Lakorn pending to be reuploaded: The OC Thailand

As for other lakorns, they can be found on my playlist here >> TP Playlist

NOTE: Yai Kanlaya is in the middle of editing! (on hold for now)


  1. bteferi says:

    Hi Thippy- you have done a great service to all of us and I will patiently be waiting for your upload. Keep it up as always.

  2. aksatariq09 says:

    Please consider Pom Athurn. Su su na ka 🥺

  3. Rona says:

    Thank u for ur hardwork
    Just wanna watch yodrak nabrok

  4. Bee says:

    Hi Thippy I’ve watched a lot of your work and loved it. Take your time, I will wait patiently.

  5. nanieminami says:

    Hi Thippy, I was watching Sapai TKO. Thank you for your hard work. Please take your time and i will wait patiently for you to re-upload the drama.

  6. Diana Leslie De Leon says:

    I wan to watch the Operation Subdue the She Devil so bad. Because Baifern is my favorite thai actress 😢

  7. Vicky says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and can’t wait until your up and running again.

  8. Shannon says:

    You are truly the best. Take all the time you need.

  9. Mai says:


  10. ayala says:

    I don’t remember what I was watching because I was watching a lot of dramas at the same time, so I will patiently wait until you have to reload everything
    .and good luck !

  11. Lyn says:

    Hi Thippy, I was watching Sed Thee Teen Plao (2020) . However I will wait patiently. Although I have seen the vast majority of your work, I hope you can eventually restore your site for your new fans. I also shared with your pride in your recent milestone of number of completed dramas. Still in my thoughts. Take your time. Lyn

  12. Nurun Jabayee says:

    First i want to thank you for all your hard work and i cant express how much i have enjoyed them.. Secondly, i was hoping that you could continue with your work on Yai Kanlaya.. Please take your time and i do hope that your site will continue to grow… Thank you Thank you and Thank you… 😉

  13. Lisa says:

    Tank you for all tour work. I was watching sakao duen

  14. Cindy says:

    Thank a million for working so hard to get everything fix. So much appreciated

  15. rummanz says:

    I was watching rabam mek

  16. misojos76 says:

    I am so sorry about what happened, I just wanted to give a word of encouragement. I am thankful for your time and effort.

  17. hope your able to upload them again

  18. Wibensky Jean says:

    I was watching fai hima

  19. Samantha Folster says:

    I was watching Tawan Arb Dao which was one of your ongoing projects. Hoping you can finish; did everything get deleted!? I loved your site.


  21. sanan0620 says:

    I would like to watch RaBamMek <3
    Keep up the good work.Best wishes.

    1. SERENITY says:

      I was watching Sed Thee Teen Plao (2020)… 😇 Thank you🌹

  22. Nandhini Madeshwaran says:

    Am feeling bad thippy.Take ur tym..Am watching Huajai look poochai….only 4 episodes i watched from ur website.And am from India..plase help me to wtch this series again..My kind request..

  23. Kylee says:

    I was in the middle of watching Suparburoot Chao Din and I was enjoying it , su su na ka , I hope your able to upload them again

  24. Esperanza says:

    Hello , I was watching Tawan Arb Dao , is there a way I can keep watching ,thank you for your work.

  25. Please Thippy, I want to finish watching Sed Thee Teen Plao (2020)…. Don’t worry, I can wait, still so many pending to be watched in my playlist… lol 🙂

    1. ummm… can I also request for Kularb Kror Petch (2019)….

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