thanks for subbing. Really appreciate your efforts for us international fans. Will continue to support you.

  17. Pearl

    Thank you so much! God bless always😘.. love the story!

  18. Isaac

    Hi TP! I am glad you took up this lakorn. I am one of your fans and understand how much effort you put into subbing lakorns. So take your time and just do you. We fans will support you regardless.

  19. Mia

    Thank u so much! Were defending on you. Plzzz dont get tired of subbing this. We really appreciated so much. Take care always and god bless!

  20. Will

    I have never seen a show where the villain is her own worst enemy!!! Thanks Thippy for the hard work that you put into this show!

  21. Charisse Mateo

    Thank you so much Thippy for always updating us especially this Lakorn (Petra Naruemit). Appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  22. Nicole

    Thank you Tippy for not giving up on this lakorn. I was impatiently waiting for the next episode. Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated!

    1. TP

      Thank you for being patient! <3

  23. Kunmi Oluyede

    I am enjoying this drama! Thank you for subbing… Would love a update soon please !

  24. Gia

    Pleaseeeeee pleaseeee pleaseeee I need the new episode 😭 ! it’s been 10 days, pleaseeee!

  25. Selena

    Next episodes please 🙏 😢🩵

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